Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

This week to talk about believing.

Recently, the graduation season, many students have a lot of hope, there are a lot of hesitation, take off the student protection color, out of the campus, the road is good open, the days ahead how many of the heart is not practical, do not know what kind of adult, is better, or worse? Will one day be lost in the jungle of the workplace and become unrecognizable?

I think this month, if you're a graduate, it's definitely implied by all sorts of badgered graduation speeches, perhaps Mark Zockerberg says, success comes from the freedom of failure, and if we are lucky, we have to let more people have the right to fail; maybe it was the Sherry Sandberg shared, Resilience is the muscle that can be exercised, and we all have that ability.

And I think for a long time, if I can give a reminder of the graduation, I will say what. I think what I want to say is simple, and I always remember it now--please remember to believe in yourself anyway. (Recommended reading: to a little confused and wandering more than 20 years old )

Please believe in yourself, like to believe in the ideal; Please reduce your suspicion of your own frequency, please increase the number of the affirmation of yourself; Please do your best to yourself, please remember that you want to strive for the belief, please understand that the world is always sinister, because believe, you can always adhere to ideals.

I believe that sometimes it is bitter, because the world has its own order, sometimes contrary to your ideals, but there is a real freedom, it is up to you to decide what is really meaningful, what is worth believing, and how lucky, in the future days, you can spend time and energy to share your faith in the world.

And the day of growing up is really afraid, fear is unknown, afraid of the lack of capacity, fear is guilty, the most afraid is to forget that they have embraced a pair of ideal clear eyes, the most fear is to forget that they have been angry about injustice, had a hope for the world, the most afraid of their own finally easily compromised, lost the desire to grow.

In this time, I believe that there is strength. The darkest moment, only your faith may redeem you, the road is long, the faith is like the light, the distant waits in front, will not let go of your hand, leads you to go forward, does not know where to go when, when unprepared, closes the eye, feels the direction of the faith. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: To the 23-year-old confused, growth is not learned is to get )

Yes, I have believed this, I still believe so.

I hope we all find the target, the time to play the strength, no longer miss the opportunity to change the world. Life is very short, not once for the sake of faith struggle much pity; life is long, if we can for the ideal of their hard work, no matter how bitter, in fact, are very lucky.

To the dear graduates, take your faith, not many, in fact, enough to go on the road.