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Returns to the office on Monday, isn't it a bit tired?Today, it helps to organize several interesting news.How can people in the world have the most incentive to lose weight?New Paris has introduced a new polite book to teach the local people how to receive tourists.Did you hear the Estonian happiness bank?Let's take a look at the world before the computer.

The rent is too expensive?Let's have a mini-house

A female student in Israel designed a small space-like house that could be made out of a fabric!This house, called the Cocoon Room, is suspended by two sheets, with sleeping rooms, staircases, a table, and a bath tub.The tenant can walk around the room by the spring stuck on the cloth.The creator said, "It is lightweight and portable and does not require much space, and I think it can be one of the options for short-term accommodation.""( Extended Read: Smart tidying: How to increase the placement space )
* News source: FastCompany

One kilogram for gold

than half of Dubai's population is overweight, and now Dubai has launched a nationwide weight loss campaign starting on July 19: Within a month, every kilogram of fat can get a gram of gold (about 45 US dollars)!So, as long as you lose more meat, the more money you can get!( Extended Read: Slimming Tips )
* News sources: FastCompany

How should Parisians respond to tourists

city government of Paris has issued a new tourist guide, but this time it's not for tourists, but for Parisians!In the visitors' view, the Parisians are famous for their insolity, and the city government of Paris is actively changing the mindset of tourists.The manuals have basic knowledge of people in different countries, such as if they are Chinese today, they like to go shopping and buy things and hope that everyone will smile.If you meet Americans today, they usually have dinner at six o'clock in the evening and they want to have a wireless network.The Spanish had dinner late (11 at night!)So remember to remind them that the restaurant was closed.( Extended Read: Paris syndrome )
* News source: The

forced marriage of 11-year-old girls in Yemen

11-year-old Yemeni girl filmed a three-minute film that forced her to marry her family and decided to resist fate, escape the family and ask for assistance from her uncle.In Yemen, there is no restriction on the age of girls' marriage.As a result, girls are often the subject of matrimonial transactions.Fifty-two percent of girls were married before the age of 18, but they were often not married in accordance with their own wishes. As the girl was able to escape from home, the majority of girls could not escape the fate of their own. (Extended Read: Discover the Mysterious Middle East and Old Kingdom )
* News Source: Huffington Post Picture Source: Business Insider

The Happy Bank of Estonia

have you ever heard of a happy bank?In Estonia, 2,000 people are trading their happiness.The system of operation of this happy bank is mutual help, and it is hoped that the goal or dream of each individual can be accomplished.The most common of these transactions is language exchange, although the popularity of the service is not high, but such a concept is highly desirable. (Extended Read: Happiness magic: A faster 101 choice )
News source: NewsFeed

Most Eye and Sweet

When you see a photo of a sexy male model in a magazine, do you think it's going to be a bit of a wobble?But what if today's protagonia are the reactions of cats?Some foreign netizens released a series of sexiest male stars and cute kittens, and are being streamed in the wild. Let's take a look at this series of eyes and sweet photos.
* news source: pleated-jean

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