Referring to sports, some girls who love beauty always associate with sweaty, suntan, and downright to it, but you know, historically, women have to participate in sports, isn't it really easy?

For the recent high-profile Olympic Games, although the Olympic Movement has a long history of thousands of years, women actually enter the Olympic dance platform, but only 100 years have passed, and in the era of the Olympics, women are even forbidden to participate in any relevant activities!

road to the Olympic Games for women is the way women were first turned away, and the shadow of the sun and the sun, and the history of the Olympic movement revealed the path of development of gender equality."Now, follow the footsteps of womany and look at the trend of women in the Olympic competition.

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Origin of the Olympics: The Neglect of Women
Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece, more than two thousand years ago, named after Olympia.After the fall of Greece, the Olympic Games have been suspended for nearly two thousand years, until the end of the 19th century, under the leadership of Pierre De Coubertin, the modern Olympic Games, which have inherited the spirit of the ancient Greek Olympic Games.
contribution of women to sports is to encourage her son to make good results, not to break records by herself, " he said."
, at the first Athens Olympics in 1896, women were still excluded from the Olympics.

From the event to the competition: Women's Olympic Road 1900
the second Olympics was held in Paris as part of the World Exposition, opening up the title host France taking the lead, followed by women in the United Kingdom and the United States.Although only 19 of the women were in the race, they were not officially recognized by the IOC, and there were still strict restrictions on the project, but they were of epoch-making significance in the history of women's Olympic movement.
However, despite the fact that the early Olympics were open to women, the sports community was still recognized as a male field, and the Olympic Committee only liberalized several sports programs that were considered "not tiring, fit for women" for women's athletes.By 1928, women were seen as the beginning of the Olympics' core track and field events, demonstrating a significant leap in the status of women in the Olympic Games.
In addition to the political status and influence of the IOC in the International Olympic Committee in 1981, the International Olympic Committee began to have a female member of the IOC in 1997, Anita, the United States.Anita L Defrantz became the first female Vice-President of the IOC in history.Women enter the decision-making level and have an important impact on the structure systems, such as the Olympic system and the organization of the Olympic movement.

Second Olympics opened women's athletes at the second Olympics in 1990, but only open to participation in golf and tennis.

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: " The progress of women is the progress of all humanity, and sport plays an important role in the issue of gender equality.The London Olympics this year, with two major breakthroughs, is a milestone in the history of women's Olympic history!Over the past hundred years, as the depth and breadth of women have been expanding in the Olympic Games, the meaning and structure of the Olympic Games have become more and more complete.Dear, let's do it together!

We strongly believe that the Olympic movement will become more harmonious and perfect when the male hegemony on the stadium is replaced by a good future for equality between men and women.

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