As a woman is happy, we have the ability to conceive.

We are carrying a small life, blood is thicker than blood, feel the small life, with belly ups and downs, with the pulse of heart growing day by day, it is a dream will smile sweet burden. Burden of course also have, when conceived, feel oneself overnight became a big whale, where you go as if the world is vibrating, you put on a twice times larger than the usual granny panties, tight jeans by you temporarily in the closet, and that may be the only time you are born, willing to let their body and heart are more generous, only to To meet another little life .

Pregnancy is happy, but rapid postpartum weight loss is a great social pressure

Have you ever thought that once upon a time, the happiness of pregnancy has become so short? Mass media broadcast a large number of celebrities after the rapid weight loss of information, forcing postpartum pregnant women, still too late to embrace the wonderful changes in the body, too late to celebrate as a mummy's joy, is facing the postpartum immediately thin body pressure.

Photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson felt the star after the birth of thin body to bring a woman's great pressure, so took a series of "real mummy" photos, want to tell us postpartum mummy, do not have to rush to thin down immediately, and embrace the true beauty of motherly love. Ashlee admits the source of the plan is actually from itself. Just after the birth of her first baby, she found herself not too happy, always some resistance to look in the mirror to see her as a mummy. Once discussed, found that the next to the good sisters also have such a complex mood, so she decided to take this series of photos to inspire all postpartum mummy: You are very beautiful.

Take a look at the "Real Mommy" picture.

"A moment in I tummy, a lifetime in my Heart"

"10 months in the belly, in the heart of life." This sentence, probably uttered all mummy's voice. The camera front of the mummy Michelle to the lens generous display of the love of the beauty of the film. Production after leaving traces on her, her managed 娠 and Caesarean section traces are still, she proudly I want to remember this moment as a mummy.

Look at this lovely family, mummy Christine four children , are caesarean, they are Christine the most beautiful treasures.

Mummy Monica and his just 21 months of small children, want to share with you the Joy of motherhood, without disguise, this is the most real mummy appearance.

"Pregnancy is getting company inside one ' s skin"

" pregnant , there is a person in your belly quietly to accompany you." 」

"A Baby is something your carry inside" for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the ' Day y Ou die. "
"Baby in mummy belly nest for nine months, lying in the arms of Mummy for three years, in the heart of Mummy lived for a lifetime."

Kiss My little baby.

Mummy Erica's right hand holds the four-year-old baby daughter Leyla, the left hand holds the nine-month-old girl Vera, unfolds the mummy the beauty

Photographer Ashlee personally to the Shanghai, gently kissing his baby

It takes courage to be candid and to share the imperfect parts of yourself with the lens.

Photographer Ashlee said: "Although not perfect, but generous embrace their most authentic mummy appearance, is the most beautiful." "ashlee's photographic team, which is being filmed in Chicago, plans to book the photos in the future, hoping to influence the social perception of postpartum women and give them the pleasure of being a mummy. She also encouraged other postpartum women to contact her , leaving the most beautiful mummy appearance.

Pregnancy and production , the change is not just the body, but also our hearts. We accept that we have grown from a maiden to a mother, from a small life to one that is capable of giving birth to another, thereby liking the truest appearance of ourselves, and falling in love with our own change. Beauty is not only a standard, we change, really beautiful.

Embrace the truth, because beauty should not have only one standard
〉〉 Real size model
〉〉 , please, give us your appearance back.
〉〉 The advertisement that does not fix the picture, give the woman true appearance
〉〉 , who made a woman thinner?