Love doesn't have to be moral! The love of the city, open up the girl's love imagination, get rid of romantic love plot, Love is always a little selfish things, although we love to kill each other, but in their own heart, let the pain also enjoys.

Do I really love that person? Maybe I'm just addicted to pain? For a man who is difficult to catch, is addicted to the pain of longing and not being? In fact, everyone is in the withdrawal of certain things, such as abstinence, detoxification, or even to quit a relationship?
--sex and the city

Fairy tales of romantic love, the girl to be forever pure, castration desire, waiting for a long trip to the Prince to drive the horse to rescue her, only worthy of happiness to the end of the film forever, how many girls in life, the value of their own every first time, the first kiss, First love, first time, but always in the public 1100 degrees, Can't wait for the prince who is willing to save you.

In the 1998, four women in Sex and the City Sassou into the lives of urban women of every generation, four-person four-color love view, saved by the romantic love imprisoned girls, they are in the New York City, is still a thirsty woman, but they teach girls, love is not moral, you can have the heart of desire and man, can also be selfish to pursue their own love; the night falls, four people standing in the streets, is the girl's Hunting Yan, is also willing to be hunted, the city neon still turn, night is still long, since we are lonely, why not accompany each other?

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"Sex and the City" of love, teach us weak and selfish to wade into the muddy waters of love, not afraid to love to kill, because we look forward to their love, has always been a persistent belief.

A love relationship that stretches out in the city, you may be like Kelly's desire for love, like Charlotte to believe that fate, like Miranda armed herself strong, and Samantha, love to be comfortable, more often these characters love view mixed in your life, in each relationship grow a different self, Look at the four women in the city of desire to live out four unique love-like states. (Recommended reading:"Relational Diary" Shagao-style love, let oneself happiness is the only moral )

Carrie: We love and be loved with weakness, but never give up faith in love

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I was like in the revolving door, met a person I would like to stay for a while, then you, you do not want to stay with me for a while?

You can pretend to orgasm, but intimacy is not a lie.

I believe that there is a freak like me outside, will understand me, love me, kiss on my hands three, make everything better.

Kelly and big, a constantly divided and each other love, she love in this love lose self-esteem, love not like herself, several times angrily shout to give up this person, find himself! But her heart, always in the memory of the lovely hateful man, friends always say she is too infatuated with big, but she understands, this is not infatuation with the big man's love, but the life of a crash-fate before, this is her destined to use a lifetime, a copy of love exercises.

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You love Kelly, always weak in front of love, always learn not to put down the self-esteem to love, you feel alive in the pain of love, every throbbing let you willing to bear the pain of loss, you fall in love, broken knees still do not hesitate to explore the next love, longing for love, is you have always been the belief, What if you can't find a romantic plot that fits your ideal? You just want to feel happy in love, live real.

Charlotte: Are you worthy of my one-woman love?

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I'm sorry, but I don't believe love is accidental.

Once encountered, you will know that love is like magic, it is doomed.

I've been dating since I was 15 years old, and I'm exhausted. Where the hell are the people?

Charlotte had been expecting a perfect marriage from the beginning, all the imagination and longing for love, are composed of happy home, after many unsuccessful love, find a man group of family, but each other's habits, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problems, sexual relations are again troubled her, everything seems beautiful, But several times she has been in a person's room to seek themselves: this is the kind of happy marriage I want?

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Love like Charlotte, firmly believe in their own love, if you want to love the faithful, love debauchery, love self why not? From the beginning of the love history, all efforts only to look forward to the future of him, it is worth your one-woman love, let you know, this world there are people worthy of their own desperate to love, experience the so-called fate. (Recommended reading:"single diary" The best time, I loved the best you )

Miranda: Only You can unload my armed strength

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Love is not playing games, you do not only mature, but also honest.

I know how to please a man and hide your full power in front of them.

I hate surprises, I like everything in the sun.

Miranda and Steve, always on one shoulder, Miranda, at work is a independently woman, until he met Steve like some weak but gentle men, she began to learn to put down her arrogant posture, feel Steve to his intentions and pay, perhaps she will never love to no own, But she was willing to learn to cherish the sincerity of others ' devotion.

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You love like Miranda, with seriousness and indifference, in daily prop up your own armed, you hate yourself weak attachment to others, only if one day he left, your world will collapse, so you use strong resistance to every temptation of goodwill, every night, still expect someone to see through your arms, over the thorn hug your heart soft, give a shoulder , so that when you are tired, there is a person's arms, you can put their own sadness.

Samantha: I am wild, only waiting to be able to run with my free figure

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All intimate relationships, as I know it, are based on lies and the illusion that both sides accept.

The whole concept of the so-called "find the right person" is illusory, or it is more practical to live your life well.

I love you, but I love myself more.

Samantha all the way in love to jump, never for anyone, nor for who stay, but in meet younger than their own male model, there is reluctant to lose the heartbeat, she was afraid of their own feelings: if I love you, is to give you the right to hurt me. So she began to escape, in the intimate relationship in a circle after the discovery, compared to injury, she is more afraid of losing the courage of love, so come on! Even if the love is black and blue, free to compromise in the heart, let the pain also enjoys. (Recommended reading:"relationship Diary" Chen granule and Sansing: This is a love of wind and rain, I would like to accompany you to a enjoys )

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You live with Samantha, you are not bound in love, and do not believe that love has the so-called everlasting, only want to enjoy the present pleasure and desire, you less to see others more important than yourself, for you, love and desire is the necessity of life, but you will not be addicted to love yourself, if love, let each other love to be free, to live well, But in the need to accompany the time, together desperate to run.

The desire of the city of Love, the so-called love, there is never a single template can be set on, we always in a paragraph of love to find their own intimate relationship, has hurt people have been injured, but always walk in the search for Love on the road, dedicated to practice our faith.

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