This week seems to be particularly fast, and I don't know if we are busy all over the world. Does it mean that we don't have time to read the news that happened in the world?Don't worry, womany quickly organizes news of this week in every corner, so that it can also quickly connect with it!The US study found that people with brothers and sisters are less likely to get divorced. In the United States, where is the number of people who want to check their identity cards?You want to know all kinds of interesting news, let's take a look at this week's Internet.

California Passes the Cross-Gender Student Bill of Rights

California is the first state in the United States to adopt a law for the protection of transgender students, and students can choose to use men's or women's toilets in accordance with their own wishes.The use of the toilet and dressing rooms in the light of individual sexual orientation is a better safeguard for the rights of schoolchildren who are transgender. However, this move has aroused the opposition of many conservatives.( Extended Read: victory for the gay rights!France Passes the Gay Marriage and Adoption Act. )
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The more brothers and sisters, the more difficult it is to divorce

The odds of divorce by siblings are low.The rate of divorce is reduced by two per cent per brother and sister.People who grow up with their feet, they develop skills of interpersonal interaction from childhood, and learn how to coordinate negative emotions and reactions from time to time. This will make people understand how to spend time with others, and thus apply to marital relationships.(Extended reading: Let love always have a strong way: incubate a loving leave egg.))
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Buyout of the light water, don't forget to have identity card

In Taiwan, buying nail polish, removing light water is what every young girl often does.But now a new regulation is being announced in the New England region, where fingernails are purchased to produce a certificate and each time a bottle is purchased per person.The reason is that the water contained in the light water contains acetone which is commonly used as a methamphetamine manufacture, which is a secondary drug methamphetamine.However, the requirement is limited to the water containing the acetone, and the consumer can still purchase the non-acetone-free water.( Extended reading: In New York, fingernails are not a luxury!)
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How the Irish Student's website teaches to find one nighttime dispute

This week the storm started on Twitter as an article on the college student website.The purpose of this article is to educate male students on how to find women's one-night stands!It was encouraging men to look for women who had recently been dumped, because they were "inferiority" and even told them to "send that woman to a ghost place immediately after the hindsight."The article has been rejected by readers after more than 600 articles were forwarded to the Facebook post in a single day, and the website has removed the article.(Extended Read: The skirt is short and no one should be violated )
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A piece of the A piece can also be made public

The new startup company Benevidz hopes that many people who watch A movie at home can also become a philanthropist!People who want to donate money and enjoy it just do one thing: take their clothes off in front of strangers and perform for him.People who want to see your show can choose to donate part of the cost to your preferred charitable institution as long as they pay to watch your channel.(If you want to be bold and bold to talk about eleganism, welcome to blush red )
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Top ten most prominent people on Facebook

Do you want to know which star has the highest popularity lately?Fan Page List organizes fans who have the highest popularity to let everyone know who is most jailor. As a result, it turns out that 90 of the top ten stars have been singers!The following helps people to tidying up the Top Ten!Let's take a look at the stars that you like. Are you on the list? (Extended Read: Seven Hollywood Girls Tell )

  • #1 AmEminem (Singer)
  • #2 Rihanna Shakira (Singer)
  • #4 Michael Jackson Jackson (Singer)
  • #5 Cristiano · Cristiano Ronaldo (Players)
  • #6 Mega Card Lady Gaga (Singer)
  • #7 Little Justin Justin Biber (Singer)
  • #8 Katy Perry (Singer)
  • #10 United Park Linkin Park (Singer)
  • #10 Beyonce (Singer)

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