The hottest topic in recent days is not the London Olympics!As the London Olympics kicked off, more than 50 Lomographers roamed in London, together with the London City Guide, hoping to lead people to take a different vision and walk through the streets of London.

The London City Guide, followed by the City Guide in Berlin, Vienna, and Hong Kong, followed the 2012 Olympics with thousands of Analogue photos taken by more than 50 Lomoreographers, along with the London LomoLocation set up to be the highlight of the London Guide.

Lomographers to London

During the preparations for the Olympics, there was a strong expectation that London would have a strong change to make the city more dynamic and to make the world see the beauty and passion of London.The London City Guide has captured the beauty of London by taking over 50 of London's Lomographers, visiting every corner, digging out London's craziest destinations, finding the cheapest English breakfast, taking part in the most exciting Lomo Tours, and collecting the 231 tour tips that are popular with Lomography Stele. … a compelling example of the Lomography Style, even if you haven't set foot in London, you can have a memorable journey.

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