" I am a brave man."

A hidden corner of a bright coffee shop, a girl's laughter and air are both pleasant and pleasant.Some people say that this girl is like a flower mullan. Some people say she represents a new woman who is pursuing dreams. No matter what other people say, she has only one description of herself: Brave. She was Hu Ting-ting, who was courageous, but after removing all the external restraints, she was the most standard definition for herself.

The eye and self-confidence of the hook, Hu Ting-ting has his father, Jason Hu, and her mother Shao Hsiao-ling's master-temperament.As a child, the outside world has never had a few more frames on Hu Ting-ting.But all the way from studying abroad to pursue her own actor's dream, Hu Ting-ting upended all the traditions she had to follow.She has the courage to pursue ideals, break the framework, and attract the Female Video Association to become a spokesperson for the Three-Eight Female Film Festival , believing that she will bring new styles to the shackles of the shackles.
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Put it down, she learts to be brave

with confidence in us, Hu Ting-ting, and in fact there is a story behind the dream." I wasn't brave at first.Looking back, Hu Ting-ting can only recall the first time he had a strong desire to be an actor when he was four years old." It is actually two things to discover your dreams and have the courage to dream.At the age of four, I don't even know what dreams are.When you talk about the actress's dream, Hu Ting-ting's brightly-lit eyes, it makes people feel that she is dreaming of dreaming, just like yesterday." Although my dream was always an actor, I had the courage to pursue my dream until I was 18, and I had been in touch with the film and the arts, and took me to the framework of thinking."

" In the face of art, you have to put aside the past to discover new possibilities.

How heavy the Framework sounds, but the laugh of Hu Ting-ting's face makes us feel that this adventure is full of good." The limited thinking, too, limits the space of imagination and feeling.The art allowed me to begin to look back on myself and to recombine the constraints from those constraints."Art, Hu Ting-ting has opened a door for reacquainting herself, and has changed her relationship with herself."

" By falling out of the past, I find that people should be a complete individual rather than selectively accept only the good side of their own, while hiding the bad parts." The process of conversation with the heart that we found was that Hu Ting-ting's self-confidence actually came from completely accepting the true self." A lot of people told us to be good kids, but not you have to be good, but you have to be whole."When we can accept everything we have, we can make room for others' strengths and weaknesses; hide our flaws, but let us start to criticize others, but forget that people are like the moon, and in fact there are bright and dark sides."

Each and every aspect of each person should not be split.When you can fully embrace yourself, you can know what you're going to do.

Accepting yourself to learn to pay

because of accepting all of her own, Hu Ting-ting's more than one lover's power.This change has also changed her and her family: "My family used to be very traditional, but the greatness of parents is that they change with the growth of their children."The enlightened now is the result of my efforts with my father and my mother.Hu Ting-ting laughs and says that it is the courage to learn to accept all of her own sudden flooding, adding that the time is the catalyst for her to start stabilizing her relationship with her parents." There must be a lot of friction in the up-front period of growth, but the parents have seen me stick to my own path.The self and steadfasts of the heart let Hu Ting-ting gain the full support of his parents.

Is marriage also a decision taken by Hu Ting-ting bravely in his own life?" Marriage doesn't need courage!Hu Ting-ting gives us an unexpected answer, "When you know that you own the happiest thing in the world, you have to let go, it's a fool!"Hu Ting-ting, before getting married, had imagined what kind of family she would have, but she found that she was really happy after she was married." It actually made me realize that it's better than I thought, not to be married, but to him.Because he made me realize that I became more complete."The smile on the face of Hu Ting-ting has made us feel the steady and steadfast happiness."

When you talk about her husband, Hu Ting-ting has not been shy about how long she knew he was her true love.But how can Hu Ting-ting be so sure that love is so hard to find?" In fact, the only thing that I did was to find myself completely.You don't look out for answers, and you don't change your response to others, you just know yourself and accept her, and you'll know what you want.After listening to Hu Ting-ting's realization of true love, we immediately associate with the belief of womany: I hope every girl can learn to love oneself, love others, and love the whole world.It's too sentient to Hu Ting-ting, and it makes us even more convinced that Love is the answer to a good one.

I'm not afraid of failure. I'm afraid I'm sorry.

We all want to know why Hu Ting-ting and her family and public opinion have never abandoned her dream of being an actress." I can persist because my greatest fear is not a failure, but of regret in my life." We all chose the success of society as a celebrity because of fear of losing face, but for Hu Ting-ting, there was a lack of courage to pursue it. Such a pity was the greatest failure in life." The success I want to do is to have the courage to do it, and I really do.The success or failure is not defined by others, as long as they have taken the lead, even if they fail, I can continue to move forward." The dream of Hu Ting-ting has no end, because she believes that as long as they are faithful to their choice, even if the shape of the dreams is changing, they are not afraid of losing.

During the interview, feeling the deep fear of regret from Hu Ting-ting, let us ask why she was so scared." I abandoned the Academy of Film and went to Oxford, but I went to Oxford, and I knew I wasn't there at all.Because she knew that the real failure was a betrayal of her own heart, she was deeply aware of her choice."

believes in the future

For the future, Hu Ting-ting has a lot of imagination, and many of the dream embryonic forms are slowly accumulating."If I'm ready to make a story I want to tell, I want to make a movie of my own."What kind of movies are Hu Ting-ting's endless stream of ideas going on?"I'm also very interested in women's issues, and I hope we can reinterpret tradition with a new perspective and lead more people to break through the framework."

Hu Ting-ting makes us wonder, what kind of person is she in her eyes?" I think I'm a brave, mother-and-mother, but I'm a little girl in my heart.Hu Ting-ting, who likes to take care of people, has a strange and prized opening.If you look at me seriously, you begin to laugh like a child: " Look at me, this is not a controlled way. You should know why I look like a little girl!The

Hu Ting-ting came from her understanding of herself.Because understanding the true self, let her face the challenges of the world in which she has come to harm, and she has never been afraid of the unknown.When we are like Hu Ting-ting, facing his own heart honestly, perhaps we can discover the happiness he wants, but in fact, it is in the right place.

I hope, you, I can find myself, and discover that I want to be happy.

Be a Woman, Brave
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