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Before you go into the auditorium, you unanimously agree that your love cannot be concocted.Set aside the traditional wedding dress and decide to invest in a great plan of "self-help wedding dress".The ideal weddings for built with Pinterest , creative Eric Romantic Wedding , Pictures of Marrying 500 px, Featured , Featured Pictures the World Wedding, .With regard to the self-help wedding dress, what is the inevitable step in the process?

June is the season of romance.Before you go into the auditorium, you want to declare again: "This is our own wedding."Because of its own unique talent, the newlyweds have abandoned traditional wedding photography and made their own hands.and the power to regain control of the country, and the unfinished business of the whole thing. Honey, we want to be the most beautiful bride, the field investigation is handed over to us!

The self-service wedding dress is ___?

A popular "self-service wedding" in recent years, just like the idea of self-help.Participants need to select themselves to package all processes.Unlike the tradition, the self-service wedding dress is open to service, and the newlyweds can show their self-style. They can choose what they want and have a high sense of participation and absolute flexibility.

1. Traditional vs. Self-help, select the best mode for

It's learned that the self-help wedding dress will get all the photo files, and how to view it is the choice of actions immediately.However, the huge amount of time required to invest, the very high autonomy, and the determination of the more, the more the more, the two people, are you able to load it?Self-service veil can save a lot of money, and it seems to be a myth, and depending on the venue, the photographer, and the wedding dress, there will be different results.Although it has some wedding savings , it doesn't necessarily add up to the traditional wedding dress.If the age of the marriage is very high, it is impossible to make a flexible choice. Perhaps the traditional wedding dress is also a good choice.

2. to write your stories

If a wedding photo is a love story book, the story will be half of the story!The self-help marriage, which is based on the "place" of marriage, has entered a choice: choose domestic or overseas filming?Is the scenic spot recommended by netizens still meaningful to both of us?

In fact, no one is the best, but, dear, we want to take us into a more storyline picture, don't you?This time, all of you are the masters.Go to the location of your acquaintance, the usual restaurant, the place to celebrate birthdays, and we look at the story, and you go back to love.Occasionally, the wedding photos are inserted into the two people's Traveller Scatterphotographs. Let's look at the two of you along the way and still be sweet and honey.

3. Dream wedding dress, too cheap to start

The dream of a wedding dress is a desire to be raised from childhood to big, but under the principle of saving the province, how can it be used to pick up the best tuxedo?

Find the seaman: In the Yongle market in Taipei, you can find all kinds of lace, cloth, and the master will get the templates up and down, and the prices are usually very reasonable.

Sale and selling, resale = Dig for your own good. : inevitably, you want to have the wedding dress of a famous designer.However, we know that looking at the autumn water will also be able to meet the timing of the sale and sale of the trade or gown.For example, the domestic designer, Huang Shuqi , has an annual special sales meeting.The world's top Vera Wang wedding yarn will also be reduced to affordable prices due to the online resale of the network.

The tuxedo of the wedding studio: Some large bridal studios provide new convenience for the newlyweds, and in addition to being responsible for photography, it also provides a ceremonial lease.High-gas White Manual Marital , Red Balloon Yarn , My Party , A kite hotel, and so on, all have a lot of quality wedding dress, and welcome newlyweds to try to wear it.If the photographers were there, they could talk about the overall style, then it would be really convenient!(Let's look at a variety of different wedding dresses !))

4. Easily-turned wedding gospel book

It's a nice, moving story, and it's a little more than a scripwritten version of a book that's been removed from a bookshelf.The wedding photo of dot dot dot print and hypo is lightweight and well received, and two people can work together to make a photo of the photo, which is to show the most vivid and vivid picture.A friend who recommends easy terms of speech is an eaveschating method, and takes out the words of the words that you like and those who wish to make a statement.We have a friend who took the lyrics of the , along with two little photos that chased the balloon away in the street.At that time we were not only able to understand the story, but also greatly appreciated the taste of the two people (and saw the last sentence found only).

5. Limited-to-Print Love for Love

impression is that the wedding cards are equal to the wedding cards. How can the first impression be made?We found Avis Wampler with a laser cut out invitation for good taste, and let people start to imagine how wonderful the wedding should be when they receive the fury of the wedding.In Taiwan, you can also find creative marrying cards, and Jiu is the one you want to be tailored to your wedding, and its face books often update the wedding-related ideas, such as the wedding of Peugeot, or the furnicings, and so on. It is definitely a place where the bride can take notes.It can also be found in the GUDY Wedding , which is in line with your tone of the tone. Whether it is a child's heart or not a wind, or a wind of a trick, it is only afraid that the shopping basket will explode here.


GUDY Wedding wedding

6. High-tech is my personal secret

Evernote brought you all the important thing!

I believe many brides have this experience: seeing a favorite wedding dress that wants to hear a sister's opinion, the scene wants to film it and discuss it with photographers, and there are too many too-do list.At this point, it is necessary to have a cloud-based tool for the all-weather fitting of marriage.Perhaps everyone has a conventional tool, but remember we had recommended Evernote as a notebook that was always there ?Evernote is very intuitive to use, like writing a notebook.Create a notepad, and then throw away the web page data, the shopping list, and the sound file photo file.It's a cross-platform synchronized effort that lets you open up your homework at any time, and say, " Hey!Look at

website itself with the MerryMarry officer's screen capture of the Hei watch

Do you ever think about sending a red bomb through mobile phone apps?Then, the crowd took photos of the wedding site and after the after party to the same album to upload to the same album. MerryMarry's making the wedding a party for everyone!Everyone is able to capture the leaked footage, with elegant and elegant, crying and tears of tears.This adorable app can be tied to Facebook, built-in filters, and interfaces are somewhat similar to Instagram , and believe it very well.Using MerryMarry to take part in the wedding may also urge close friends (or herself?)Get married!

though the preparatory process is really not easy, it is definitely worth its own certification, " he said.Now that we have so many resources, we must plan for a classic wedding!

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