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Tuesday, today seven news stories about Royal Baby, Happiness, Health, and Health are collated today.How do you know Harry Potter's character congratulates the birth of a royal baby?Can you guess which age you would be the happiest?Is the habitual not eating breakfast led to a higher risk of heart disease? Do you know?I also want to know what the help is for today, and then continue to look down.

The Royal Baby is finally coming!

Taiwan Time Yesterday 23:24 Kate Wang successfully gave birth to a little prince!In addition to the scramble by national media, there has been a rush in the Internet.In addition to the Oreo, Coke, Pizza Hut and other companies, tweets also claim to be Professor Shoneb in Harry Potter, "If William is 100 % Royal, Kate 0 %, does it mean that the prince is a half-blood prince?"" Wait a second. (Extended Read: < > Act on Spouses at Production )
* Press Source: huffingtonpost.com

CNN anchor congratates Kate for causing controversy

" honestly, my first thought was that Kate was really great.How many women in the British Royal History have been worried about not being a boy, and that was the first child of Kate, who did it!This conversation, the CNN anchor, has caused a lot of controversy.In addition to the obvious sex discrimination, the CNN anchor does not recognize the equal status of men and women in the British throne.However, some people have also eased the anchor, saying that when the news has dragged on for so long and the reporters are poor, the sentence will come out. (Extended reading: parents, do you really have a baby? )
* News source: huffingtonpost.com

The happiest person at age 23 and 69 years old

According to official statistics in the United Kingdom, the most happy time for one person is aged 23 and 69 years.The study interviewed about 23,000 people between the ages of 17 and 85.The human happiness curve has gradually declined from the early 20, reaching the lowest point in the age of 55, and then gradually rises to the age of 75 to reach another peak of happiness.But no matter how old you are, you can be happy to live! (Extended Read: Women 30, Happy? )
* News source: News Feed

In India, one person dies every two hours due to an abortion

Every year around 20 million people have illegal abortions, and in India, illegal abortion is even more unnervomy.Some 600,000 abortions were officially registered in 2012, but in fact there are seven million abortions per year in India, with more than two thirds of women operating in illegal maternity centres.And that unsafe abortion has led to an increase in the mortality rate of women who have abortions, and the government's spending on health safety is relatively small, accounting for only three percent of the annual GDP, and women in India who die of abortions account for half of the global rate. (Extended reading: 12 Myths of Pregnancy and Contraception )
News Source: TIME

Millie acknowledges that the new song is about drugs

Miley Cyrus wanted to shake off the image of Disney's little sweet girl, and the new song, " We Don ’ t Stop, exposed at the end of June, caused a lot of controversy because of the insinuations of drugs.Although the original lyrics to claim We Don ’ t Stop "were “ Dancing With Miley ”, the lyrics to media theory were supposed to be “ Dancing With Molly ” (Molly's" Ecstasy "). (Extended Read: Ten Classic Songs from Non-listening Chorus )
* News sources: huffingtonpost.com

Heart attack without breakfast

A new Harvard-led study shows that people who do not have breakfast at normality will have a 27 percent chance of heart disease and cardiovascular disease."When you open on an empty stomach, your body goes into self-protection: increase your blood pressure and insulin, and cholesterol," says the researchers at Harvard.When you have a bed, you don't have breakfast, and you have a lot of load on your body." After years of accumulation, it causes high cholesterol or high blood pressure, which in turn causes heart disease. (Extended Read: New Nutrition for Nutrition Breakfast, Healthy Dynamic )
* Press Source: independent.co.uk

Claire Danes has only one leg left?

Claire Denise is one of the leading characters in the August cover of the US Vogue magazine, but it was right at first glance, but carefully looked at it, found under beautiful silk dress, Claire Danes had been relegged to the right foot by Vogue. (Extended reading: unrevised advertising, true to woman )
news source for news: refinery29.com

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