As the Carie Diaries' exposition "The Carrie Diaries" broadcast, is it an impulse to re-temperature the city of Desire in the sixth quarter of the year with the two films?Look at Carly's romantic story. If my life was like that, how good would it be?

But in the end, television will not be true, otherwise, the city of desire will be renamed as a sad and tragic city.Even if you look at the city of Desire for six seasons plus two movies, I have to understand:

I'm not Kelley, and I'm not Kelley.

This may be true for writing, clothing shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, Big), but it's definitely not Kelley.Don't be too sad. This is a good thing. No matter how much she lives on the screen of the TV screen, it is absolutely impossible for the city of desire to become a reality.Here are the four analytics shared by foreign website author Sasscha Mejeritcher for "The City of Desire is not a real life"!

Kelley's way of life is just a dream

that economists had calculated according to Kelley's life and found that she would run down every night unless her column was hyperbole, and that every day she bought a luxury of $3 trillion in a luxury lifestyle that she would buy.Right, three trillion dollars, that is, the price of 11 Wang Yongqing.Even if Kelley faced bankruptcy in the play, she would always have a very wide friend in her magic show, taking her to the latest hot restaurant, buying the latest shoes, and going to a great party.(Recommended reading: Use the most fashionable method to get you at a moment to understand the financial terms! )

In real life, a writer who lives in New York can eat hot food other than the canned food, and the newest shoes of Zara will be laughed at.As for Callie's senior apartment in the play, it's better to say that it is easier for friends than dinosaurs to find a single source of income than to have a columnist who can live in a Kailly apartment.

Where are your best friends?

Desire city attracts large crowds of still-loyal fans and new shoes that aren't that night, or those with bright new shoes (though it's really good), but it's a solid friendship for the four female characters.There are three dead parties who have the same kind of fortune to be together with an eccentric gay and lesbian and a good sister. Every Saturday and more than half a week, do they have to work? The people who always like friends are very attractive to people who always like them.The only hurdle to break from fiction to reality is that when the death party of the world is getting married, they can accompany each other by eating brunch every Saturday, and the sudden rise of the street is getting fewer and fewer.If you have a baby, let's not even mention it, you can get a text message every year, email and wish you a happy birthday, and you will laugh in your heart.But you don't have to talk about getting married. Have you noticed that since the social work has been done, the contact with friends has gradually become less?(Recommended reading: Bride Films No Bride?The Atypical Bride Film Series )

Weird is a new social name in the fashion circle

Even if I look at the strange weirdest style, if I really see an adult woman wearing a pink flower that's bigger than her head, I think we should all be too polite to keep an eye on Kelly.Her good friend Miranda likened Kelly's clothing to a pink elephant in her room in the fifth season.New Yorker clothing may be really more stylish, but if you really wear a peacock feathers and a pink skirt, unless you're the little sister of the prom, you will still find it strange.I am not saying that Kelley's dress style is very poor. It's just a collection of films. The reality is that the Pink skirts and the mini-hats and the mini-hats and the mini-hats will definitely be kicked out by the guards.(Recommended reading: "Secret of Victoria" secret )

The adult is actually an asshole (Aidan is a hit-note)

If it hasn't read, "He doesn't like it that much," please, now go to it now!You can see that there is no excuse for him to step on the feet under the feet.That six-year period of fear of committing, unconvinced and bad bastards won't kneel and kneel with him overnight, and get married!Big and Kelley's stories are more rare than unicorns and wizards.In real life, Kylie, who met this kind of age, was only one time injured, until she married Aidan and married him. When she remembers the time she had with her, she only thought she was heartbroken at that time.( Please don't be broken by a love movie)! )

When you look at prebiography or rethink the series of desire cities, you can be immersed in the story, but at the end of the story, the US dollar, which is not in debt, is not blind in love with an asshole who is so bad to you, and now and the life superb of the world!

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