A movie that conveines the story, moves, and the strength of the actors.In movie, we see Director Zhang Borei who is eager to communicate to the world about the beauty of the river team , who is not willing to let go, even more to the hard work of a singer, an actor to a professional tug-of-war team, and how best to porn the soul of the Jing Mei-tug.Let's go deeper and understand these two, together with the scenery of the King of the United States, shocked the protagoner of the Taiwan island!

Yao: I'm not a heroine, the main character is the girl

feel like a heroine in the first time.

When asked what kind of opportunity she received, she said, "I had no idea that I would be one of the actors when I learned of the film's opening plan."At this time, Yao began to recall the situation in which the script was received. "When the agency tells me that I will play this role, I am full of doubt:" Why would I ask for me?" How can the director have the courage to do so?" My image matches this role?"From this series of self-viewing and questioning, we can see that this year, the 23-year-old girl fully understands the process and the impact of her journey into the entertainment circle, but she doesn't recognize that these are obstacles, but more confident in each performance opportunity and learning from each new challenge."(Recommended reading: This is a 16-step success and a success: The opportunity is to say "Yes!"" " )

The film is an independent girl whose origin is poor, young, and grandma-dependent. She feels that she is somewhat stubborn and unwilling to bow to her personality, and that she feels that she has a bit of a sense of character with the character of "Spring Ying." "One of the things that this film has been emphasizing is: identification, and I am a very good person.When it comes to this, there are a number of points in favor of the Kai-kai, " the girls, the Yao and the tug-of-war teams, have a strong morale, and they insist that they are far more than ordinary people.

Rope-force girls need more muscle endurance than the average number of girls in the same age. Although Yao has a habit of moving, she was trained as a tug-of-war team for less than a week from receiving the script. She and Kay's two laughed at the film's call: a training-style shooting. The rope force girls call her the "Divine Child"!"Kay," laughs.In all the films, "Little Higher" training, practice competitions with friends' schools, and even the final race of the World Games are all "real".Yao said, " I saw the final match of the final team's physio and strength."Actually, I had an arrangement for the first time, but I didn't want to use it. Every time I felt tired, I said to myself," It's all here. Hold on!At this time, Yao Yaoyao seemed to be back in the film's Spring English role, and the pain was no longer willing to lay down the rope's brave girls.

Yiu Yao: Every time she feels tired, she says to himself, " It's all here. Hold on!"


Like a father, coaches, the same front

and the people who have seen the tug-of-war coach Guo Sheng, who have seen Kay's role as coach, have been praised for playing the role very well. Even the girls in the tug-of-war team say," It's really like!"What do you think of the role of the coach," he said, "without prior contact with such a group, and without any knowledge of the tug-of-war teams?"When he smiled, he said, " Actually, the best acting is coach Guo, he can change his face one second.When everyone at the scene heard this statement, they laughed and frequently said, "The fact is, Kay." says, " In fact, it's a secret observation of him.At this time, Yao said it was not "sneaking around" and "going around him"!" Coach Kuo is like a traditional parent in Taiwan, and she will lock up the child, but as long as it's a complete protection of the child, it's in the same front with the children, it's all for the children to be better and to let outsiders know how good they are.

is a timely and rainy day for me, "

said, referring to the of the show's" Most Harvest " event."

After years of experience, Kay has doubts about whether his performance has begun to become a mere formwork. The greatest difference between the film's" ambition "and the drama that was involved in the past was" the composition of the cast."There are only four professional actors in this film, all of which are elements of the team, and the real team members. " These team members will not play." All their reactions and emotions are real, real to me, to make me feel that these are things that really happen to me."Kay is serious about saying," If the show ends today, you say to them, " Wow!Today's performance is good.They would also be angry because they didn't show up at the end of the show.Because of this truth, Kay feels that he has a silver lining in his own past. A professional actor is not only acting in the role of a character, but also to feel the nature of the character. Only then can there be a truly moving performance.

The performance of this film has made the Yao and Yao feel a great change, and Yao says that in the past she was an unfeeling and depressing person. He was the most afraid of crying when she was acting, because she wouldn't cry or cry.But the film turned on her tears, " My first crying scene was the coach who was penalized by the coach. When I saw that my elder sister was going to help me with my back, I broke up and cried.because every tug-of-war girl in the crew was so sincere, letting her put down her habitual protection, self-deprecating, making it difficult for her friends to make friends. She and tug-of-war girls became the best friends, " I finally realized the meaning of making eye contact.Yao Yaoyao says with serious theology.

never thought I'd give up, although at the time the show was more important

martial artist Kay, who had just moved from the stage to a firefly, recalls the mood of the time. " At first, I felt like I was losing a pretty face to a pretty face.He was once very disappointed with this phenomenon, even though he had to face the ensuing pressure, even if his family was opposed to his choice of performing arts circles, and he never gave up, "I never thought I'd give up" the "Kay", to tell us the unwavering eye.

For him, these are the engines of progress. After thinking and self-saving, he tells himself that he wants to put aside his doubts about himself. He should not be more successful than others. He should not have a shortcut to success or a shortcut, but if he doesn't, he will not win.

My own true picture

When we asked Yao and Kai to describe the real themselves in terms of three adjectives, Yao said she was very similar to the girls in the film. The first adjective that Kay said was'black and white', meaning that she was a person of emotion or face-faced, extreme and extreme, while the other two were "honest and truthful" and "continuing to learn."For Kay, every single day is not enough, because they want to take care of all the people around them, so every single day, they take advantage of opportunity to learn and make themselves a better person.A future blueprint in his mind is that there is a very warm home that can take care of every person who is important to himself.

In the case of Yao, now she has not yet imagined that she is too old for herself, and that every job is precious to her, so long as she has a job, she feels grateful.The favorite show is music and dance, and she hopes to make a music album that allows himself to dance. The film is a challenge and fun for her. It is hoped that one day it will be able to participate in the production of film or television.(In this case, Yao Yaoyao added: " But the horror film may not be able to do so."It is her most important goal to take the younger brother's sister to university, and to make her a better life," she said, adding that all the power of work came from her family, just as it was originally intended to enter the entertainment circle.

Finally, we asked Yao to share a word with Kay, giving every woman fan of the dream a dream.

Yiu Yao says, " Don't be afraid. Fear not to help things, don't lose out to yourself.

Kay says, " Life is this time, and think about it a hundred times.

In this special interview, for all readers who are not afraid of losing, we don't have to be afraid, we can last another second, maybe we can have the whole world."

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