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Thursday, only one day is left, and may rest.Today, the six news stories about cosmetics, technology, health and religion.Do you know that all the cosmetics on Europe's shelf haven't been hurt at all?I'm in a good mood, but I don't know what to buy in the store.The low-card cola instead makes you fat?In fact, how much money has been used to buy electronic books?If you want to know more, just keep looking.

Contraceptive pills = murder, anti-emerging methods of the Philippines Catholic Church

anti-reproductive health bill passed by the Philippines before the Philippines appealed to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the Catholic Church's protest was unconstitutional.Pregnancy among adolescents is a major problem in the Philippines. According to the latest government survey, the number of pregnant women aged 13-19 rose by 60 per cent between 2000 and 2010, and the number of teenage pregnancies was 12 per cent of all pregnant women in 2010.Condoms, contraceptives and other contraceptives were censured under the influence of Catholicism for the rule of nature.The bill would allow the government to subsidize low-priced or even free contraceptives, after which the bill would be suspended for the first time by the Supreme Court because of the Church's protest.In a debate Tuesday, the Catholic Church called for any contraception to violate the Constitution's right to life.Senator Pia Cayetano said in court that 15 pregnant women die every day from pregnancies related to pregnancy, and that the bill would avoid the outcome if passed.(Extended reading: 12 Myths of Pregnancy and Contraception )
Newssource: globalpost.com

EU Update Cosmetic Laboratory Act

Today, the European Union prohibits the sale of products that have been subject to an animal test phase in the territory of the European Union, in addition to the ban on animal testing in Europe.While the group recognents that although it is an important milestone, the ultimate goal should be to completely ban animal testing.They also point out that they still need to undergo animal testing before imports, in line with the regulations of some countries (example: China).The cosmetics industry believes that the ban on animal testing will stifle innovation, but it is not yet mature despite the emergence of alternative solutions.

While Taiwan does not have a mandatory requirement for animal experimentation, a number of animal experiment reports are required for the Department of Health's approval to be approved by the Department of Health in Taiwan.(Extended Read: Mobile: Let us love animals with SPCA )
* News source: dw.de

In the register, detect the mood and help us to pick up the cosmetics.

Today, it looks very happy, so why don't you buy a red paste with a good heart?Russia's largest chain cosmetics brand adds a "Scubtometer" next to the 280 storefronts, and when consumers are queuing up, it detects their facial expressions and recommends fitness for their products today.( Extended Read: Seven moves to have a good heart )
* News source: TIME Magazine

A 16-year-old girl invented plastic for banana skin.

sixteen-year-old Turkish girl Elif Bilgin published an amazing piece of work in this year's Google Science Fair.She found that Thailand had consumed up to 200 tons of bananas a day, which she thought could help the planet.She then made use of the banana skin to make plastic, which could replace the materials that currently make the prosthetic limbs.She hoped that the study would reduce the contamination brought about by petro-made plastics.( Extended reading: Designing problems )
* News sources: inhiabitt

Low sugar beverages may not be healthy

A popular zero-card soft drink in the market is welcomed by people who care about their weight but love drinks.However, according to the study, people who continue to drink low-sugar sodas every day are disproportionately more likely to be more than 65 % more likely than ordinary people.In addition, a large proportion of people who drink low-sugar sodas are suffering from type 2 diabetes.And the sugars contained in the low-sugar beverage may cause the body to be confused with the sugar, and when you eat the real sugar, the body cannot release the metabolic hormone.People who like soft drinks may need to think about it when they pick up the zero-card soda.(Extended Read: Tips for Low Catering )
* Press Source: npr news

Apple eBook (book) conspiracy

The Apple Computer products can be said to be the most popular product in this generation.However, the New York State Court yesterday (7/10) ruled that Apple's electronic book and the five publishers jointly coaxed prices and monopolized the market.Prices are set by publishers and 30 % of the revenue will be paid to Apple.Some of the e-books rise from 12.99 US dollars to $14.99, while the same books only need $9.99 in Amazon's online bookstores.(Extended reading: Technology still includes human nature, Jens II motto )
* news source: the economist

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