Have you ever been told by a friend that there seems to be a "100,000 why" in your head?
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Curiosity does not kill a cat; Curiosity is a heart that is always beating with passion in the world .
"The Curious School of women."

"Women's Curious School" first: Where do women's underwear come from?

Underwear, with our most intimate heartbeat, listening to our most intimate thoughts. Underwear, is our best friend.

But would you ask: when did underwear become our best friend?

First, let's try to define the word "underwear" . The broad sense of underwear contains western vests and Oriental Dudou, as well as various attempts to "cover" the Chest, "highlight" the chest, "adjust" the chest, "bondage" of the chest ... And so on, visible from the record of human activity, whether Western women or oriental women spend on the chest of ingenuity and tricks, has never been less.

About the origin of underwear, it is a controversy, some people say that the description of underwear, the earliest can be traced back to the 14th century BC Meinoin venming. Let's take a look at the unwritten rules of "breasts" between different ancient civilizations. (Extended reading: Five lingerie sites you must know )

Egyptian Kalasiris

For Egyptian civilization, the more outward the chest the better?

Egyptian women are mostly generous topless, or wearing Caracilli robes called Kalasiris. Kalasiris in short, a bit like a simplified version of the pleated robe gown, the style is also very diverse, from the shoulders to the shoulder straps have, but also a direct showing the chest style, varies from person to person. It is also said that Kalasiris is the earliest underwear prototype.

Indian Kanchuka

For Indian civilization, the tighter the underwear the better?

Although Hindu goddess statues are not clothed, women in India used to wear underwear early on because of their religious and cultural factors. The flourished of ancient India's micro-source Gros dynasty There are many craftsmen who are good at making tight underwear, the description of the Indian underwear Kanchuka, also appeared in the Indian historical records.


For Meinoin venming, the higher the chest, the better?

Goddess of the Serpent Demon

As the icon of the serpent goddess above, the lingerie in Greece is not so much about "covering up" the breasts as it is to make it more generous to highlight women's breasts. On the Kriti of the center of Mainoan civilization, there are many paintings of the walls of women wearing underwear. The purpose of the underwear was not to cover the chest, but to support the Togau chest below the sternum, so that the chest can be beautiful exposed. The successor of the Seney civilization, and further strengthen the underwear to push the high function. Although the real magic bra appeared at a very late stage, there was a need for chest up and up.


For preceded, the smaller the chest looks, the better?

The Romans did not advocate large breasts , and regarded them as symbols of old and lost charm, so young Roman girls would wear a corset-like bra to prevent their breasts from growing too large or facing a sagging crisis. In Roman times, the so-called "bikini girl" had emerged. The bikini at the time was the strapless underwear that was convenient for gymnastics.

The history of underwear rheology

Before the bra official debut, the underwear market is the vest system PA's heyday. In the 13th century, due to the appearance of tailors and the requirements of clothing lines, the first wearing a rope-style vest chest clothing was born. Wearing a rope-style vest is strictly not to be called underwear, but in the clothes outside the plastic body bra, the purpose is to make women's waist curve more obvious. At that time, the woman is also particularly like to push the chest with a vest, the pursuit of a "chest pop" aesthetic, and even exposed the whole piece of breast. The appearance of the body-shaped bra changed the woman's chest curve and changed the aesthetic sense of the time.

It was thought that the ideal chest was rounded and small, symbolizing the reproductive power of motherhood. Many rich-class women are more intent on avoiding breast feeding to maintain a beautiful shape in their breasts.

The body-shaped bodice developed into the 16th century, the so-called iron even body vest appeared, then the beauty of women in order to strive to achieve "waist thin milk peng" realm, not only the sternum and chest deformation, but also the lungs can not fully stretch, and three not five o'clock will be breathless, unable to breathe and faint. Also heard to reach the perfect state, some women even do not hesitate to remove some of the ribs exaggerated examples. And such a vest for the middle and lower classes of the working women, is absolutely a rare trouble, so the peasant women only mostly wrapped in clothing chest, is much more comfortable than the middle class people.

The underwear revolution in the early 20th century

Women's strict demands on themselves were not lifted until the end of 19th century. Not only women have enough of the shackles of the bra, doctors also came forward to warn the vest for female health mutilation. It was at that time that women's dress reform was fashionable, and the free age of breasts was at last imminent.

The first bra to be called the formal birth of underwear!

In 1904, Mariffirja with a simple two silk handkerchiefs and a pink satin ribbon, and in 1914 she applied for a patent for the "No back underwear" with Caresse Corsby's name. Her whim of the underwear idea, also set off the business of imitation trend. When the First World War broke out, the strong men were conscripted into the army, and women took over the role of men to support the country's operations. In this context, the vest appears very outdated, so that women feel comfortable underwear and thus more popular. In a World War, Florence Nightingale has completely forbidden her nurses to wear body-shaped bras to work and look forward to better care for their patients. (Extended reading: The Most beautiful woman in earnest )

The 1920~1939 women's affirmative movement rises, the underwear is regarded as the free mark! Because underwear makes women more comfortable at the time than they do in their bra-shaped bra.

The first magic underwear that happened in 1994 years?

What the? Magic Underwear is the product of nearly 20 years?

Strictly speaking, the first magic underwear was introduced by the Italian Gossard company in 1964, but because of the conservative customs of the time, the launch of almost no one's attention. Until 1994 by the United States media disclosure, and with the Madonna underwear outside wearing a wave with each other, magic underwear up the tide, only officially swept around the world's consumers. It is said that 1994, the Magic Underwear in New York debut in the United States, in just a few days to sell 3000 sets, causing a wave of snapping spree! (Extended reading: Women's Must-read sexy underwear dress up tips )

So the first underwear 1904 years before the appearance, and the first magic underwear is to wait until nearly 20 years to become popular. I do not know the future of the underwear will have any novel inventions? Transparent dew point underwear? Luminous lighting underwear? Let's wait and see! (Extended reading: eight best ways to wear underwear to make your chest better)

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