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Nutrition luncheon death in India

In the area of Bart, the capital of India, 22 students have died from poisoning by feeding school nutrition lunches.It was reported that the students, aged between five and twelve, felt sick after lunch at 7/16 and died after being taken to hospital.The cause of death is still under investigation. At present, 20 more students are being treated at the hospital.(Recommended reading: Rainbow Catering Act for Health Color )
News Source: Huffington Post

Taliban leader wrote to Malala

Taliban regime has sent a letter to Malala to express its shock and regret over the shooting of Malala by the Taliban.However, he said that the reason that Malala was shot was not because of her own claim to the right to education, but of the consequences of her campaign against the anti-Taliban movement.And at the end of the letter, he called for Malala to return to his country and return to school in schools under the Taliban.(The story of Malala: The bravest 16-year-old Malala )
news source: Washington Post

Time to change online sex trade rules

Do you know that 80 % of the sex trade begins on the Internet?Everyone knows that sex trade is unfair to women, but how many laws protect women in sex industry?In countries such as the Netherlands, Britain, France, and so on, there are indeed studies to prove that women who have sex with sex are safer.U.S. law professors list four points that should be reformed: 1. to identify the health status of both sides. The two sides have agreed to set up a joint commission Online evaluations by both sides 4. The propriety of sex (to ensure that she does not belong to any organization selling women) (recommended reading: violence between intimate relationships)
news source: FastCompany

New Status Beauty Salon

A new pattern of cosmetic salon has emerged in the rise of the former CEO of Yahoo!This kind of salon combines a bar with a simple haircut service, with a single person spending less than 2,000 yuan per capita, so as to become a new choice for the women's party.There are now 25 chain stores in the United States, with revenue of up to 19 million dollars last year.In the near future, Taiwan may also have similar services!(Recommended reading: 5 NG Behaviour of Hair Hair Behaviour )
Newssource: The Daily Beast

No wine in the English New Bar

A bar called Redemption (Yom Kippur) regained the trend of the 19th century, with all the drinks in it, except that there were no alcoholic beverages.The boss of Redemption, who is in the downtown London, says that her drink bar a happy place to pay attention to health at the same time.She said many Londoners felt that wine was reborn everywhere. They later regretted that unhealthy habit, so she opened a bar that did not provide wine to allow customers to have work hours and weekends, but they would not be unhealthy.(Recommended reading: Can red wine protect the heart?)
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Why do you want to listen to music?

The campaign may have music to be heard, psychologist Tom Stafford, who has a brain to explore why many people are accustomed to listening to music when they are moving.Previous studies have indicated that the stimulation of the brain's motion cortex, which improves the muscle's memory, is used to train the muscles.The music that is heard during the campaign stimulates the cerebral cortex and combines the signals sent by the brain to increase the memory of the muscle.In addition, sports listening to music can shift the rate of attention, or a fixed rhythm, to a fixed rate, and the efficiency of the movement will be enhanced.(Recommended reading: Love your third step: moderate exercise to enjoy )
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The most profitable Hollywood star for this year: Rouberman.

to Fuji, the top Hollywood actor in 2013 was the little Lauberty Downey, who portrayed the steelmakers, earning an annual income of US$ 75 million, equivalent to RMB 2200 million dollars.The sources of income are mainly from the Sovengers, the Avengers, and Iron and Steel.The second is the film dance club Chitatou, which has a yearly income of 60 million US dollars.(Recommended reading: When a movie star is on time machine )
news source: Forbes

Disney made your desk into a 3D playground

Disney produced a mini-projector that would allow a little projector to play in front of your eyes!When the projector emits a fairy person with infrared ray, the camera attached to the projector scans the surrounding environment so that the little person can interact with you on your desk, on the wall, on the wall.(Recommended reading: A fairy tale is right beside you!)

news source: FastCompany

Like Google, you can zoom in on the reduced hand map

Designer Anne Stauche made a smart paper map!It begins with a small map of a city, and when it turns over, it can see the diagram of the metro, and then there are four large city maps of the city on the flip side.The playful place is here, and you can pick a grid, open it up, you can zoom in on it like Google!(The story about Google Maps is not known !)

news source: FastCompany

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