"Life is full of selectivity, not something you have to do," he said. Zhang Yu with a firm look, so gently and truly say to us.

October 11, 2013, I think this is the life of Chongqing will not forget the day, because this day, is her first direct "egg power" opening day. This day is the day she speaks for her beliefs .

"I'm not afraid, because I'm a stick to a broken-watch woman!" 」

The "Frozen Egg" theme of the film "egg Strength" is not only the first film Zhang Ben Yu, but also the first time she filmed her own frozen eggs documentary. In the process, she must experience questioning and even physical pain over and over again, but she is not afraid, because she knows the meaning behind . We asked Ben Yu every day needles she will be nervous, will not shrink, when our faces because of the thought of needles and twist into a regiment, but the happy expression of Yu.

"One day when I shot myself, I suddenly understood why some addicts dared to stick needles in their own bodies because there was a reason for happiness behind them." And my injection is to save my healthy eggs! I'm so happy that I have my own eggs to be preserved. "(There are some good habits, but also can make you a happier person !) )

"What kind of life you want, don't care what other people think of you." 」

Zhang Ben Yu saw that women in Taiwan gradually possessed female autonomy and feminine self-consciousness , so single women in the last one or two years gradually turned the frozen egg into an option for life. In this work, the real want to touch, in fact, as a modern oriental woman must be aware of the body and life autonomy.

"I think it's hard to do oriental girls," she said. To be thin, to be white, to be married before a few years old is not to be called an old maid. There are some very traditional ideas or dogmas on us, but in fact we are no different from the boys, we can also choose the life we want to live. "(Extended reading: The company that the girls started is more profitable!") )

Zhang Ben Yu is such a woman. She does things the way she does, but every time she decides, she has a big principle: complete . Before the decision of the "Frozen egg", she was not Xianzhanhouzou, but spent a lot of time communicating with her family and friends, trying to get them to understand the choice. She also in each of the communication, sharing has been a reflection and review of their own, and finally won the support of everyone. She said:

"I am afraid that young people will misunderstand the meaning of" doing themselves "three words. Not only do you not hurt the most intimate family, but also think more of others. 」

"Be sure to believe in yourself." As long as we want to achieve, we can do. 」

Everyone has the time to question themselves, or not self-confidence, but we always believe that only their own enemies. As long as you really believe in yourself , there is nothing to do!

"Come to this earth just once, the next life is not know where." Then why does this lifetime not go well to pursue oneself want? 」

She thinks that everyone who comes to this world should cherish this limited time, and not just put themselves into the so-called universal values of the formula. But to seriously think about what kind of life is best for their own, what kind of life can really make the mind rich and happy . Finally, "egg power" faithfully presented to all audiences, Zhang Benji said, the process of every moment to make her unforgettable, every second is a very important mark. This documentary from the idea to the system is Zhang Ben Yu's treasure, will also be her in this life a very special thing. (We all have to learn to find love from ourselves )

Continue to maintain the most sincere self

When asked to describe himself with three adjectives, Ben Yu bowed his head for a few seconds, then looked up and replied without hesitation: "Honest, kind, brave." We nodded, because in the half hour of our relationship with Yu, we also felt the qualities that were emanating from the depths of her heart. "Egg strength" behind, there are a lot of Zhang-Yu's strength , she honestly described this courageous choice, and sincerely hope to bring more women, different life attitude and meaning. Whether you're facing a situation like this, or if you have other dilemmas, and when you make a choice, let's follow Zhang Ben to believe: Woman, you can; Yes, we could.

At the end of the interview, Zhang Ben-Yu also generously wrote her love for Womany. Self- declaration of Selfishness

We should all be the most original.

16 Small exercises for 〉〉 Me time
〉〉 you today, me time?
〉〉 for your own sake.

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