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Thursday, eight news stories were organized today.From the cute animal contact guide, to the practical app, to make your iPhone a better use; the post-natal effect of the birth of Kate, who just gave birth to a little prince, is a stereotype of gender inequality.If you want to know the details of today's news, continue to read it down!

Small animals demonstrate how to be a good boyfriend

  1. If your girlfriends are upset, remember to help her with a piece of paper and comfort her (don't forget to look at her in the eyes of Wang Wang!).
  2. You can try something that she loves, and maybe you'll like it.
  3. If she makes you watch a documentary with her, don't scream like this frog ...
  4. If you're really annoy, you have to say it.
  5. Don't forget to spoiled her!
  6. The teeth must be kept clean, and no woman will want to contact men who do not brush their teeth before sleeping.
  7. When you're with a brother, you can trick me, or you'll end up like this dog ... (but it's okay)
  8. Protect her. If there's a little animal running in the house, she's going to be stuck with the laundry basket. She's going to be impressed.
  9. Last, always remember, even if you sometimes argue, you still love each other!

(Extended Read: Shanghai's fantasy zoo ) News source: Buzzfeed

19 apps make your Iphone better

Do you think that some of your mobile phone's built-in applications are not particularly useful?For example, the phone's calendar does not pay for the software, or the software backlog is unsatisfactory.So let's take a look at this news, introduce 19 good tools that can replace the built-in software, and make your phone even more omnipotent, smarter!

(Extended reading: Application Lulu for Men as Men ) * News source: Business Insider

Breaking the image of a stereotyped image

In recent years, many companies have adopted a variety of strategies to escape the gender stereotyped images of merchandise, allowing the market to be more innovative in order to reach the gender market.For example, the bacon-like scented candles, designed for men, and the masculine cosmetics that have emerged in recent years.Some American restaurants are designed to appeal to women's customers, and to attract more women to come to eat, and the original design is designed to make it more attractive to women to match the pink.

Extended reading: Gender differences News source: Time

‘ Blurred Lines ’ MV Gender Role Reverse

You must remember the MV memory of Blurred Lines!In the original version of the music video, the whole body of the two female moldings only wore a pair of calligraphy and trousers, and the hotness of the music was even more unavoidable.(The original MV extended reading: Robin Xike MV was hit by a YouTube )) Recently, two female singers had been able to express their protest and filmed a version of the male and female role reversal.The team says that girls don't need to be exposed to sex and that men can be materialized, and that they don't necessarily have to wear a suit and a sexy suit.

(Extended reading: 700 years later, Hollywood gender equality ) * News source: Huffington Post

More than 500 rhinos were illegally killed in South Africa in half a year

to the latest official statistics, 515 rhinos have been killed illegally this year by the day before yesterday (7/23).The rhino horn is a highly profitable product in Asia, and the rate of illegal hunting is rising rapidly, and if it continues to grow at that rate, the number of rhinos hunted this year will far exceed that of last year's 668.The South African Customs seized a consignment of rhino horns in Asia, worth 5.1 million US dollars, in a consignment of rhino horns committed to Asia.

(Extended reading: Mobile: Let us love animals with the SPCA ) * News source: foxnews.com

Magazine comment Kate, postpartum protest

photo of Kate and William, George Alexander Louis, was taken as the cover of the British tablom magazine and the words "Her belly would immediately retract" in the lower subscript.The publication of the magazine was immediately criticized by the magazine, and even aroused the opinion of the magazine on the Internet.The magazine later apologized after the incident, stating that they had no malicious desire to be critical of Kate's body.

(Extended Read: Real Traces after Postpartum ) * Press source: mirror.co.uk

The Bank of England will issue a note of Precious Austins

The Bank of England says that starting in 2017, Darwin will be replaced by Jean Austine on the 10-pound note."Jane Austins is one of the most influential and most popular writers in Britain's history, and she is of course on the bank notes," said the governor of the Bank of England."

(Extended Read: pumpkin project: Entrepreneurs with money and time enslaved ) news source: cosmopolitan.com

Goddess Kakasin Yan Publicity New Records

Everyone's impression of the goddess card is variable hair, heavy makeup.The goddess Kaka published a picture of her on his website, and wrote: " They took the single from me bleeding.It's a terrible thing to look at those past pain, but I found the original passion.I'm ready to fight, let the music begin.The album's song is a story of her past.

(Extended Read: Featured Card Shaped to yourself ) * news source: independent.co.uk

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