What transport vehicles do you want to go to work this morning?In San Francisco, they could even take the speedboat to work!Can we imagine the beef that can be eaten in the laboratory in the future?And what about the LinkedIn removal of the beautiful engineers?And more of the interesting news around the world is today's womenany 1 day netting !

Today must be a popular term: Stop Phubbing!

Phbbing is a new word that has recently been created in the United States and is made up of Phone (mobile) + Scub (cold).Stop Phubbing is the new American web page, telling people to enjoy the food, music, friends, and friends and family of your friends and family. Don't look down at the family again!(Extended reading: More than three chapters: one mother and son's iPhone Contract Book )
* News source: The Independent

LinkedIn Delete Engineers Ad

LinkedIn has recently deleted a photo of a network company, TopTal, using a female engineer as a recruiter, because LinkedIn's membership reflects the image of the woman that was displayed in that photo.The woman was actually the engineer of the company, and after she had been deleted, the company tried to upload the photo and found out that their account was locked.LinkedIn is a program error after the fact, and the authority for the advertisement is restored.Does this incident show that LinkedIn is so fuss about the emergence of a beautiful woman in the technology industry? (Extended Read: Lean In, Female conquest workplace )
Newssource: Huffington Post

North Korea persuading Chinese tourists not to feed local children

North Korea has publicly indicated that the domestic tourism industry is on the rise since last year, and that the arrival of tourists from the Chinese region comes along.Just like all major tourist attractions, North Korea has begun to figure out ways to deal with some rude Chinese tourists.Chinese tourists throw food at their children in North Korea, as they are feeding ducks, a move that makes the North Korean residents feel bad.Chinese visitors have a lot of controversies around the world. For example, in Paris, the museum must set up a Chinese caution sign that prohibits the peeing.
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News source: Business Insider

Artificate meat is a bit like meat for the price of the sky

Google co-founder Sergey Brin spent nearly £ 250, 000 research funding to create 5 Angus manmade beef not only in one bite, but the conclusion that the two gourmet critics tried to eat seemed to be a little bit disappointing.They say, "It's a little bit like meat," but it's not as juicy as the real meat, it's crispy, it doesn't smell in the middle.Manufactured meat from the bone marrow cells of 20,000 cattle is paving the way for future replacement of meat.Scientists say alternative meat development not only reduces the number of slaughtering animals, but also reduces the burden on the planet's environment.( Naïve Food Love Nature's Natural Food )
* Press Source: independent.co

Is it really hard to eat, or is your taste buds deceired?

Every time a plane is on a plane, it doesn't look forward to eating that tasty meal, but is it a food mistake?The humidity in the machinery space, even before takeoff, is 12 per cent, and the dry air and air pressure changes after take-off will cause the sensitivity of the taste buds to drop by 30 per cent.In addition, pressure change in the machinery space results in swelling of the nasal mucosa, which in turn affects the sensitivity of the taste buds.Therefore, it is only after two reasons that we feel that the machine has no taste.( Extended Read: Sister Referrin!Aircraft Prerequisite Cosmetic Small )
* News Source: nbcnewscom

Go to work by a speedboat!

An amazing plan was made by Uber, a high-class passenger car in Taipei, on August 5th.Following "Helicopter Work in New York City", there is now a number of services to go to work in San Francisco."This may not be the fastest way to get you to reach the office in the morning rush, but if you want to feel the sea breeze before you go to work, have a free coffee, have a free breakfast, then get on board," Uber's official website said.
( An exclusive driver Uber's )
news source: FastCompany

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