2017 Women charming I love my lonely season, straight hit Jiangmichi alone salon, listen to Mei and we talk about how to learn to live with themselves, she said: "I use solitude to dismantle the heart of the injury." 」

May 25 Night 7 o'clock, woman 525 I love my lonely Salon final field "Jiangmichi Salon", in the woman fan Paradise warm debut.

Continuation of the last Sunday (May 21) woman fan Paradise Fan Day (extended reading:"straight hit" I Love my fan day: Your eyes and applause, give us strength ), today "alone when X Relationship "Salon invited Bel Jiangmichi, the Chinese pop music the most delicate lyric singer, her voice is gentle, listen to her sing" Lonely and beautiful 〉〈 dear you why not in my side, always warm healing, accompany us through life trough, finally to enjoy solitude.

Although the activity start time is 7:30, but at the beginning of 6 o'clock there are readers to the scene to inquire. Obviously, this day the reader and we all look forward to a long time.

7:30, Mei from the 2 floor slowly step down the paradise ladder, the readers of the park is difficult to cover with a close contact with the excitement and tension, Mei a cordial greeting, let the whole atmosphere of the instant soft warm up.

From girls to singers: Knowing Yourself in solitude

Jiangmichi, who sits comfortably on the colorful sofa in paradise, said she would like to share her life with you today, especially with her experience. Host Abby invited Mei to start talking from a song.

"〈 it's not impossible. This song describes my life course, experienced a lot of twists and turns, all the way to the present state of mind. 」

"I am from a little girl, in the music on the road through each stage of the trial, gradually see oneself have a great change, from what is very afraid of people, to now can be very independent to do a lot of things." "She said that everyone has a lot of potential ability, always in the face of difficulties to stimulate, you are facing or escaping, this is the turning point of life."

With a family, Jiangmichi has a stronger toughness, "I can do a lot of things at the same time, take care of children, parents, these things I never thought I would do." I think everyone here is supernatural or male Superman, do not have preconceived notions, a lot of things are possible. (Recommended reading:"Ding Juan Column" Parents can follow the children, once again youth )

"Not met" is also Jiangmichi's emotional experience, she bluntly, everyone's life in addition to work, Love is also a very important part of life, "I used to live for the people, no love is not, lovelorn will feel the destruction of life, the world is gray, ending a relationship will continue to deny their own, and also thought that I will not marry or have children in this life, Even though I love children very much, I don't seem to meet the right people. "Until you meet the present Mister, have common goals and ideas to work together."

"〈 not meet the song is also to encourage everyone, regardless of the face of any thing must have central idea, faith. I've read a book about the law of Attraction, which gives people a lot of positive energy, and people's thoughts affect his life, the people he attracts, and the people around you that affect your anger and thoughts. 」

Sharing Intimacy in solitude: My Exchange diary with my fans

Amy first shared the Exchange Diary program at the beginning of the year, her relationship with the audience is very close, host Abby asked her exchange diary plan is how to heart?

She says she often sees fans sharing her songs on Facebook and how these songs accompany their lives, "I'm curious about the weight of my songs, so I want to exchange diaries, change a way, and let me hear what fans and friends experience." 」

Jiangmichi like to listen, listen to others talk, the day of the Exchange diary Friend is also in the scene, Mei was very happy to greet each other, inviting each other to sit on the sofa, they sang together a song, sing, Mei very happily said to her, "This time you can sing the whole song, do not Cry, this is how much progress!" "2 people hug each other, so beautiful picture."

Amy always listens carefully, remembers all the stories that have been heard, and the people who tell the story.

"The key thing is to share," said Abby, the host, who is happy to share. 」

And her share of the level is very wide, "I am a chicken lady, encounter fun delicious good use will share with you, everyone began to call me the Lord, and you share life, can become happy together better." "The audience heard the original Mei also do group buy the group of the Lord, good cordial, laugh together."

Leo is a lively and loving friend, so she used to be afraid of being alone.

"I used to study to go to the toilet with my classmates, shopping, eating, rarely alone, when the singer has a period of time is difficult to face himself a person." Really starting to learn to be alone is on the 4th album around. One day, everything is very peaceful, I think things in my room to listen to music, suddenly fell in love with this feeling: a person in the comfortable space even if not think things, empty, you love how to, start to like the feeling of solitude. (Recommended reading: learn to live alone!) Leave time for the white Solitude aesthetics

"Lack of solitude, you will forget how to take good care of their hearts." "Jiangmichi said that he had only a relationship with each other for the day, but she has a gentle past herself," now think back then can not be said to be silly, because everyone to love with the age of the idea of change. In fact, regardless of love or enter marriage, everyone should keep their own space, give each other a breather. 」

"Sometimes I go to the movies by myself and everyone is surprised," you see a movie when you are married? "But a person watching a movie will have a different feeling," he said. --Jiangmichi

She asked a lot of people who had tried to watch a movie alone. We found that a lot of people were in hand. The reader looked up at each other, like finding a companion.

"Before the beginning of a person to watch a movie, buy tickets, the conductor will ask" two people? "I replied" to a man. "Everyone will find it strange that a person can watch a movie?" And at that time was still lovelorn state, easy to feel miserable, especially watching love movies, I often a person watching and crying. "Here everyone laughed together, this scene is funny but also familiar with intimacy, who has not had their own lovelorn but the abuse of the side of the Crying watching love movies, but also in tears after feeling healed, this is only their own to understand the intimate time alone."

Jiangmichi Gentle said, solitude takes time to practice, practice will be accustomed to, will like. "If you really don't like it, don't push yourself, but this exercise will help you," he said. 」

There is another way to do it, and she will seriously think "What I am facing", write it down, write it down, look at the state of the present, put it in my heart, and let this state go peacefully with a ritual. (Recommended reading: How long have you been alone?) Learn to be alone so you can live with others.

"At that time, the teacher said can burn that piece of paper, I will be good to burn, in fact, no that space to rip off, fire is full of danger, then I always take a basin of water beside standby." "Mei is both warm heart, and will be funny, said here everyone laughed again," after burning, I feel that my heavy stone really put down, not the next day will come again the kind. If you feel that this way is feasible, you can try, if not, I chat with myself is full of effective also full of interesting ways, we can try. 」

To be alone, to break the wound in my heart

A few years ago, Amy had gone to hypnosis, trying to find herself always flinch and fear of love, and later she found that when her childhood neighbor mother every time she said she was "ugly" this matter, the impact on her very deeply. From such self-awareness, she found herself apt to feel unworthy of being loved. Speaking of this, Mei could not help but red eyes, said "Wait a moment, I want to tidy up my mood." "The reader silently waits, circulates the paper to pass to the small beauty, also has many people to say softly" the Mei Refuels! "Such gentleness, how much hope we each have for ourselves." (Recommended reading: Jiangmichi: Remove the mask and believe in your true power )

Later, Mei wiped tears, said she felt to reconcile with herself, "the other side unintentional words, is that I see it too serious." 」

Amy recalls that she is more fortunate in her life.

"I am very lucky, God is really good to me, so I can use my voice moved, accompany others." I have also encountered a low ebb at work, even feel that they can not continue to sing to everyone, but God chose me to sing must have a reason and purpose. I feel like I have a mission to do music and share it with you. 」

The low ebb of Mei's mouth, is actually a few years ago contract question, "That time I am very disappointed, my disappointment comes from why can't stick to do I like the thing, this dream seems to be almost gone." That time I put down the work of things, to a certain extent want to escape from the situation, do not think next will be hair, with my little niece to learn to pinch soil, make wood. Later, Amy began to learn to make wood, learned 3, 4 months, often crazy to do early morning. This process makes Mei discover the sense of accomplishment that fascinates her, she is focused and happy.

"Then I finally have to deal with the contract, but my heart opened, I think it's no big deal, just solve it!" I often feel that encounter things, can temporarily pull away, do something to make people happy things, unrelated to work notebook also does not matter, to travel empty, and then face the original fear of things, the idea and heart will be different. 」

Marriage, love and solitude do not conflict.

Host Abby asked Mei, her love and solitude will have conflict, if love to have freedom, how to learn such distance and relationship?

Mei-Cheng, after marriage for some time, she shifted the focus on the children, very little to attend the party of friends, after all, it is not good to temporarily give the child to the mother or in-laws to take care of.

One day, she received a call from the sisters, as usual refused, but suddenly a little sad. After the husband returned home, she put such a mood to share with Mr., Sir told her, "if the next temporary appointment, you still want to go, do not because have a family and lost the life of the original like, the children of things you give me, if I can not, I will find a way." "This thing let small beautiful very moved, the marriage originally is the common commitment, is not binds each other, but leaves the elasticity and the space to each other life." (Recommended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

The comeback of Xiaomei, in fact, was a year of seeing his husband in a performance, also thought of before, "Look at my child, I am enjoys, but I also miss singing on the stage of happiness, Sir back after I share my feelings with him, he hoped I can continue to do things like, under the encouragement of Mr., plus fans call, and decided to go on doing what I liked. 」

"A stay-at-home mom is great because it's the best time in life for a family," says Amy, "but it's important that every girl find a way to make her life worthwhile." Love and marriage do not know when will change, but we all cherish the present, and to have their own ability to earn a living, this is the solitude of everyone practice. 」

What to do if you encounter setbacks and failures?

"I do not think that failure is a terrible thing, before I feel that the reason for failure is that I was too bad, but later felt wrong ah, if there is no experience, but will not feel power." 」

"You may not see what these failures might do for you at the moment, but in the end, these growth will come back to you invisibly, and you will find yourself stronger, less frightened and more receptive." 」

After Solitude, Amy exercises a strong heart, can live peacefully with her own life, can be relieved to love and be loved, can share, can pay.

She sang from 19 years old until now, at the salon at last, Mei thanked everyone, "I am very happy that my fan friends grow up with me, accompany me to go through a lot, is you give me the strength to let me continue to sing, you are my biggest forward momentum, I feel very happy around there are so many of you, I must continue to do the music well, Bring us more energy to each other. 」

A good musician, it is not easy to meet his audience. In Women's paradise, we meet each other, meet the real Jiangmichi.

Reader intimate Questions and answers

The first row of readers sheepishly raised his hand to Amy and said that before today, she had limited knowledge of Jiangmichi, but she was delighted to have come to this special salon to recognize such a Jiangmichi. Mei listened to the happy rhetorical question: "You imagine me is how, that I am beautiful?" "I think I am very beautiful, both inside and outside, I want to be serious fans!" said the reader. The whole audience was a laugh. (Recommended reading:"525 alone Season" solitude declaration: The day to talk to yourself, lost has become a get )

Another reader asked Mei: "Your husband likes to be alone, is it important that the other half likes to be alone?" 」

Amy replied that it would take a lot of trust for her to fall in love before she could take a trip to the other half, "but now I just trust him." I am still not too dare to travel alone, the biggest reason is that I think travel is to share, eat delicious things, next to people do not know it is difficult to share. "The trip," said Amy, "she would like to follow her feelings," the day I am happy I do. 」

Readers Jennifer asked Mei: "A good love song can move people really not much, we really heard in the music of the Mei touched, I want to know how you sing music when the performance, how to express make these songs so moving?" 」

Amy said it was a good question, "We often forget the moving, even a small thing, I sometimes put these feelings in words or a simple way to write down, plus I like to see a movie, the plot and real life may be completely different, but this is the reason I like to see the film, I cast myself in the protagonist's situation, Think about whether you are in the same mood as he is in this angle. This corresponds to the singer singing, whether from my point of view, or from other people's perspective, I will think about what the difference between the third person and the subjective person will be different angle, and I want to use their own life history and share with you.

For example, "One Day," this song is actually Zhang Zhenyue help me write, one day I ran to chat with Zhang Zhenyue, told him I miss the deceased father, but I can not write this miss very remorse. I got a "one day" lyrics, "Pa" to cry, look at the lyrics, this is what I want to say to dad, but I just a cry, singing there is a nasal, my producer said it does not matter first slow, to rearrange their emotions. "Here, Mei stopped and wiped her tears." (Recommended reading: Learn to lose this lesson!) Interview May days Stone: "Death so close, more to be forced to live")

How to make the song moving, in fact, only 2 words, sincere. When you have sincere feelings, others can feel, this is the only way of Mei.

Host Abby said in an interview, she asked Mei: "You come back, the music is the most want to bring changes and intentions of the heart?" Amy replied: "Back to the simple things, hope to sing more authentic songs for everyone to listen to." 」

In the noisy times, we have to listen to ourselves, listen to the real voice, in women fans, we reserve a period of time to meet the real each other, the hearts of the lungs also shed tears to share their life feast, May 31, Mei's music works online to meet you.

"This applause is not only for small beauty, but also for everyone here." "Host Abby with us, will applause for himself."

Woman fan 525 alone season, in the applause of their end, thank you so seriously face yourself, face life, the next year, but also with women fans to refuel!


Amy recommends 3 Best Songs for Solitude:

1.〈i feel so good〉, sometimes alone Huidong think, this song said a lot of things no big deal, is that we see things too serious, has been expanding. Encounter things, smiling face on the right, the process may not be comfortable, but after looking back, will find that the present really nothing, while doing housework while listening, the mood is happy.

2.〈 is not impossible, in fact, my state of mind, more than 2 years of time did not meet with you, this time to reinterpret, feel that the life of another step. My life is transparent, help me to write the words of the people to see my face book, know that I have experienced things, the first time to see the words I moved to tears, see myself from the age of 19 to the present metamorphosis, more confident to face the events of every day. Because people have a dream, virtually will move in that direction. Some people say "don't daydream", I told you it's not possible, okay? Although the process painful twists and turns, but if not insist, I may not now sit here, may be at work, do I do not like the things, I feel persistent and forward momentum important.

3.〈 met the song, after listening to a lot of friends around the hope, said "even you can meet your husband (laughter)!" "I am happy to share this wonderful thing with you," he said. The world is often chaotic and uneasy, not happy, but music can bring us hope, we have to continue to think about the direction of life, even if not found now do not be afraid, but to talk to themselves, give themselves more confidence to explore.