Interview Kangyong, faded after he went into the film to create a dream, he said, as a director is never easy, if you can leave some comfort in the film for modern people, life is worthwhile.

Cai Kang never disease Xu walked in, film publicity for the star is a quick race, the need for strong patience, in a short period of time to complete a number of interviews. His eyes are weak, but the spirit is not, open a can of Coke, kiss life pull the ring pull out the bubble spicy pleasure. Kangyong asked if the lens would be brought to Coke, not yet drunk, the photographer rolling.

"Eat love" label Linlang hanging on his clothes, Kangyong's clothing can always do not have any recognition, a crow, a flower, a seat publicity peacock feathers, he can also discard the identification card at any time: "I am in the entertainment circle so long, not afraid of people to paste the label, to paste the early let people paste finished." (Recommended reading:"pay tribute to the loser," Miao Boya: Can't tear the volume label, but can choose not only to use the label to understand the world)

Nothing was added to his clothing, and he walked gracefully ahead of the sign. There was a faint light in his heart, Kangyong was destined to be the name of the bright eye.

I don't care what the meaning of "Kangyong" is.

Being a director is humble and is not the choice to speak for yourself anymore. He is a host, a writer and a film fanatic. The crow on the shoulder salutes Hitchcock, who is very ambitious to live, to have the desire to be bloodthirsty and to have the most violent images in the audience's mind. Kangyong said: "If one day I make a movie, I don't care what it means to" Kangyong ". 」

"What I care about is what the world view of the movies that Kangyong once saw, and what that meaning can give people," he said. 」

He is not the director of Art film, Kangyong that can make his philosophy to contribute to life of the artist is only a handful, but a movie if only talk about their own life history, other "do not understand" how to pursue them. "Art movies are good for me, but I think commercial movies can be a lot easier, and the goal of business movies is simple enough to bring you entertainment, strength and encouragement." If you are inspirational to make a commercial movie, I think you have chosen a relatively broad road, if you are inspirational art films, you may have to ask yourself whether a powerful artist. (Recommended reading: about love in all its forms!) Women's Film Festival recommended sheet )

"Eat Love" may be Taiwan's history of the most cluster of a film, is also the most dare to play the actor's movie, small S in the play to open up the weakness of the harmonic star, Zhi Ling sister issued the first supermodel Roar. Also is a bowl to film glutton each understanding of the assorted noodles, attempt heart very strong put on parallel space-time, sisterhood, true fictional staggered elements, kangyong to food for metaphor, a bowl of noodles through the dream, play in the game, Dream has a dream, we break down the heart, unexpectedly so easy in delicious things on the relief.

Love and Live is a cliché, kangyong misappropriation of "dream" compound life is a smile sense of the complex, will be small S into the dream, see her from the nightmare awakened from the illusion of falling.

To be a director is not to be yourself: How can people live in vain

Creation is not noble, but tastes, film is not an kangyong art, this is the truth as a director. Your movie doesn't show itself, so what are you going to say? I replied.

The director said, "I have been inspired and encouraged by my own life when I was in a rut, come from some fascinating movies, I hope my film can join the ranks, so that the people who look at a certain time and space to get a little comfort, I think I have a return to the film, rather than in front of the film, still advertised myself. 」

I think he is a director who has a chest and has shrunk himself. Kangyong to be a director, not to tell his story anymore, but the dedication: "I think the work than people live longer, you use your small and short life, leaving a solid work, this is the accumulation of civilization, if you agree that civilization is very good, and can add a little fruit in it, this is a worthwhile trip." "I answered the question, is it said that there is no white life?" (Recommended reading: live just to make a movie!) Three international female directors who set a film milestone

He immediately shook his head: "Live is also white live, but at least leave a little things, after you become dust, it also has the future value, where the call to cherish it people." "How to live in vain, live so beyond this time and space and the secular, our words are a bit Hyun, I see his hands ten fingers clasp, like in suspense what."

Fictional a dream, the host and director of the same

"Eat Love" very kangyong somewhat not like the world fireworks color, it absurd, surreal, gorgeous. Parallel space and time of two life, by the small S pondering 2 characters, Kangyong Extreme to pull her into outer space to see what Xu Xitii will be after leaving the Earth's surface, to increase the public's sense of a harmonic star. He wants people to project more reality of the film staggered, this is mixed this line down, Kangyong most want to crack things, you think the truth is fictitious, sometimes dream is another reality.

"If the alarm goes off, you don't know if it's a dream or a reality, a lot of the pain in life can be a dream pain, and a dream can be a treat." 」

The play is also his life experience understanding, Kangyong said: "I am yincuoyangcha into a showbiz person, yincuoyangcha to come to this step." "The moral of a moderator is so:" Our job is to create a dream job, our ability is all spent in creating a fictional world, this fictional world, including We Do "Kangxi came" when it brings the joy of the audience every day, may be fictional short-lived happiness, it will not be in your life the actual role, But it's better for you to spend the rest of your life. The nature of this work makes me feel very mysterious, we do not produce washing powder, also do not produce bread buns, but it is necessary to survive. (Recommended reading: Goodbye, Kangxi!) Kangyong: When you grow up, there are more fascinating things worth pursuing .

What is happiness? The 55-Year-old Kangyong with a movie about his life. The same is the dream, he eventually returned to the film. The founder of the fantasy film Georges Méliès because of the film accidentally stuck to create a fictional film, Kangyong also accidentally entered the showbiz. After graduating from his master's degree, he participated in screenwriter and film production, as radio director and editor of Fashion magazine. Chang Hsiao knew this movie, asked him to go on a movie interview program, opened the road of hosting.

Every accident can make a life script very different. Kangyong to the "dream" of a lot of understanding, so in order to host the rhetoric of film, to produce more can treat other people's creations.

The real sense of being is that someone understands our pain.

"Eat Love" with the dream to dissolve the human heart of loneliness, such as "Kangxi came", sometimes we need is not hit pain target treatment, but a dose can escape the system of morphine. You might say the idea is dangerous, Kangyong said, "We don't have to live so honest."

"If we are always on the ground to wake up, live too sober, the reality is always unable to save you, that person will be very painful, if the dream and the real border more and more blurred?" Would it be a good thing, I think it's a relief to life. "Kangyong invented parallel space-time, with science fiction recite the great sad curse of reality, where the scars of childhood, adult heart, the mockery of the dream, have been blessed." (Recommended reading: let's dream together!) The movie gives us another parallel space-time )

"I feel that we live on the earth and have our own days, very limited." People's life really can only choose One direction, we will always be at fork intersection Curiosity, we did not choose that direction, then what is it like? Every time the fork will form a choice, life has so many fork road, in the end we missed how many things? So a movie that looks like comedy has a deep, sad skeleton.

Kangyong Dearly dolls believers, but he didn't intend to save who, as long as we have a love of life crazy: "If you believe that there is another parallel space-time in the universe, there is another you exist, you in this world hurt, there will be a little recovery, you here in pain, there may be some sweet." I think the idea is comforting. 」

He is very greedy, so deeply love human beings, no wonder that the film to the modern people to see: "The film to hit the minds of modern people, I think that thing is" the sense of existence. If I don't get a sense of being in a place, I can get it in another place. 」

We live to be loved want to be cherish, but the director now put forward another kind of possibility, will you just replace some time and space of oneself suffer accumulate Shand. I think of "double-sided Wei Veronica Card", the possibility of a twin life, every heartache, there are people brow our brows, like a whisper: "You know, you are not a person." "Much like ghost stories, and perhaps life is strange."

Good love, is to let you have the ability to develop yourself

"Eat Love" to love from scratch, to use the "Kangxi to the" general shocking and naughty to visit all life guests. I asked the director what is Good love? "Good love is making you braver and able to develop yourself," he says. 」

For Kangyong, good love is neither the daily necessities nor the everlasting. Just because you are a person, to eat the things you do not dare to eat, to see the world you have never seen. "The wider the human life, the more possibilities, not necessarily the happier." Good love is to make a person's life full of more possibilities. (Recommended reading: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

If "Eat love" is a kind of medicine, modern people should swallow one, Kangyong said it with "not afraid of pain" effect.

"The most painful thing in a man's love is to lose him." But pain is also a widening of their own process, if in love to experience pain, is still a strong sense of existence, I find it difficult to bless people forever happy, always happy people, it must be something wrong. There is no painful contrast, happiness is not tenable, love brings pain, the same is a precious feeling. 」

Today we are talking about love, not happiness, love is more valuable than happiness, pain is more touching than mediocrity. Do not want to have a lover to become a family, may a lover to pain to love, to the impassioned way through their own bad path. Kangyong the last trace of the smile of the camera is evil and bright, the camera shouted card, dream rest, he can go to drink just a can of coke.