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More than half a week, today, seven stories spanning prehistory to today's news are collated today.The world's two superheroes are to be combined to fight the bad guys, and the UK has banned network A in August?I don't want to be a dinosaur.If you want to know more, continue to read it down!

The goddess Card is the most profitable artist under the age of 30

In Forbes, the Top 30-year-old artiste makes 80 million dollars a year in the top of the list of artists under the age of 30.The 27-year-old goddess Kaka cancelled several concerts in the last few months as he had to operate wide arthroplasty, otherwise he could make more money.Little Justine was second in 58 million, while the third was taken by Taylor Swift at 55 million. (Extended Read: 4 Methodos to keep you steady on the Fund )
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Mexico finds a complete dinosaur tail

Archaeologists have found dinosaur tail fossils of 72 million years ago in Mexico.The five-meter-long tail, a total of 50-meter-long, has been kept very well-kept.Archaeologists say that this tail may be half the length of the dinosaurs, and because dinosaur tail is more difficult to survive, this discovery can provide a lot of valuable information. (Extended reading: The history of comfort women should not be forgotten [of the Mother's Paper] program )
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The most strange 30 causes of death on Wikipedia

Thought Catalog integrates the most unusual 30 cause of death on Wikipedia.They include the Li Bai who we are familiar with as a result of the drowning of the moon; and several more interesting cases of the death of Prince Philip of France, who fell from a passing pigeontrip. The fourteenth century's Martin of Aragon was said to have been incorruptible. (Extended reading: What I want to do before you die )
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UK Prohibit online A in August

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced that online illegal pornographic film broadcast will be banned in August this year.The prime minister said that about 90 percent of British citizens use the website filtering mechanism to protect their children from pornographic websites, so it is a popular trend to crack down on illegal pornography on the Internet.At the same time, he shouted to the search engines, hoping that they would take up the moral responsibility of cracking down on illegal sex workers. (Extended reading: A big challenge: no substitute for sex education )
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News source: Huffington Post -pic via: Guardian

Travel Book Lonely Planet will become extinct

Do you like to travel?If you like it, you have a lot of lonely planets in your bookcase.But recently, the companies in Melbourne have launched massive layoffs, cutting down about 100 employees. They said the layoffs were a response to the future business development, and the announcement made it a pity that many of the world's fans felt that the layoffs were a result of the announcement. (Extended Read: [Playing on Travel] Save Air Passage, Wandering around the Global Museums )
News Source: Guardian

Superman will be the Batman in 2015

comic strip hero superhero and Batman will be combined in 2015, and for all cartoonists and hero fans, it must be a good news.Warner Bros. also later confirmed the news, noting that Superman would be performed by Henry Cavel, the male lead of the Iron Hero. (Extended Read: Don't be such a person!Ten major cinemas )
* News source: USA TODAY - pic via: Wikipedia

$300 in total in 41 years

In a library in Ohio, in the United States, a man returned the book 41 years after his book. He also humorously wrote a note saying that he was a very slow student.He was late for four generations, and he was fined 300 US dollars, equivalent to about NT$ 13, 000 in Taiwan.In recent years, public authorities have also faced the problem of inadequate funding. The other US library has received a fine of US$ 5, 000 a year after paying money to the Commissioner for Financial Planning. (Extended reading: How can the Fund be assessed for the good or bad of the money? )
News source: Business Insider

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