A picnic about a picnic, the kick-off of a food-holding basket …

As if the eating basket was lifted, the children's laughter was heard, and the gentle breezes of the breezes were smiling, and they couldn't wait to rush to the grass to listen to the breasts of the grass.Women take out the dinner plates and wines in their baskets, and the brightly colored apples and grapes are even more delicious under the caress of the sun.The long, long French bread, just quietly waiting in the basket, adds a number of romance to the whole picture.Look at the lolliking of the loved ones and their friends, talking about the land, and the good times for us are the occasional profligacy that we have.

In fact, there is no need to intentionally run into the wilderness or the undisturbed side of the lake to have a picnic atmosphere in anticipation.As long as they are surrounded by people who love each other, find a nice little green park in their own yard or in the city, choose a soft turf which is hugged by the tree shade, and take the kindnancy , which can still create a savory feast of a wilderness.(Recommended reading: My home in the north, the Great Lakes Park in the English and French media )

Willing to pick up some of the appropriate picnic accessories, including: Light and child knife cutlery , gorgeous napkin and paper towels, beautiful cup-set combinations , food-containing leg baskets, environment-friendly drink cups or wine glasses, and you-red-hot piece of ; a good morning or afternoon, a good morning or a good afternoon.

About the picnic basket pick …

In Taiwan, it is not easy to find a refined picnic basket that is a dream, and the price is usually not too close to the people.In fact, as long as it is a suitable and stable cane basket, the food of the lower picnic and everyone's tableware, such as dinner plates, wine glasses, knife forks, seasoning cans, and cold-keeping bags, are ideal picnic baskets!You want a piece of special, a piece of cloth that you like, a piece of or a fade silk scarf , a dresser for the dresser.Not only is it unique, it can also greatly enhance the interest of the picnic!

About the selection of tablecloths …

If you are afraid that the turf is not suitable for direct contact with skin, you can first pad a block of moisture-proof plastic sheeting or canvas to isolate the moisture and soil of the grass.Next, a thick solid cotton tablecloth is paved, and even if the buttocks are sitting on the grass in a long time, they can maintain a comfortable life.

The main character of the picnic is, of course, fresh and appetizing

It's a good choice for a picnic, and it doesn't have to spend too much time preparing for food. Now that you have to go out with nature , don't go to the supermarket to buy out ready-made prepackaged foods, and to make a simple and healthy meal together.

The salad is the first bright spot in the picnic!Here are some Simple and nutritious diet salad recipe is a good choice for summer picnic!On the night before the trip, the ingredients needed to be cooked, such as lettuce, fruit, fruit, frozen berry, sweet pepper, white egg, synthetic nuts, Mozarella cheese and canned tuna, were put in a fresh box or a freezer for use.The next day, after getting to the destination, the ingredients will be combined, and then the sauce will be finished!(More salad recipe for appetite: watering tuna tomato potato radishes salad ; Summer grilled vegetable ; spicy pickle salad )

In the area of staple foods, total sink sandwiches , Mexican rolls, Vietnam's spring rolls, sushi and rice dumplings are all convenient, simple, and so diverse!Compared to monotonous white toast, it is not only a good health, but also a fragrant wheat and mouthfeel for sandwiches.If it is not convenient to carry, the French bread (Baguette) can save a lot of food and spare time before going out.Some cold meals can be made in the first night, such as rice dumplings and sushi.The main food can be combined on the scene; the material is prepared firstly; the sauce is packed by the chain bag.When the meal is available, everyone will be able to do the DY, creative and self-stylet meal.Do you have a sense of accomplishment when you look at all kinds of pancakes, spring rolls, and sandwiches?

Let's have a lovely glass of wine!

A picnic diet is usually not greasy, and it's a light food route, so what is the perfect match? They can taste red wine with a heavy flavor, or white wine with a little sweet taste, and they can bring a loose sense of happiness.People who do not drink can self-love tea bag , English black tea, Japanese oolong tea, or cyan and chrysanthemum tea, it is very appropriate!The hot water in the thermos bottle is directly brewed, and the tea is in the green state, so it is not enjoyed.(Recommended reading: [Have fun eating] Don't go out and cool in summer, DIY )

Fruit Spelling, Fun, Summer

After the meal, I will definitely want to take a look at the fruit and belly of the fruit.At this time, it can take out the fruit, such as pineapple, pear, pear, nectar and kiwifruit, and add the color flavor to the swaying tray. If the size of the banana, apple, grapes and the little tomato, it can be eaten directly after cleaning.( With a blob with a fruit fork to make it more pleasant!'s not only helping digestion, but also vitamin C and fiber!

You want dessert, why not?

Convenient oat pancake , Cup Cake , Scone (scone), or Healthy Black Bean Brownie , is the best choice for picnic dessert.If you want to make each other feel more heated, why don't you go and do dessert with your dear family members? It's a priceless love and warmth that you eat!(Simple biscuit recipe for exclusive parent-child time: green tea maple leaf biscuit , pumpkin chocolate soya cake dry )

Reminders for womany:

bottle of aroma will not be left unincessant by insects when it is picnic, and the fragrance of the fragrance can be purified. It will bring a comfortable and balanced heart to a comfortable body.Take a good book worth reading, and other entertainment or sporting goods, so that everyone can make fun of themselves in a rare time of picnic!

Finally, before going out, please confirm the weather repeatedly, and be prepared for the rain and prevention, so that you can open your heart and go out for a picnic, and take a smile home with a smile!

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