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Today is the Father's Day, and will you say "Father's Day" with Dad?In addition to looking at womany's parent's edition , don't forget to read today's World News Day!Today's news includes art, technology, fashion, and cute puppies!Those who are interested in fashion must have a look at the latest work of the Victoria model, as well as the new news on Yahoo! on the first day of August on the 8th of August!

Andy Warhol Happy Birthday!

August 6 was the birthday of the Pupp artist Andy Warhol, and many artists and designers flippin ' over his "banana" work to celebrate the birth of the legendary figure.Born in 1928, Divoro created a new path of artistic creation in fifty years, and advocated that art should be linked with money.His classic quote: " In this age, everyone has a 15-minute chance to become famous."The era of mass media is everywhere." (Extended reading: On the top of the upwind comics, the Superman Superman!) ) * News source: Huffington Post

The worse the weather is, the worse it is.

The journal has recently published a study of weather and human emotions in an assistant professor at the University of California.The study noted that the rise in temperature also increased the number of simultaneous human conflicts.Each increase of five degrees Fahrenheit increases the chances of interpersonal conflict, civil war, and ethnic conflict by 14 per cent.Is it particularly easy to get angry when the weather is hot?It's not that you are grumpy, but it's an inevitable phenomenon. (Extended Read: Ten Good Methods to Do Not Anxiety ) * News sources: Times

Victoria Models for Biblical Apparel

Carey Ssutti, a secret model of famous underwear brand Vidolia, recently introduced a personal apparel brand.In particular, she combines her career with her personal beliefs, and prints biblical scriptures on fashion clothes.She hopes to spread her faith through her clothes, hoping to attract the attention and affection of young girls.She also mentioned these scriptexts or placards, such as "faith", "God is my power," and so on. Perhaps people wearing clothes can understand that you have confidence in yourself, and you have to believe in your own most beautiful beauty. (Extended reading: Vogue is not wasted!Quarterly commodity-derived tailor-made news source:

The dogs and dogs of the

The dog is indeed a good friend of the human being. It has been a long time since it was together, and there will be human emotions too!We often hear the "yahawar contagion", and the Japanese studies indicate that dogs will also be infected by the disease!They experimenter in 25 different kinds of dog dogs. As expected, they discovered that when their owners yaunge, the dogs would also be mopper in their name.But if they see strangers doin, they don't respond at all. (Extended Read: The dog knows you most!Hollywood Canine Reporting ) News Source: NBC News

Google Glass App Alert More Drinking Water

Advanced level producer CamelBak has recently developed a Google Glass-enabled app that allows users to replenent water in a timely manner.They designed the reminders that would come out of Google Glass, not only to show the current weather conditions, but also to show some water-to-water common sense that the app's main purpose is to help users create a better lifestyle.( Extended Read: A five-point trick to drink a lot of water ) News source: FastCompany

Yahoo to launch a new look

After 18 years, Yahoo! finally updates its logo!The new logo will still preserve some traditions, such as its unique purple and exclamation point, but the part of the typeface will bring you a surprise!The new Yahoo weather app, led by CEO Marissa Mayer, has been changing, moving in new directions, and the new Yahoo weather app is an example.Although Yahoo is going to change a sample, it can be sure that there are several things that will not be changed, it will still be as interesting and dynamic as it is.

A new logo will soon be available for Yahoo!, knowing that blushing red , also quietly changing into new look?

(Extended Read: Yahoo CEO's Seven Recommendations for Growth Enterprise ) News Source: FastCompany

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