In the evening of the sudden temperature drop, we met with the director, Chen Jun-lin, who fell in love with me. Even after a day's trip, the two protagoners still greeted us with enthusiasm, and prepared the next visit, like the movie "Tomorrow, Love Me > Poster Vision for People, is easy, fun, and close to real life."

At first, the name of the film is not < Tomorrow, Love Me >, but "Afternoon Delight", one of which means "having sex in the afternoon", and the director wants to use the film to show the reactions of the Taiwanese upper class in the face of different love situations.However, after filming began, it was found that a very important English song in the film was more suitable for the story of the film, so there was a current title, "Love me in love with me tomorrow."And then let's talk with you about the love of the film and the real life.

< Tomorrow remember love me > main character Mandy plays

less stubborn and

of the impressions of the film show that she was too far away from the film, and the experience of the film was so remote that she felt that she had a very high degree of experience, and that she was so demanding that she was so demanding that she had a hard time feeling her bad behavior.

" When I first saw the script, I really hated Mandy."When asked about the feeling you just got from the script, it's hard to say that it is hard to say," he says.

< Tomorrow, the main character, Mandy, who falls in love with me is an autonomous new woman who seems to be lively, unrestrained, and socially defined, but in private is a girl who seems to be overtaken by her brother and fiancé with endless tolerance and care.At first glance, the lively generosity of Mandy is the same as Joe's impression of the lively and cheerful opening of the main character of the main character, while the lively and lively appearance of the main character is "open" from the heart of the audience.

"Mandy is a person who is strong and never easily outperformed, just like you always have a few sisters who are always strong in their personality and working ability, but they always cry in the third or early third or when they hear a particular song."When he said this, he was exposed to the unforgitient and pitiless of his sisters.

In fact, Jo says that he is a person who is not confident and easily nervous, and that the more he is deliberately trying to do it, it is easy to do it, and the older sister is invited to host the

It is also because of knowing that it is easy to put pressure on oneself and the tip of the horn, so it is necessary to put space on the air and allow the space to be tense and complex, and to readjust the state of the situation.And the most effective way to ease pressure on her is to cry out, and because she doesn't want to drag her out, she chooses to pick out the movie or TV dramas that she weeps, either at home or in a movie theater, so that she weeps through the story, and then she can move on with a whole new mood.

, no answer

film's script was originally written by the director because a gay friend chose to sacrifice his inner needs to achieve social expectations, making him baffled, and at the same time had a lead for the story of the film.But after writing the full script, the director discovered that he had no answer to "how to choose," so he assembled and showed the love issues that he had encountered in his life, but he did not give the audience a correct answer.

For Joe, Mandy, who is proud and who has been in the middle of his marriage for the first month of the marriage, has made her completely unrecognisable, but still plays the role as a player in the performance, because Joe thinks that she has a crucial part to do with Mandy: " I'm as easy as she is.This type of personality makes it easy for her to be integrated into the plot of television and film, and easily enters the role of a character, watching TV watching tears running down or being scoldling like Joe like Joe.And this type of personality leads to the behavior of Mandy's marriage before marriage. " Is this going to be the case?The main character of the show has sparked a series of questions about "love" as a result of an event in life.For Joe, she once had an experience of romance as a result of the questions of love.

" Up until now, I know I don't want anything, but I don't know what I want, it's a common problem for modern people, and Mandy in the movie finally found the answer, but I haven't.She's frowning at us to talk about her current mood.

I've always been trying to break every stage of planning, "says Mr. Yu." Many things don't start with the planning of the film.As a result, the current plans and conditions of life in the life of Joe are no longer planned, but "let go of mind" for each and every change, and to face each other.

Left: Actor Summer by Joe, Right: Director Chen Jun-lin

's the happiest thing to make a

contrast to the general picture, the unempathy for the director Chen Jun-lin was a great deal for the director Chen Jun-lin, who said, "Because of her outspoken performance, I would like to see the spark that she scrubbies with the characters, and also to challenge the role of the viewer in sympathy with Mandy."When it comes to this, the director asks us immediately whether or not we can see whether there is any understanding of Mandy from the beginning of the film, and that the answer to this question is that you have to go to the movie theater and taste it yourself.

we asked the director how to relieve the pressure of work, he didn't want to say so.For the director, the stress and stress caused by work and life need to be "solved." So instead of focusing on how to solve these emotions, it is better to focus on how to solve the problem. Once the problems are solved, all kinds of negative emotions, such as stress and stress, will disappear.The film, for him, is a matter of solving all the problems.(At this time, the director was not careful about gossip, shooting, "Tomorrow, I remember falling in love with me. One of the reasons is that he had just lost love, and the film could make him forget the pain of love)

director says, "Realizing the fantasy of the brain is the most charismatic charm of the film."The film's plot is life snacks, which require a little more imaginative embattled film, making the whole film a bright spot, so the director makes the "heart" of each of the main characters "physical", making the film the most important element of the audience's laughter.

Innovating in a natural and sophisticated

the film was officially opened, Chen Jun-Lin first attempted a new training method for actors. He arranged for a one-month rehearsinee training. The plot in the month of the month did not appear in the film, but was a very important early stage training for the film itself."Because the film is to show the" conclusion "of a certain stage in the life of the prowess, this month is the" reason " to ask the actors to stage the stage.For Joe, this is one of the most memorable experiences of the film, "It's like the" prebiography " of a movie story.She was excited.

The story's prebiography includes a process of acquaintance and love between the two main characters, and the interaction between the protagonis and the main supporting role.The director says that he doesn't like to communicate with the actors in the performance of the actors, but to show the actors to play when they get acquainted.

Even if each actor plays a role that is different from his own character, participating in the pre-concert performance training gives actors the ability to play each role naturally and doesn't work, and gives the actors a lot of skills, and also adds a different film experience to the director.

< Tomorrow, I remember falling in love with the main characters Mandy and 33Three (stone poring)

the end of the visit, we asked Chen Jun-lin to give himself three adjectives, and the two people who had already been playing with each other were trying to explain the three adjectives of each other in the playwright.The three adjectives that were directed by Jo to Chen Shunlin were "passive", "emotionally passive" and "serious". He said that he was a very conscientious person, whether he was a director or a director or a director who worked in the early stage of filming and was about to be working.The three adjectives that the director gives to Joe are "with ideas", "active" and "easy-to-stress." The director feels that Joe has actually made his own lack of self-confidence hidden.

natural beauty of modern women and the love of the modern woman, as well as the persistence and passion of the people who love things, still retain their original intent and passion for the same people.

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