Every man is actually a reflection of another woman."

A 23-year-old Hong Kong singer, Zheng Jixing, is young and looks a bit of a cyan, but a love song is sung in the hearts of modern men and women. This is the first time that I love you, and carefully describes the difference between the "One Night Romance" and "One Night".It turns out that the Zheng family had a romantic night of 12 hours, one year ago, and a female Korean girl.As for love, Cheng's ideas are very different. He has a lot of love. He says, "In fact, men are like a mirror, and we love and choose women. In fact, it's our reflection."" (Recommended reading: A good man is a teacher! )

The 12-hour romantic love "spirit spark is eternal"

as if it was only a brief encounter that only appeared in "Love at midnight" in Greece, but actually happened to Zheng Jixing.The 23-year-old man never thought of it, but the so-called spark was so hard to say to a man."That's a coffee shop in Hong Kong at 8:00 p.m., I was at a coffee shop and I had a Korean girl next to me, and I wanted to have a glass of iron, but the shop assistant never understood her English, the girl, and I watched it for a long time.""This is a man who is always actively pursuing, even disregarding any face and shy woman. This is the first lesson to be taught by the Zheng family.

" The pursuit of love is like buying a scratch. You don't shave, and you never know that it will be won."

He's a step forward, standing next to a girl, solving a girl's trouble with the iron, and also because of this: " May I help you?"Let him open up the chatting opportunity with girls." This South Korean girl is coming to Hong Kong for a business trip, and she will fly back at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, but she hasn't even gone anywhere in Hong Kong.So I invited her, and asked her if she would want to go to Hong Kong with me for the last 12 hours and the last 12 hours.

Is it true that I have not heard wrong and experience Hong Kong?But Cheng says: " I drove her to Repulse Bay, and went to Taiping Mountain to look at the night scene and eat seafood. We chatted in English in the car. The fog was so heavy that we couldn't see the night scene."The Zheng family, a very sensitive person in the heart, attaches great importance to the interactive dual-seat," I am very concerned with the communication between the two people."Although only 12 hours, after sunrise, the star sent this special girl to the plane, and the two hugged them," she said. "It was amazing that I cried for a girl with a side of the night.""

Because he knows,

" All the thumping, all of it is now."I'm not going to be here anymore!"

Because of the 12-hour period, the Cheng family reviews his attitude toward love, a boy's desire for love, though still actively pursuing instincts, but he says,

spark is more precious than the physical attraction of boys."" "

Men have to magnify trivial matters.

When a secondary school is educated in England, she doesn't deny that many of her friends in the world have a very emotional attachment to their .Although it seems to be an exaggeration, the Zheng family feels that if a man does not have a choice, he cannot choose to love, that is, a cowardly act.

The 3-man world is crowded, and sooner or later one person will leave."

For girls, Zheng Jixing believes that although women are from Venus, men are from Mars and always have generation gutters, but smart enough to think that girls are used to hurt." Now there are many manymen who want to give their girlfriends, but they don't want to change in their hearts. I don't want to go out to meet people outside. I think it's a pity."If you want someone to like it, you need to be in love, and you need to train yourself, Zheng Jiaxing's exercise, and play well.

" For a woman, a man's shoulder is actually a protective umbrella."

Too much society is now talking about love in a woman's perspective, and Zheng Jiaxing thinks that boys need to understand girls even more." To make yourself sensitive, don't listen to yourself, listen more to girls, and look for the other person's interests from the topic, and further suit the remedy to the problem. They are definitely not wrong. They are chasing women."Zheng's star had a sip of coffee and thought about it, and decided to" knock out " and sell his own experience.When he was in middle school, she was particularly challenging. " On the first day of school, I sat next to a girl, and I was very cold. I never ignored me, but I learned from her purse, cosmetics, and book. She was a girl dressed up in Japan's 109 hot girls, chatting with her from the Japanese fashion, and finally we became a good friend!

Zheng Jiaing even suggested that boys, "actively plan travel trips" and turn girls'minds into tourist routes, so that they were originally girls-led tours, turning them into boys' work.

"amplifying each other's negligible performance is just a kind of a kind of sweet performance.""

A longer sentient time term Relationship is a commitment

that has been together for three days, and has also experienced a period of" fast food love "for girls who had taken the initiative to cook the soup, and the Zheng family once thought," That's fine.""I found that boys also had to learn how to turn their desire instinct into a long-term observation," Cheng said." Some love is quick, but they don't represent a short period of time. There are emotions that are too long, but they are less passionate and passionate.But the observation force, however, is the same as the Zheng family.

The form of awareness is not important, but rather a healthy and lasting relationship.

fact, although boys don't like girls to be a little spoiled, it's a good time for ”, “ says Cheng Chieng-hsing.Therefore, girls should not be afraid of taking the initiative. In fact, as long as they are adorable, boys will pay for itA man's heart, in fact, is more delicate and fragile than a woman. It's just that external expressions often make them less demanding, "says Cheng." In fact, the women of the time are very happy."(Recommended reading: How to find the good man )

" Men are actually also worshipping women, especially the type of ideas.""

Don't even eat, laugh, and pretend to be a girl, and Cheng says," Everyone has his own charisma, and that needs another person to raise it!""Men looking for a woman are like looking for a piece of a puzzle," says Cheng, who says that romantic relationships, heart and courage are both big and uncooperative. It makes him think that love is just a process of life.But when he found out that love was hard to find, Cheng discovered that he had a feeling of loneliness every day. He missed the days of his time with his girlfriends, or after finishing his work, and he said, " It's hard work."The man is like a steel man, and he needs a little" Little Chili "to be attached to him," he laughs.

"When a man turns into a compromised leather ball is a signal to be compromised"

The 23-year-old Zheng family has used his emotions to experience this society and to interact with each other, once and for once, to hold on to the wind, and to continue to look for another piece of the puzzle next to the other.

For the future?The Zheng family laughed and didn't dare give the answer.But he's going to give all the "women" a little magic of interaction between the readers and the gender.(Recommended reading: Don't complain about happiness and bliss:

  • If a man is looking at it, please give him a smile.
  • If a man's phone does not call, please, "I miss you".
  • If it is determined that he is the right person, sometimes you take the initiative, and perhaps there is a shortcut to happiness.

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