"Gold Spy: Secret Showdown," the opening of the box office, but behind the gender awareness, you noticed it?

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2015 "Gold spy" release swept the world 400 million U.S. dollars at the box office, the second episode of 2017, "Gold Spy: Secret Showdown," in a look forward to release, the plot for the remaining British spy "Kingsman" (Kingsman) and the United States Spy " Statesman the process of defeating the villain's head of drug trafficking.

Before the release, a little heard of the second episode triggered by the sex of the discussion, the actual view, I am really uncomfortable, and then think of the reasons for discomfort, organized into two points, I hope to invite you to discuss together. (same field Gayon: woman's remarriage issue!) "Gold Spy" in two marriages reflect the woman screen image )

Why the man is the etiquette achievement extraordinary, the woman is sex is the original sin

"Gold Spy: Secret Showdown" one of the plots is that, in order to track the enemy's movements, the agents put their brains to one of the enemy's girlfriends, hoping to get information from the girlfriend close to the enemy camp. Shi Terman (statesman) tracking bug is used, will attach to the condom on the naked eye to see the tracker, through the mucosal contact, quietly implanted in the other body.

So Igussi need to have a relationship with the enemy's girlfriend, let the bug into the body. Before doing business, Igussi hide to the toilet to call the Princess girlfriend confess their difficulties and unwilling: "You say, I will have sex with her", Princess girlfriend didn't agree, finally " Forced to "use the finger to invade the woman's vagina, when the screen close-up came to Igussi fingers set a condom swim to the girl's underwear, and finally to signal the audience to tell viewers to infiltrate the installation success.

Later, the enemy found his girlfriend and Igussi seems to have a leg, then blew her up, as a punishment. See here, I am puzzled is, the plot, sex for girls is a kind of "punishment", enjoy the flow of lust will pay the price, I feel bad luck for her, thought it was a game, but it is a field let oneself killed immortal jump. And men in the plot is encouraged to do and can loudly say everything is I involuntarily, how legitimate, how the role of relationship loyalty. (Recommended you see: The money to love, the mother to eat grass?) From milk tea sister to Yi Jing: A Woman's love, no need to apologize to the community

And the Princess girlfriend heard the Igussi, only said: "As long as you want to marry me, I will be a lot of peace of mind, not cranky"

See here, the heart is shocked, marriage can have the right to forgive the relationship? As long as you marry me, I can accept what you have done.

Fanatical, radical, vegetarian.

In addition to the drama passages that make the girl feel uncomfortable, another section of the movie "Gold Spy: Secret Showdown" also played a joke on the vegetarian.

In the beginning of a play, the villain's first Test wants to join the group of volunteers A, instruct a will introduce their own B push into the meat crusher to show determination, after A complete transformation (branding, remove fingerprints, grinding teeth), let him brutally eat B made of human flesh burger steak. Finally, the secret agents into the nest, forcing the leader to enter the password to release the Antidote, before the villain died, she said the antidote password: pure vegetarian Long live!

See here everyone suddenly, originally have antisocial personality, crazy as she is vegan supporters ah! Such a bridge arrangement seems vaguely revealing: "See, vegetarian is so fanatical and radical, incredibly also forced people to eat meat." This scenario is certainly a stigma for vegetarians.

You can decide what you want to see in the world.

If the sex is not reasonable film template, it is qualified. As a public entertainment film, I don't know how many people like me, in the process of watching the absurd and impolite. Some people may say that the plot out of fault is not interesting, after all, is such a release film promising spy movie. I respect everyone's choice, you can just laugh with, or start to think about why society is still being taken for granted by the patriarchal everywhere in all respects--the woman who deserved to take the drug, the woman deserved to get married, it is still to be a man's career, to sleep with other women does not matter. (same field Gayon: feminism always asks for privilege?) When feminism becomes a negative label ...

I remember some days ago women are obsessed with a feminist primary school hall, please come to Zhou to "love" as a proposition, talk about the life of feminist perspective met the love problem.

One of the interesting metaphors I was impressed with, she said, is that contact with feminism is like being replaced with a third eye, from which you can see what ordinary people cannot see. But you will not be better off, but because you find the problem of the voice of doubt, others can not understand and think you are insane.

I do not dare say that I know every feminist faction, or deep-rooted "patriarchal" vein, but I know that " girls are sexually abused to deserve their own ", "Girls have to stay at home to marry and have children", "the feminine male is gay" ... And so on, it's all a stereotype of gender. Just because of sex, it is not reasonable to have to encounter these things for granted.

Of course, watching the "Gold Spy: Secret Showdown" Process I am not not have been entertainment to, the singer strong Uncle a colorful feather of the bright fight, Merlin heroic singing 〈take Me home, Country roads〉, are impressive. It's just the sex thing, like a day's eye, and then you can't go back. (same field Gayon: marriage is a gentleman's final station?) "Gold Spy II": As long as you marry me, you can do whatever you want before marriage