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BBC year hundred female, Taiwanese girl Linnings selected

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According to the Central Society , the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) elected hundreds of 2017 of women, went to Nepal to promote women's health education, for local women design cloth sanitary cotton Taiwanese girl Linnings selected.

The BBC picks the world's hundreds of influential and inspiring women every year, and to divide the list of 80 people into 4 groups, hoping to help modern women overcome the challenges of contemporary society through their work in various fields, including invisible ceilings, female literacy, street violations and gender discrimination in the sports world, Linnings a group of female literacy rates. (Recommended reading:"World Log" San Ferming Festival cattle culture, rapid fashion exploitation of labor, sports empowering girls )

Taiwan girl Linnings, graduated from university to invest in non-profit organizations, in the work of many women to contact the promotion of health education issues, 2010 to the southern Indian eco-village tourism, the purchase of life, the first piece of cloth sanitary cotton, then inspired her to set up " The idea of the workshop was expected to enable women in remote areas to receive more detailed knowledge of the health education and to face their own physical awareness through participation in the production and purchase of cloth tampons.

the BBC reported in the report that Linnings: "It is impossible to combine inner and outer longing, to follow a good heart, to embrace the physiological cycle of being a woman, to support and focus on environmental issues." "Through one-woman's perseverance and goodwill, try to exert their own strength, the remote area women's health education issues and women's empowerment practice in their life zhi industry."

In the ten years before the Hollywood sexual assault, she launched #MeToo tandem movement

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The recent sexual harassment of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has sparked concern that many female stars have come forward to appeal to society not to ignore the issue of sexual harassment, actor Eliza Milan (Alyssa Milano) appeal to the Internet community that survivors of sexual harassment and sexual violence share their experiences and #MeToo labels, in tandem with the community movement of sexual violence, actress McKayla Maroney,Anna Paquin and Debra Messing are both publicly responsive.

But as early as this incident occurred 10 years ago, Tarana Burk , which launched the #MeToo in 2007, reported that , according to Time, Burke itself was a survivor of sexual violence and looked forward to sharing his experience Standing with young women fighting sexual violence, letting them know that they are not alone, tells them that this energy and mood is burning: "Me too." 」

But there was a criticism of the community movement in society, pointing out that the campaign focused on women-not the perpetrators-and Tarana Burk in response to the statement: "I use my story as a means of treating others." The whole exercise was designed to emphasize and understand the state of mind that other survivors are experiencing. 」

At the end of the story, she talked about sexual violence, we should maintain a pluralistic attitude, so that all kinds of opinions will be intertwined and more discussions should be made, and sexual violence, without distinction as to race, class or sex, through the #MeToo of the volume label, would like to generalize the discussion of sexual violence to the national level, which is only the phenomenon of many sexual violence events , more violence takes place in everyday family life, and there is a lot of talk and attention to this issue that can lead to a change in society.

Sex is what human beings define, I'm neither a boy nor a girl

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Sofia Martin, a student in Puget Sound , a private school in Seattle, issued a notice to the school at the age of 15, saying he had been thinking about who he was and deciding not to be framed by the social gender divide, according to New York time. , determined not to be a boy and not a girl, and that the school and the tutor use the pronoun he wants to be called. (Recommended reading:"World Journal" adultery in addition to sin, marriage legal, free air!) A cross-era week )

Puget Sound School recently converted a man's toilet into a gender-neutral toilet, and for such a move the founder of the school, Andy Smallman, wrote an e-mail message to the outside sex-neutral toilet: "I don't want to say that we're doing it right, But I would say that we did what was right and necessary. "In some schools, the issue of transgender issues is often controversial, for transgender people This is like a battle against life, the international debate on gender-neutral toilets is a microcosm of this phenomenon, and in the Puget Sound campus, students walk at one end of the gender-conscious leadership, prompting schools to adopt more inclusive teaching methods.

In the report, Erina Spiegelman, a teaching counselor at a nearby school in Boston, recalls: "Last year, a teacher raised a big question to a group of students: what is gender?" A second-year student replied, "This is what people invent that divides you into a category." 」

On the matter of thinking about gender, we may be more tolerant and pluralistic to look at the flow of gender, and no longer use the gender divide to frame everyone's freedom and life course.

Southwest Air crew of the United States are all women, the first "no Male crew" flight

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According to "HuffPost" , the U.S. Southwest Airlines (southwest Airlines) recently had a flight crew to draw social attention, because the whole class of the total number of staff in addition to flight attendants, the pilot is also female, by 6 female crew members fly the latest Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Southwest said the move was the company's first "unmanned" (no male crew) 737 MAX Flight 8. Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said the Boeing 737 MAX 8 was the first to be flown by female crew members, the first flight combination of Southwest Airlines without male crew members. (Recommended reading:"World Log" the first female pilot love Leah, Disney Subversion Princess Image, the London Subway Gender Diversity )

With a closer look at the sex ratio in the airline industry, female pilots are less likely to be in the airline industry than men, according to the nonprofit Airline Association (Women in Aviation Inc.), where only 6.7% are women. This year, south-West Airlines ' female staff donated 33,500 of dollars to provide five female students with scholarships to study aviation skills.

This report a Netizen praised the airline has gender awareness, but there are some male netizens commented that the special robber is not masculine temperament of the flight for sex discrimination, a netizen said: "If all men are composed of crew, I do not think you will celebrate this event." 」

The positive and negative voices, but also remind the social reflection on the promotion of gender equality, feminism, gender awareness of the rise, the pursuit of each individual freedom of the original intention of the pursuit of gender equity is the core value,