To hate the generation of graduation love letter, with your paranoid on the road, the heart soft, bones for the conviction and strong, the so-called tired of the generation of the anti-bone, only for their own belief that the stubborn walk a road of no regrets.

In many inspirational graduation speeches, Mark Zockerberg talks about mission, and the future is full of "success" bait, said the resilience. This year, the children are eager to break through, some worry about the loss of student ID card, hang up the identification card, we have not too late to confirm what kind of adults, we will become adults.

Graduation season is very suitable for looking back, miss the time of their own, write a letter to the past, five mixed emotions, not the taste. 22-Year-old Kate, I was in the workplace for a few years, but also want to be young, some things but first old.

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Honey, you know. I really like the word "fresh." Fresh people from this society the most dynamic scene-the campus of the swaying trees, basketball court of the Sun spill, the love flow of the community, energetic graduation production, everyone's youth have posture, but have some similar picture, to outline the youth two words. Fresh people this word, let me think of a box from the hands of farmers just took over the fruit, rich in summer, refreshing, sweet. Some fruit after the collision, the flesh of the blood stasis with a little bouquet, more taste; some fruits are intact, and they come from the best farms. The best milk is kept warm by the just good temperature, and the sweetness is even.

I think that more than four years of college, fresh people have a better chance to decide "what kind of adult they want to be". Peel off the fruit nets, they will be in the workplace of the live, to collide with their shape, to decide where they want to plant their own, and then grow again. I was the fruit of a rotten strawberry. (Recommended reading:"exclusive" Liu Anting into the full text of graduation speech: "Find a place worthy of cultivation, plant your lucky")

I take a look at the graduates now, will also step into bear many of the next generation of labels, such as the original excitement, worry, you will see not only the future of optimism, and not just nine to five overtime peijiu of the daily. After 22 years of age, you unlimited freedom is also infinite confusion, you have the most time, but also one time to cut out, you learn not for full marks, you still lack the ability to score for themselves.

If there is anything to tell you, you have to believe that you can start at any time, and you must have the ability to stop at any time.

How to learn? Just from the rotten strawberry thing.

They all say bad strawberries? Turnover rate is high, compressive resistance is not enough, in fact, rotten strawberries may be a false issue, no matter in which era, managers do not like their employees do not obey the orders, natural rotten strawberries, peaches and wild. Just this group of naughty strawberries, do not shut up and leave does not matter, there are a lot of roaring: overwork dead, accustomed to the boss, K! I am not satisfied with my graduating friends, Taiwanese enterprises are so capable.

Now you are curious about what you have, really, you have more creative power than you think. The strongest is not the attack, but the defensive force. We are not a wolf generation, more cat-like quirks in the workplace, team work is not a group of people working hard, and not follow a leader to follow the law of the jungle. I said that my generation of children more like a cat temperament, not flattering, not to be, there is no dictatorship of the imperial ambitions.

In fact, you will meet a group of people with a strong individualism, no world or Xiao-Da's ambition, but does not mean that the work of the state of undisciplined no goal. I speak of individualism, is this group of people to the meaning of work back to themselves, I have seen a lot of tasks do not leave in two days, the reason is that the enterprise culture and the ideal does not conform to, also saw oneself a person to create three consecutive years in the liver state, ask him what he smiled and continued to write code; two or three years to change the job, because he said, My goal is not to get a promotion, but to learn what to learn. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: The reward for effort is not success, but growth )

Rotten strawberries are not soft rotten, but like a tough guy grounding gas. What they want is not a title, but a righteous one.

As a rotten strawberry, whether you go to the production or the new creation, you do not work for the manager, not for the performance of work, you have to set their own learning motivation, set the future.

There is a high turnover rate, because full of people want to start their own business for a little idea of the struggle, full of this work learned to work on the next person. They do not have enough pressure, so they are very revolutionary, an excessively high pressure authoritarian system This group of people do not pay, to democratize reform into a new one.

22-Year-old You, don't worry, don't rush to get injured, you first with the value of their own belief, you first determined that you must not have the ability. I work days, a lot of bright-eyed education, a wealth of cross-border experience, there are a lot of patience, but the final work and feelings of you know who it is?

Not those who work for others, who get certificates for work, but who work for study.

In the future, you also have a new name------weary generations.

Chicken soup is not enough, people love the feeling of a weary and full of negative energy quotes, so that a large group of workers have the courage to face tomorrow-fortunately, I am still sober. The collective phenomenon of the weary mind reflects the resentment of the inspirational text of the soul. Rejecting obedience, opposing a single success, opposing normality.

We are children who grew up in the wave of globalization, information revolution, education reform, democratization, and the Internet generation. Self-portrait, the point of praise, to take the text, the most extreme black sheep effect in the community, such as a wave of the waves cover a wave. If you ask the person who has not been excluded, there may be one or two of them that are out of tune.

"The monthly salary wife" of "escape although shameful but useful" slogan stepped on the era of Lu Snake, really, we do not worry about success, we would like to magnanimous invite society to see failure together. White Terror in the past, this generation is practicing a life politics, talk about politics is not talk about blue and green, environment, human rights, sex, residence right, salary, all kinds of value people participate. People heat the channel is also more abundant, face book paste parade text, published views, street complaints, tired of generation of energy full, because of bad, so action.

Born in such a network, the happy very real, the pain is also solid. I want you to always have a 22-year-old back bone, it is best to add a few minutes to listen to the temper of people, because along the way, you will meet a lot of people who do not agree, you will be the ideal, you will also doubt the goodwill, you have to continue to be gentle stubborn, to protect the information torrent only can not be shaken by your belief. (Recommended reading: Professor Li Mingxian's graduation speech: Hold power, but also remember to treat people gently )

You are hard not to be the society's strong sense of world-weary advocate influence, because those warning quotes dog blood is also true, but let people have the ability to recognize, no longer dream, no longer shaking the banner of the Dream. It's hard to overthrow the system as a member of the generation, but you can start to change the system.

A weary generation, behind the frustration of Taiwan's labour structure. The low pay response is generational differences, and when fresh people learn the righteous spirit of the sun-flower movement into a dictatorial banking system, or a feminist journal of female students applying to women's bodies, do you think these people can be happy? This is not the time to take advantage of the economic take-off, this is not the time to take advantage of the transformation of Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises can start. Free free, late marriage and childbirth, the pursuit of economic independence, these beautiful names, weary generation carry very heavy-single rights, long photo rights, earner pressure ... (Recommended reading: written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

Carrying this label, the revolution has not yet succeeded, we still need to move forward.

Speaking of which, you must be very nervous. In the past you were just facing a love affair, it's enough to make you dizzy, now you have to step into a more strife, people claim to be a battlefield of society, how do you keep the Qingming dance, how can you see the pain does not ignore, how do you have someone to give you applause of the place to run the opposite, walk a road without answer?

I can not help you, I only wish you can cherish, that will make you eat more loss of the strong, to shelter you also have some kind of approaching naïve paranoia; I just wish you can be proud, the weakness of your bad war is a gift, let you in a world full of hurt, can do a clear conscience of the people.

I only wish you have soft fur, tough backbone.

Your graduation season is beautiful like a dream, you can also with friends rambling about a dinner, you can also decide who can be drunk today, you slowly step down the hall staircase, someone with a camera to help you remember the most beautiful appearance of youth. Your time will be more and more precious, you can let yourself Fashi time in the pace of the capitalist run to appear extravagant, you used to drink a cup of coffee small indeed will become the night of coffee proofing burning. Your pay will become more and more precious, because in the limited time and space you give out of yourself are the most sincere and sincerity. (Recommended reading: a letter to the 23-Year-old: After recognizing the nature of life, still love life )

In the future, you continue to be confused, but you are not confused. You know where you want to go, you just want to keep moving, you know you can't compromise, you don't want to trade with the devil in your heart. The future, you still like to cry, but more tears into energy enough to move others, you still have a thick lines, the most sophisticated heart to the passing of the respondents, you still do not love, but you know more about weakness, you still often feel that failure, but in each setback closer to their own point.

You ...

I say more, this is your future, please be filled with anticipation, not afraid of injury, you are more than you think strong and resolute, you just keep on the road.