Global sales of top female journal, Cosmopolitan> (Dreampodan), the legendary editor-in-chief of the world's largest sales publication, Helen Clark.Geli.Brown 90, on Monday, 13, 2015. In the 32 years since Brown became editor-in-chief, he has set up a vivid image of the cover of his own magazine.

I believe that now everyone thinks of the "Ke dream", and it is not hard to associate with the self-confidence of the girl's face and the appearance of bright lights. Of course, the hot and low-breasted tops of them are good enough to satisfy the longing for the perfect image of women. Let's enjoy the cover of the dream of the woman Brown led.

1. February 1967

Early cover full of gumour flavor

2. October 1972

The woman's body is the most natural, sexy beauty

3. April 1974

stylish front cover

4. November 1976

Combine Fashion and Sex with the Feminism, Show the Feminism

5. May 1979

cover bottom is also matched with the model costume to make the overall tone harmonious

6. June 1984

The more sexy cover of sex is more fully interpreting the unique style of the Ke Dream

7. July 1987

The cover of the dream is always quite textural

8. February 1990

also have black models on the cover of the cover

9. February 1992

sexy close-fitting dress as the perfect fit for the model

10. October 1995

The Jammo and Dress of a Woman's Wardrobe are also a secret weapon for the woman's wardrobe

For Brown, the use of women's clothing is not to make women look elegant, but to make women more charismatic and desirable, and she has put fashion concepts like this in the cover design.A dream of such a daring and avanqual style in the era of Brown is not vulgar, it is not vulgar, it is a liberation for the whole society!

Women, they can really be different!
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Text: womany editorial/Jolin Yen
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