No longer carved heroic image, "Supernatural woman Superman" reverse heroic masculine expectations, detached from the patriarchal structure to go all the way of the strong, heroine image thus formed, regardless of gender can bravely become themselves.

Supernatural woman Superman, with the DC masculine universe for more than half a century of female heroes, last year by the United Nations because of "not enough women" removed, this year launched a film, the new era of growth significance.

"Supernatural Woman Superman", DC's first super heroine movie; the first heroic film directed by a female director (either DC or the universe of the Cosmos), a week of release, 100 million dollars in gold, and a record of female directors ' box-office records, surpassing the former record holder's 50 Shades of gray.

Director Patty · Jenkins's perspective, protagonist spill · Jadot's deduction, Warner Brothers Bet, ushered in the market enthusiastic feedback-superhero movies must be transformed, throw away the formula, we have to ask ourselves, how to imagine a heroine?

Yes, heroine. Before the hero to add a "female", logo gender identity, highlighting the heroic masculine default flat absurd, but also because all the time, women have their own battlefield, with their own proud way of fighting.

Heroine's shaping, image of a woman's path to growth

The success of "Supernatural Woman" is by no means accidental and downright conscious. Director Patty · Jenkins received an interview with the Guardian, said that the fight scene she is not the most important action, but emotional must be in place, "Supernatural woman Superman is not the killing, she often patted people in the hands of the gun, she was fighting, all because of yearning for peace." "By imagining heroines, you reflect on the ubiquitous killing scenes in superhero movies."

Patty Jenkins's last work is "the Devil", the film perspective to make a woman's complex. Supernatural Superwoman is really difficult to shoot, because she is not only a hero, but also a heroine. Heroine does not have the formula, the heroine of the world Fresh, a heroine how to shape, patty · Jenkins chose to speak from the island of paradise at the moment of birth.

Paradise Island, where men do not exist, the Amazon receives the gift of God, like the restoration set, there is no patriarchal structure, you simply believe that you can do anything. Diana looked at the fight scene, hands and feet gestures, the maternal inheritance of the process of martial arts, such as the power of empowerment, she found herself a good strong, able to take care of themselves, can save the world.

She is full of faith, mother's worries are like secular metaphors, the more capable girls are more likely to be hurt by the world, it's better to protect yourself and live a mundane life. Diana Loose mother protection, decided to leave the island at that moment, mother whispered "the world is not worthy of you", like to say, the world is not worthy of a heroine. (Recommended reading: an interview with Cai: Love yourself, become the person you admire )

The world is afraid of heroine or female leaders, afraid of the need to "be protected or rescued" women, fear that women grow up a sound subjectivity, fear they shake the existing masculine order, disturbing the patriarchal world view.

Diana never know the island of Paradise, into the background of the First World War in London, only to know that Paradise Island is ideal, the real word, women in Parliament no face, the best hope is to be a secretary, beautiful women to know how to hide do not recruit eyes and ears, men like father every moment to teach you

And she is not, why for beauty and ability sorry? I am very clear about what I am.

On the front line of the battlefield, she saw the old woman crying behind her, unable to fight back by the fire, she wanted to go ahead, Steve pulled her, "This is not what we come here for." She nodded, "agree with me, but that's what I want to do." 」

She went out, shaking her cloak, unarmed, holding a shield, fire, she no-man, all the way forward, not in the eyes of fear, the scene of innocence and sophistication, the world has to follow my logic, and the men you will come with me.

Many people in the fight scene to see tears, tears are relieved, the original tough is OK, if I believe that I can go very far, if I have the ability I have to fight for more people. The real day is sometimes like fighting, people say you do not, people advised you not to ask for trouble, and you welcome up, pick a hard way to go, just because you satiation the norms of the patriarchal world. (Recommended reading: feminism to the male liberation!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

Imagine the formation of a heroine who truly images a woman's path to growth. Daily experience in the inside, oppression is not only history, fighting is taking place, the supernatural woman Superman down the world, strong, brave, elegant, capable, not clever, believe in love, self-confidence and introspection, as we have looked forward to their own appearance.

Close my eyes, I would imagine a girl or a boy to see the supernatural superwoman, can understand that there is a model is this, can have a new idol, to have a new dream.

Female Superman's mating conditions: I can save today, you can save the world

"Supernatural woman" not only created a heroine, but also gave birth to the hero of the image of the transformation of the big screen before the intimate relationship repositioning. Patti Jenkins interview, the actor must conform to contemporary women's imagination and expectations of their partners, their interaction must subvert the past superhero movie "rescue mode."

The writer spent a lot of mind, wrote Diana's story, and also portrayed Steve the man. Steve must be a mortal with flesh and blood, comparing Diana's divinity. Diana made Steve rethink the meaning of marriage, and Steve twisted the switch that Diana knew about the real world, from her pure eyes to reflect on their own and the world's shortcomings, but also let her understand that the world is not the opposite of the positive and evil of the two-yuan logic, anyone has its good and evil, they are different individuals, through each other to learn, life is three-dimensional. (Recommended reading: stirring the full text of Lin Chi-Ling's speech: The Heart has good, the bones have a strong will be happy )

Steve must not be perfect, he will be afraid, have its weakness, facing the vast structure, he is very small, play handsome lens not much, more time worm, can do a bit of the only insist, insist to go to the battlefield front, and Diana stand together, more time to let her protect him, knowing not to, it seems cute.

Steve doesn't have to be a warm guy. Do not need more gold, not good flirting, not let me take care of your lifelong sticky, no I am responsible for making money to support you are responsible for the beauty of the patriarchal consciousness of flowers, but remember the night to pay attention to her to add a coat, he saw her eyes without aggression, more is appreciation.

She fought on the ground, he flew high to greet mortal fate, he can save today, the future of the world left her waiting, he knew that is her desire. Intimacy does not need to be great, and Steve and Diana need not be the other half of each other's lives, and they will not wait for a perfect life, they are on a solid journey with each other and the most time for each other. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" John Lennon and Ono, you are the closest to love in my heart )

Time, meeting, Diana stared at his watch and wondered, why let time restrain you, what are you afraid of? As the time passed, his watch tucked back into her palm when he left, and he said, "I wish I had more time to be around you." "She finally understood, the time is heavy." If we have time, we will move forward together, grow together, go to the distance, intimate relationship should be so.

The formation of a heroine can affect the transformation of male role and the imagination of intimate relationship. See "Supernatural Woman", more time to think back to their own.

Past experience is confusing and flawed, I wish there will be more heroine in the future, not only to let girls imagine their own model, but also let the boys to reflect on their own, we are fighting to meet the common peace, the battlefield is so, gender is also.