After the storm, the northern weather is fine.On this afternoon, we went to the high-15-floor Hsu Fang-yi-artist dance workshop, lining up on three sides of the glass and the sun in the mirror. We were a bit nervous and I met with the idol Xu Fang-yi, and she said, " Just talk to me."

Believe in yourself, believe your own platform is unique

We can't help wondering why Chiang was a great man, and when I was little, we asked the question of why fish are going upstream. How can we be different?The day he visited Mr. Xu, it was a great shock to us!It turns out that if you believe in yourself, it can be different.

A dancer like a teacher who was a great teacher, didn't she?She found out that she was just like us, once in a small, soil-earth way.The world is the only dance in the world, and the world is only as big as we see it.When I grew up, I realized that there was a modern dance with a ballet, a ballerina, a spontaneous improvisation, and improvisation.

She said, "When you have the chance to know the outside world, life begins, and life begins to change, and the maps of life begin to be painted."" From a point, it becomes a line gradually, and then it expands into a plane, and even becomes solid.And she even said, " Everyone has a life map of their own!I believe that everyone is born with a unique, unique dance platform.But how do you make it unique?First of all, you have to believe that the platform is unique, and that you have to believe that you are unique and that you have to recognize yourself and like yourself.(Sibling: first day, looking for things that make your life bright )

Do what you want to do, follow your standards

The original unusual person is also trivial.But what is it that makes her so different?Haven't the teachers ever doubted themselves?The teacher listened to the questions we asked, and thought very seriously and asked us, " Why would there be doubt about this?"So this is a very interesting thing to say," laughs.Why doubt, doubt if you have the ability to dance?You must have your own eyes to compare with others, or you can judge yourself with other people's eyes.If your objective is to complete what you want to accomplish, there is simply no chance of doubted yourself." It turns out that when you focus on what you want to do, you have no time to doubt it.

"I always have my own standards, and this is the only standard that I can follow."So I'm not going to be able to look at people's eyes at all, and that doesn't satisfy myself.She was happy to say, "I'm very lucky that, in my growth, I always think," Why do you always do it?""I have never thought of how to" be better than others ", but" quickly learn!"" It seems that we have to make a supplementary lesson!" I'm going to make a bit of progress!" The positive attitude of the teacher is amazing.We often felt that other people were always better, better than themselves, but the teacher was full of anger. "We often forgot to ask ourselves one thing," Then what was wrong with me?"What's wrong with us?"In fact, everyone has their own good, their own unique, and their own beauty.( yourself is the most beautiful treasure, actor Hu Ting-ting )

"You're uncomfortable": Never let yourself down.

Hsu Fang-yi's unique pursuit is to be the best in the present.Even if she is already an internationally renowned dancer, she is still at every day, every show, and has asked for her own best. This is also the reason why she made the best use of her.And what is best, the teacher says earnestly: " You don't need to explain it to others, explain it, and only you have a clear conscience, and you know whether you are doing the best you can.Of course you can find the reason to lie to yourself, but then what you will know is that only you know best is not to convince yourself.I think what people want is a feeling that I'm not sorry for myself, not letting myself down." Disappointing oneself is the biggest disappointment in life." "

A saying goes through her philosophy of life: "Make yourself comfortable, and make yourself comfortable," and it will be the most perfect upper limit.

As for Xu Fangi, life does not stop and the body will not stop, and it is hoped that it will not stop.

Dancing for the rest of the dance is to pass on hope.

of the dance, which is about to be launched, is that it is easy for teachers to ask when they want to retire and let them start to think about the meaning of this point in time.Because she believes that there are many forms of dance, 30-year-old is a 30-year-old method, 80-year-old method of dancing, and a pair of old men can walk by hand, or a dance.So when life doesn't stop, when we're still alive, the body doesn't stop, and hopefully it won't stop, and that's the rest of life and body."Heter-life" is the most important dream of Xu Fang.The teacher even stressed that the international dancers invited this time to dance with the same attitude, burning their lives, only to do a good job of doing this.

There is a deeper meaning: legacy and continuity.It is not that Xu Fang-yi himself, nor the dance, the teacher says that he wants to pass on."For me, it is hope that I hope to continue, because hope is a dream, everyone's dream should continue, let the next generation know that everyone has hope, everyone can have dreams," she said, adding that the performance would send three young dancers from New York, London, and North America to the dance platform.(Sibling: Dance Company Hsu Fang-yi: Not Fear of Me and the World's Different )

Akram Khan · Fun and Chorehouse: "In fact, we are all choosing each other, a bit like a family, and want you to love me."But we met the first day, and I thought we liked it.We like each other's passion for dancing, the stubborn attitude and the attitude of the dance, and when I dance with him, I can feel that this is the dance partner I've been looking for!"

Appearances to Appearances in Taiwan: International Dancers: A Different Pattern of passion and a Life Attitude.

Everyone is worth "not afraid to the world"

Fang Yi feels that the Lord is sending a different mission to everyone, and some have been sent to group a happy and happy family, and she is sent to do something different.She said, "Maybe the dancing may be shared, and many people call me" teacher ", and direct that I influenced them.I think that may be my usefulness, and I believe I have a different mission and mandate.But maybe it's just, "If you're serious about doing what you want to do, it creates a lot of influence," and I actually believe it."

As a result of this belief, the teacher has hosted a secret seed plan in a remote campus, because she wants to let her friends know that she can have dreams and hopes.When I was a kid, Xu Fangi was afraid to have my dream. Before the age of 19, he was very unconfident, and did not believe that he could have a future dream.She says, "I believe the children of the whole Taiwan should not have the only ones who don't know that they can have dreams."In the course of their growth, I hope that they will have the opportunity to know that they can have dreams and hopes!By playing games and creative ways, they know that everyone can have dreams and hope."

Seven, eighty-year-old women can also be very beautiful, because every process is too good!

Not afraid of women with different worlds.When you talk about the beauty of women, the teacher says: " The year is not young, and it's never a problem for women!I'm so happy!In this process, I felt very satisfied with the things I experienced at every age, and that was a wonderful thing, and I felt it was not going to be felt.I am not worried or afraid of old age, the process of life and the charisma of growth are very beautiful!"

Hsu Fang-yi's life is full of brilliant lives, and every moment, every point in time, feels satisfied." I love my body, I can take care of you, and I can continue to use it.And I'm going to keep going, keep going!I want to accumulate myself into a woman with wisdom. I believe this cumulative wisdom and taste, so I absolutely believe that the 70-year-old person can be very beautiful!And each of the processes in life is really beautiful!"

Let's look at the 40-year-old Xu Fangyi and see beauty.A kind of woman who loves himself, is very much in love with others, loves the world, and loves the world.This world, because of Xu Fangyi, can really become more beautiful.(Honey, You are more beautiful than you can imagine )

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