2017 Tanabata, women fan love letter plan , for your love to write, and your story shared, 've in the heart of the words, we deliver for you. C's power of attorney, we have grown up in the time of different people, but there have been youth, I still remember.

C Power of Attorney:

I've known for more than 20 years since I was a child,

Want to tell him in the clouds thank him for all the time I have been silent concern, I in the dark days of light because he has to continue to go on the strength.

From childhood to the time of the students vaguely know that he likes himself, but when the students can not see in the eyes of other than to make their grades better than other things. I did not, and he did not imply that two of people were silently drifting away from each other.

After 10 years in different countries and not the same people around the circle, one day in the community website found he has been silently watching my life, care about my good and bad, the heart suddenly poured into a complex feeling. Regret, regret, but also feel warm. I knew I might not be what he liked, but I wanted to say to him, "I wish I could see you again and talk for a day."

But all this can only turn into hope that he has a good mood.

"Cloud Love Letter"

Time is always getting faster.
Memories are getting slow
And then maybe get separated.
At both ends of the world

A lot of things haven't started yet.
I've forgotten half of it.
A lot of people don't look closely.
are going to leave each other

--"78" flower porridge

A person sits on the silent playground, looking at the night to feel the wind blowing past the side, like you, the corridor happened to touch my skin touch, you are the wind of my infatuation, but I have a stubborn heart, know the wind to wind, I do not ask you to stay; the ear is stuffed with headphones, feel the city traffic will drown itself, the song sings is The feeling of love, like you, You are my youth in a moment, recently like love.

High school love, with adolescence general, is very rebellious, then I see only their own, no, love what, I watched others in Love lost Fool, several times in good want to love your moment, pull oneself. But I can't help but look at you, who told you to smile too good-looking, a face evil ruthless expression, more afraid of the girl's mind is you see through; You do not know, every time you shout at me behind, I do not return to the head, because you can not stop the corners of the mouth up, how could easily be seen by you. (Recommended reading:"single diary" Always Brave words, happiness will slip away oh )

"Juvenile Not Flower" stills

Baby, can I, I want to call it a love, how to move but lovely, give us the sincerity of the present, you are my youth the longest sigh, many hope that you have the courage to cross my dress chic, hug my heart desire; I wish that you would let go of my hand and drown the crowd My throat is not tightened, I can shout the words I keep repeating in my heart: if it is you, I will.

For 10 years.

I always remember the last time we went to the noodle shop, rain outside the window, my palms holding a heavy soup, the eyes of your smile rippling, at that time I was like holding, called love things; I always remember the last time I saw you, I did not know after that, I knew it was so, I want to put your eyes wrinkles in mind, remember that there has been a shadow of me, we make each other cry and laugh, that is we have the evidence of youth, I would like to secretly remember: that is our love out of the crow's feet.

Now I am no longer the girl in the past, you are no longer the young man who keeps calling my name softly behind me, but that young approximate love soft, let me grow into a more gentle person, you let me know, once someone is willing to give up their own, just for me to block all the world sharp; you let me know, some love, can be far light, but hard Ming , with Xu Zhimo in the bottom of my heart to the Lin because of one: "Time like water, always speechless." If you are OK, it is sunny. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" like flowers and 12 less: One look at you, I will go )

To my dear, lovely youth, no matter where you are now, I hope you have a good, even if there are days you have forgotten me.