On the Sunday afternoon, after the typhoon, it was approximately at the coffee shop near the Gutian Station in Mario.One to 3:30, it was easy to dress up, and he walked into the store, and t-shirt with a pair of shorts, with a pair of feet hauls.It's casual, but not as easy as going out, getting a moustache to clean up.He, who loves coffee, started today's visit with a simple cup of American coffee.As a senior editor, Yang Shifan has written countless articles. Apart from professional science and technology analysis, he also has a lyrical release of science and technology to change human life.But what he saw was the image that was portrayed in his blog, with a sense of humor and a sense of humour.(Recommended reading: Make the best choice for yourself )

Work, do what I like to do

talk about work, the first reaction of Yang Shifan is to smile and say that work is important, " because you can make money!The character of the editing work is that working hours are long, from CNET to the business week, writing STI articles often requires testing the product, and the testing process often takes a full day, sometimes even when the product is tested as a record.It sounds tough, but for him, the job is to do what he likes, and there is no way of supporting him to do such work.As for how to enter the line, he says that everything is very simple.From a university student who was not familiar with the computer, he began to learn how to set up a website, and later acquired the job of CNET.After the end of the seven-month-seven-month editing career in CNET technology, Yang Shifan became the owner of a coffee shop out of the good imagination of a coffee shop.Later, because of the fate of his fate, he went smoothly into the Shang and Zhou, and then began a busy life again.Every single person who doesn't have a deliberate arrangement can do what he likes, and his interests and work can be fused.It is precisely because of this reason that Yang Shifan can make a happy wish.

There are many kinds of dreams, such as pro baseball

In 2009, Yang Shifan realized his dream and opened a Bruges cafe in the Hsinyi District.For coffee, the love of beer in Belgium has prompted him to enter a completely new field, becoming a man of the literary youth of the coffee shop."Bruges in Belgium, the Cafe Bruges in Taipei, where you're living in a long swim," although the Blues coffee has gone out of business, from what they describe to themselves, it offers a great place to the North, where a cup of coffee, a beer, and a busy life, are hard to find.(Recommended reading: is Life!" )

Speaking of today's dream, Yang Shifan began to talk about many things he was trying to experiment with." For example, skydiving, I'm actually afraid of heights, and when I talk about high places, my hands will start sweating, but my friend is about to go to Guam and I'm going to try and see it."There are too many places to go, but because of reality, time is the most important thing he can do now.""There are too many things to do, and I think I should go pro baseball, but this is really not possible."In the past, when the university was also a documentary film, it once wanted to develop in this field, but it wasn't easy.

Leaving the comfort circle, doing what you really want to do

"There are no complicated reasons for me to leave the business week, and I've always wanted to do what I'm doing, but I've never had much power."The workload of the business week is very heavy, and there is no time to do what I want to do. I stayed in CNET for five or seven months. I had a lot of ideas, but I didn't have time to write it out. It was a long time ago.If you really want to do it, you have to squeeze your time to do it, but I don't like it.

to leave the business circle and start a new career.The same is the identity of the co-founder, who is the chief editor.In The News Lens, Yang is trying to create a news platform that has complete information on the issue.In Taiwan, there is no way to raise the reader's continued attention after the heat of the issue has disappeared.And they want to make something easy to read, easy to understand, and they want readers to spend some time outside of public housing news, Apple Daily to pay attention to important news issues, and this is also womany has been working hard to provide readers with an issue of quality issues of concern.From Yang Shifan, we found that leaving the comfort circle did not require any special reason. As long as the time was right and the same partner was found, the most important thing was to find what you wanted to do, without fear of a big change.(Recommended reading: < Find out what you want to do, having no life is the journey you want to do )

It's the best way to express the pressure

How to properly release pressure is a very important thing in the context of the workload.Yang Shifan, who was edited by a former business week, has a set of decompression methods."Hiding" is the best way he can express his pressure. Whenever he is pushed to the limit, he has to understand the techniques of running away from things, always hiding in his favorite things, books, comics, movies, baseball.Work pressure and working hours are the most distinctive features of editorial work, and even the holidays sometimes need to be constantly written.So how did the leisure time crowd out?

" I'm not the kind of person who does nothing to work.I will compress my time, play with my friends, and get home and start working again.The editing work time is more flexible, as long as the job is finished before it is dead.

to enjoy the scenery at the end of the day

For the future, most people usually have an ideal picture, imagine the future as well as inspire yourself.However, Yang Shifan does not have any restrictions on his future. Even after five days, he is not expected to be able to do so.There is no planning for the future, but he asked the question, " Why do you need a plan?"If you're not good at long-term planning, then do what you want to do!""Some people will have a long set of goals ahead of time, but he has chosen to enjoy the present, and even if he wants to travel a lot of places, he will not be able to save money or accumulate leave for the future."And he said, " I find it difficult to achieve a big goal.It can only deal with the present matter." (Recommended reading: Work!Work!The important scenery that affects our lives )

is outgoing and quiet, and the double-sided Yang Shifan

is not only handsome, but also handsome.

mentions how to describe yourself, and Yang Shi-fan first waited for a long time to think about it.He said that he was very busy, much interested and interested in a wide range of interests.He enjoys the dance platform and enjoys the applause in front of the crowd, but in private it is a particularly quiet person in a group of people.To him, it was a show in front of the people.at Lifting gluten to knock on the door , we can see a different kind of Yang Shifan. Many of the articles are actually returned to his home by three patrols, and the emotions that suppress the drunken suppression are lyrical in the text.The types of articles in the blog are diverse. There are baseball, film, and book reviews. There are also people who are emotionally attached to the book. They don't have the purpose of writing, but they can reveal the most authentic feeling of a person.In addition to "smoother", Yang Shifan is not a troublesome person, but he is very angry. As long as he is allowed to do so, his friends have asked him to help.From this visit, we are seeing a brilliant talent, all too serious, which seems absurd in his eyes, and this time, Yang Shifan plays a funny scene.

Is your attitude too serious in the face of work?Don't you get a sense of achievement and not get back to the initial passion of the job?Maybe we can try to confront it differently.Yang Shifan gave a very good model, and he didn't forget to keep her busy editing work, and to find the best balance between himself and his work in his work.

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