Straight hit woman fan monthly sex hacker get-together! Through gender x data x semantic analysis lectures together, see the problem and put into action, become the driving force to change society!

Wednesday night Seven o'clock, a little cool autumn night, we gathered in the women's paradise. That most of the hackers are only boys interested in the pine activities? That's wrong, a woman obsessed with the hacker party, the gender composition of a considerable number of dollars, tonight is a physiological female than the male sex science and technology discussion.

The 2016 woman fan launched the #CodeforGender initiative, Asia's first organization of gender hacking, May and October two sex hacker pine, with the eye of science and technology to focus on gender issues, but also look forward to science and technology to produce more efficient gender solutions.

In the 2017, women fans not only held gender hacker pine, but also continued the force of the gender Hacker community, regularly held "gender hackers", to provide gender, technology-related partners, in this with like-minded friends meet, together on the road of science and technology to the direction of gender friendly step forward. (Recommended reading:"straight hit" 2017 first sex hacker get-together: Your anger, can also be the impetus to transform society )

The team "Arnold Tag", which came to the scene today, is the company that was organized in the first sex hacking in 2016, and the only company in Taiwan that was founded by linguists, hoping to solve the language problems of technology companies through linguistic analysis, labeling, and natural language processing techniques. Using natural language processing and semantic analysis techniques, Arnold has done many interesting projects including gender issues, such as cyber violence language detection, girlfriend translation machine, idol chat robot and so on.

Tonight's gender hacking get-together is divided into three major actions: Understanding partners, knowledge of supplements, and quick workshops. From the beginning of the ice-breaking link, let the original some tense body relaxed, let the knowledge flow in, and finally the exchange of discussion and brainstorming, to help people from the idea of convergence, through the discussion of concise issues, and thinking about possible action.

Listen to the Arnold tag, talk about what is semantic analysis?

What is semantic analysis?

Hanna Wu Xiaohan, who is responsible for sharing today, says that semantic analysis needs a little linguistic concept, and it also involves everyone's sense of language.

Make a semantic analysis of words

Hanna For example, the object of semantic analysis can be based on different levels of language, words, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and chapters are the objects of semantic analysis.

"We usually start with words. For example, beautiful and beautiful in the same position swap will not affect the semantics too much, is synonymous with the function, the antonym is in the same position swap, will bring different meanings to the statement. 」

Vocabulary has a variety of relationships, such as the train is a means of transport, the vehicle is the upper word of the train, in addition to the upper and lower relationships, there are components, such as hands, fingers, and nails. This is a very easy to understand concept in humans, but it is a very complex task for computers to understand this relationship. (Recommended reading:"scene direct hit" Sex hacker Workshop Xpython First experience: Write a line bot for yourself)

Make a semantic analysis of a sentence

A. The night after the factory saw a little girl in a red dress
B. In the park that afternoon, I saw a little girl in Mickey's clothes.

Hanna with the above two examples, these two sentences will have a very different feeling in the reader's heart, the first is very scary, the second is very cute. Human interpretation of sentence semantics will inevitably bring personal life experience into the interpretation of meaning.

"Everyone's impression of the factory is cold and people are working with the machine with no expression in their faces." For the park, everyone's impression is joyful bright, has the old person to play Taijiquan and so on. In the evening and in the afternoon, in everyone's mind will also produce a different impression. 」

Understanding the basic skills of semantic analysis, Next, Hanna teaches us to apply semantic analysis to real-life examples.

Semantic analysis can also be used in real-life examples.

Suppose your partner has a choice, always hoping to get advice from you, how to communicate, and not be irritated by a second of impatience?

Hanna to male friend tone model enrage sentence: "Where is bad, and you this is not a lot of pieces?" "However, the better way to communicate is" These two styles are all close, or if you try them first, I'll see which one suits you. 」

"Or you first ... I ⋯⋯" the statement will create a situation of concern, you can avoid unnecessary conflict.

Starting from this paradigm, Hanna further suggests that semantic analysis has recently been linked to emotional analysis, because of emotional differences and emotional acidity, which is also an interesting part of emotional analysis, and they are often used to analyze both the Internet satire, the political stance, the evaluation language, and so on. (Recommended reading: when sex becomes part of life!) Sex Hacker Pine Review: We have pain, change it

The meaning behind the perspective discourse

"What do you think of the teacher?" 」
"I want to be dismissed."

"Have you arrived yet?" 」
"Probably around 101."

Why do people understand the answer to the Hanna of the above dialogue a B scenario, which shows that this has a great relationship with Pragmatics.

"When we speak, we have the formula to obey the language, which is called the axiom of conversation, and the other party will not understand what you mean if it violates one of them." But a proper violation would have some implication. 」

The axiom of the session has four principles:
Quantity: Exactly the right amount of information
Quality: Just tell the truth.
Relevance: The content of the conversation is related to the subject
Manner: Use the words clearly, avoid misunderstanding or misunderstanding to produce

A dialogue did not reach the relevance,b dialogue is not Quantity, but because only the individual only in a certain limit of violations, so people still understand.

Hanna said that in the first sex hackers loose, they do is the network of dangerous language detection. She cited the situations that women often encounter in online chats.

For example, the other person asks the gender, you answer "I am a girl." "How old is it?" asked the other. "Because the question is too vague to create too many differences, the recipient has to guess in many of the meanings, so it is possible to have a state of excessive interpretation."

Gender impact language

Linguists have found that the effects of gender on language are not only expressed in terms of the use of vocabulary, but also other characteristics can be studied. Hanna, for example, men often prefer to dominate dialogue and change the structure of words, while women are syntactically rigorous and often use evasive and rhetorical questions.

"So men and women are instructing others to do the same thing, and will command others in different ways." For example, a boy would say, "Now take this to print", the girl will say "I'm sorry I don't know if you are not convenient now can you help me to take this document to print" (Recommended reading: Why to distinguish between the best "male" female "protagonist?") From the Emmy Awards to the illusion of gender equality in film and television circles

Hanna on the spot with you in a gender semantic analysis, give four sentences, let the present partner guess which sentence is by the physiological male or female said, readers see here, may wish to guess.

A. You're a good roar.
B. It's so warm!
C. It's been exploding all the time. Not that the Apple won't explode?
D. Tube He is not an explosion anyway Apple she's X is going to be responsible for

Paradise fell into a lively discussion, small culvert revealed the answer:

A is a male: in order to consolidate social status, will use strong and powerful expletive in the end, when girls want to express their social status, in fact, they will also imitate the language characteristics of the opposite sex
B is female: Women are more expletive, or use symbols ~ to soften the mood
C is a woman: a repetition of words or sentences due to more female idiomatic
D is a male: Anyway, you are to be how to show the power of the sentence structure to express the way

The Arnold Marker has launched four gender-related programs. From the chat room Risk Index analysis, girlfriend translation machine, until recently released, the Messenger bot in the sister robot, as well as recently completed the flirtation robot, are all highly applied, but also humorous plan.

And all of this is just the starting point, for example, the flirting robot was inspired to participate in the sex hacker pine, and found that it was difficult to collect overt statements of sexual cues on the web, "we think backwards and decide to do it ourselves, hoping to attract more users to enter more of these materials into the robot, Finally decided to choke hot female host image, stand on the Linebot. 」

Creative Workshop: Crazy Ideas and brainstorming

After the sharing of the Arnold tag, there is still a lot of energy in the field, then go into the creative workshop, design crazy ideas paper, brainstorm with the brainstorming list, and develop your imagination in nine steps. The participating friends first quiet focus, then under the group guidance, with the surrounding partners launched a lively discussion, there is sharing, there is dialectical, the last time to share, women's paradise full of different brainstorming generated heat.

Gender hacking is the beginning, from the enthusiasm of the brainstorming, through scientific and technological thinking and technology solutions, there is the possibility of improving the social situation.

If you feel about the gender issues in your life, 2017 join us in women who are obsessed with "sex hacking" in the third Wednesday of the month, together with code for gender, so that the discussion continues into online fermentation, practicing the value you believe in, and making the world move in a free and open direction.