If someone with the "Super Designer" from the Taiwan reality draft, they may be unfamiliar with Judy Chiu.In the show, Judy is also an experienced and frequent character in the coterie of costume design.The clothing that was created for three years has been experimental, and the design of the program shows that Judy has a strong style, with some sort of deceit. Each dress seems to be a woman with a storyline and a storytelling.

mytho to live, intertwined to the clothes of the

Juby naturally has a deep art base in high school, but has asked whether he was a costume designer once he was asked to do so? Judy said she had never thought so.At first, the university's clothing design was simply because of the love of the street and the beautiful clothes. The university stages gradually realized that they were in this respect. " The mother said that when she was pregnant with me, she was more in contact with nature than she was." Jubily himself guessed that this is the reason why his feelings for the week were so strong that he was not very good at home, and that he often had to wear new clothes, but also learned that every piece of old clothes had a story, which affected the future of creative thinking.The name of the brand has been changed to three or four times, and the final decision was made by JUBY CHIU, whose mother shouted to a large name from childhood.

Because of the recognition of the university development, the first achievement was won by a senior fashion company in Paris. This was a turning point in the experience of turning Judy into the eye and the "travell" in the back.Women's names held a fashion show."It seems like an old stalks, but my inspiration is really from my life."" The books read, the movies, and the music they usually read are the nourishment of Judy.She often writes her personnel to the Facebook page , regardless of film, photography, or her own work, and she wants to "dedicate herself to the people of thought."

" Relationship between the grandma, seen in Copenhagen." Jubily's lyrical release in Europe.

In three months of precipitation in Europe, Judy used the fiber to say what she saw and heard.

the design of Taiwan blazed the design

the University
the University, the students were invited to sell their own clothes at the Huashan stall, and they said they were selling clothes. Juby did not regard it as a trading transaction. Rather, it was more like an opportunity to convey ideas and be willing to exchange interaction with guests.The materials used to show what was left of the "zero code" in hand, creating more creative sparks, then creating a way for the brand to operate, and now it's a way to make the costume, and then make clothes.

The people who are reasonably ideal have often gone through a lot of folds, and the former partner has become a competitor because of the lack of ideas, and has made Juby very sad. But to insist on his own creative intent, he has to make a choice.She laughs that her own costs and compensation are not in direct proportion. But there are always many friends in the back, giving her impetus to continue her efforts. Many of them come from former customers, because they understand, appreciate the meaning of her clothes, and eventually become a good friend who can communicate with the soul.To make JUBY CHIU a world-renowned brand is not her dream, she says she is more like an artist; in the future, if you have the ability, you can help other design brands in Taiwan.

Juby's Idol doll, such as the JUBY CHIU costume, is an inspiration to Jubily.

Jubily 2012 Spring/Summer series of works, each of which seems to be a story.

Fiber, a kind of soul to body language "

Juby has seen a number of girls who have a good body and have a taste of their clothes, but they find themselves disappointed by their lack of internal poverty.It is not content to be satisfied with the beauty of the outside, while constantly enriching herself, "both inside and outside" is truly beautiful.

Many people chase fashion, blindly admire brand names, and are just the dazzling form of fashion. But Juby's belief in the end of clothing has been: " A lot of people have convinced me that it's superficial, but for me, my outfit is more than just inside and outside.It's fiber, and it's a kind of a language for the soul." The inner meaning of the costume is much more important than its appearance, and it should go back to its nature and the face of the story that comes out of it.

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