Give the city men and women another kind of love imagine "spring Jiao and Zhi Ming" deep root of everyone's heart, play live Zhang Zhiming Shawn married, about his wife Wang Yu cloud He so described: your innocence, let my world become simple and happy.

"Spring Jiao and Zhi Ming" gave the believers in love a cult model, the original paste in pain love one, drag each other, love to tired after, he is still that you hate but will not give up the lover, you are still that he day and night worried about the home, without you everywhere is wandering. Fortunately, neon big city still has such a love imagination, let the man infatuated have a look can rely on: Tianya so big, there will always be a person would like to talk to me not in a hurry of love, patiently See, Love from love to the boring is what appearance.

Photo Source | Shawn IG

I'm not Zhang Zhiming! Everyone in the heart has a love to the pain of the people

Play live "Spring Jiao and Zhi Ming" in that never long Zhang Zhiming, Shawn is already Taiwan female heart "Zhang Zhiming", how many young girl's youth inlay has Shawn memory, stir Yu Chunchao tears. Last night (5th), Shawn suddenly on their own IG announced with Taiwan girlfriend Wang Yu Cloud Marriage News, I heard the sound of girls fantasy shattered, after all, the drama of Love Only eternal in the big screen, play in the Zhang Zhiming, found his Yu Chunchao in real life. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Yu Chunchao Zhang Zhiming: Love a person, is to accompany him to grow up )

In the past there have been interviews asked Shawn, became all female fantasy Zhang Zhiming, what is the feeling? His answer was true: "A few weeks ago, Hong Kong television played back the movie and I had a whole night of messages ringing." Everyone treats me as Zhang Zhiming, in fact, director Pang is not writing me, he wrote Zhang Zhiming is his own. In the final analysis, everyone has their own love story, we see "Chun Jiao and Zhi Ming" cry can not own, but the heart has a let us love to the pain of the Zhang Zhiming, with the plot, projecting their own feelings.

Time to meet you! Shawn: Your innocence, make my world simple and happy

For the real Shawn, he is completely unlike Zhang Zhiming, he said, he loved this role, also enjoy playing Zhang Zhiming moment, rather than Zhang Zhiming is a part of Shawn, he more Zhang Zhiming, as a friend who has known for many years: "I can think of his speech at any time, if one day, It would be nice for me to play him again. "He was Zhang Zhiming's life, but Shawn never considered himself a Zhang Zhiming, the Zhang Zhiming in the play, wild and uninhibited, is the love of the bad spring, and the reality of Shawn said that he always kept a very not prodigal heart:" No matter how good the appearance, one day you will always see habits, but here (heart) is not to see the habit. " He said in a certain visit that he was still a traditional conservative man: "Don't look at me like a prodigal, I am a prodigal, but I am not a prodigal." "Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao love let people worry, but Shawn to use their own life, for lovers write a paragraph only belong to each other, long-lasting long-term romance." (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao, you are important, did not love others I really do not know )

Thank you for your innocence, make my world simple and happy.


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Yu Wen happy IG on such a thank wife Wang Yu Cloud, thank her for appearing, thank life has such a paragraph meet:

In the right time, meet the right person, thank God for the best you arrange at the best time to appear.

Thank you for your presence to make my world full of positive energy, full of joy, full of laughter,
Thank you for your innocence to make my world simple and happy,
In these 12 months, you have made a great change in my life, thank you for your trust in me, and I am thankful that you put the rest of your life into my hands,
I will certainly bring happiness to you, I will take good care of you.

I Love You

Who is the Zhang Zhiming in your heart? And what kind of Yu Chunchao would you like to be?

Wang Yu Cloud with its own innocence with Shawn to see the world in another way, understand the simple happiness, news, all walks of life are "le sister-in-law" address Wang Yu Cloud, online a search, "belt daughter", "supermodel Wife" of the label affixed, there are internet users from the bottom of the woman's wealth, shaking out debt, the law of Doubt, But few people go to see the achievements of Wang Yu cloud past efforts, despite the rich family, Wang Yu Cloud Small model began all the way slowly, became the Yi Lin supermodel, later joined the star spread, through the presence of fashion activities and photography Plane magazine, MV Photography and other efforts to explore their position in the showbiz, she also played "the most Meng height poor", "Cooking Valentine's Dream And many other TV dramas and films, in the drama to hone their own to become more emboldened actor, recently more Deban presided over the "World is Beautiful", across the foot of the host, natural not contrived to host style, but also let the public know to go down the runway, more close to the daily life of her, in the face of every opportunity Wang Yu cloud are trying to try, only because of these life experience , is the process of carving their own. (Recommended reading: interview A-lin: Be brave and don't let others define your life )

No matter how the outside how to set up the label, I think Wang Yu clouds of good beauty, the intentions of people will see.

Photo source | Wang Yu Cloud IG

Photo source | Wang Yu Cloud IG

With Shawn Public news, Wang Yu Cloud also in their own IG write down such a passage, thanks to each other's sincerity, mutual support:

After half of the youth, I think I met the right person in life, a man worthy of my happiness to him!
The simplest happiness is to be happy with you every day, thank you for bringing me happiness and security,
And thank you for all of this, for giving me such a fantastic day.

Perhaps in the future, there is always one person, so that you are willing to thank the lost youth, as long as we meet each other, the past pain is not a pity; there is always a portrait of the light, your world because he has a singular color, there is always a person to make you understand the pure happiness, you are willing to guard this mediocre, sometimes real to pain of love, Use the rest of your life to practice Love's ordinary and great.

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Photo Source | Shawn IG

Photo Source | Shawn IG

"To the spring and Zhi Ming in the Memory"

I have asked myself what you have done for me, but I can't remember one thing. You always say that there are things you don't need to do all night, but there are things you don't get to do after a night.

"Spring and Zhi Ming"

When I was young, I liked the sauce spaghetti of the convenience store, and many people asked me why you like to eat it. It is really a bit salty, meat is not much, like just like. I like her because, I think she is good, she is all right. --Zhang Zhiming

I like a boy, he smokes, I want to have a common topic with him, so I also smoke! Then one day he told me that I was going to quit smoking, and I asked why, and he said that the girl he liked didn't like him to smoke. He gave up smoking, but I didn't. --Yu Chunchao

I like him, I like to be afraid of myself. --"Spring Jiao and Zhi Ming"

Don't you think something has changed when we were together again? --"Spring Jiao and Zhi Ming"

Why don't we give up smoking when we finish this one? --"Spring Jiao and Zhi Ming"