Women are not the same. Press: About Metime, everyone has their own absolute selfish choice; some people choose to stay at home, some people prefer nature, but as long as you can call back the calm and happy yourself, where you want to enjoy Me, I time, are you have no right! Since last week to introduce 16 Me time small exercises the first and the second episode, also felt the sister's warm echo; Womany decided to go further and visit the women in the 20, 30 and 40 of the real world, about each of them to Me time And what they like to do with Me time. Let's find out what kind of secret exploration (Me time) is hidden in the hearts of women of different ages.

Woman in 20s:teresa, Department of Dental Students

When life becomes busier and more busy, every week seems to have endless reports, exams, and hospital internships to do, to cut out a period of time with their own, all feel very difficult! Especially this year, I have little chance to enjoy this luxury. Yes, me time is a luxury for me now. But even so, I know that people still need to rest properly, so I will stay at home after a busy ending and enjoy a time of no interruption in reading. In that moment, I give myself to the author of the book, and let their words lead me into the book world, far from all the madding crowd. I prefer to read Chinese than foreign novels, as long as the abstracts are attractive enough to me!

But to say the most favorite type, should still be suspense, thriller and Inference category of the main novel, sometimes too much to see, but also forget to eat (laugh). When I read a book, I like to match a cup of coffee, the aroma of coffee will let me feel relaxed, emotional can also be more into the storyline. After full power, and then back on track, to continue my life. Another good thing about reading is that you can enrich your knowledge with your inner self, and when chatting with friends, there are more topics to communicate with, which is much more interesting than irrelevant gossip!

Woman in 20s:stacy Business school students

I like to be in my life, to leave a solitary time for myself, which is the way I love myself. I'll go to the bookstore or the library to find a book I love to read. I would choose a novel or new poem of partial literature, because I usually read too many academic and business-related books, and at this time I want to change my taste; I especially enjoy the sort of words with aesthetic feeling in literary novels and the illusory mood After choosing a good book, I will find a person not too much coffee shop, order a cup of my favorite Earl's milk tea, a sofa seat is better, you can like a cat, lazy to enjoy the quiet sofa, and long afternoon.

I like to enjoy with the strangers around me, intimate with a little alienation of feeling, especially when everyone is in a space, but each do different things, there will be a kind of just lonely feeling spontaneously, this feeling is quite reassuring. When I read a book, I don't force myself to read the whole book at once; if you see a favorite sentence, use a cell phone or a paper note, and then think about who you are going to share with him right now. Sometimes when I see some articles, I think about the past, and the magic of having a new understanding of myself and the different stages. In fact, a person, also can live very well, very happy. ( extended reading: 12 Years of single day )

Woman in 30s: all beauty industry

Usually work is really stressful and busy, only to wait until the afternoon of the holiday, must have been in exchange for some free time to do their own things. In order to relax and to meet the next week's busy, I used to look at love novels, let oneself immersed in love and hatred, romance and heartache intertwined storyline, read a book, like also talked about a love . I will also be on the weekends, on the Internet, on the community site to care about the usual no time to care about friends, to maintain such a interpersonal distance, I feel quite comfortable and happy. When you do these things, the feeling of a week's tension will be released, and the balance between work and life can be pulled back. If I am in a good mood, I will go to the park to bask in the sun, take a walk, enjoy all the things nature gives, and tell myself the truth.

Woman in 40s:jenny technology company secretary

Usually after work, I like to watch Korean dramas, or some of the current popular idol drama; This is the most important pleasure in my life, as if there is one thing to look forward to every day. Want to go out, will be about several sisters Amoy to drink afternoon tea; weekends do not have to work, my husband and I will occasionally come to a small trip, find a good accommodation, enjoy the blue sky and white clouds, as well as the pure chat of the cozy. ( extended reading: Distraction, it's also the meaning of travel. Kyoto, Japan I also like to watch some of the books and programs related to cooking, but also try to make snacks, enjoy the pleasure of being a cook; like I recently, I was studying how to make a good food-eating lasagna, because vegetarianism makes the body more refreshing! In addition, found that their learning heart reduced, I will turn over the book of psychology, Human nature and the analysis of the heart, I am quite interested. Reading, I will make a cup of sweet-scented osmanthus oolong, and then with soft music, even if only an hour, the heart will feel satisfied, calm.

Woman in 40s:peddy Housewife + Changhua Club president

To tell you the truth, in private, I'm actually a pretty nerdy person. If you want to say anything, I think I can let myself relax, maybe it is to watch soap operas. And I like to watch the play while doing sports, such as yoga, or jump Jung aerobics, haha! I later discovered that there was an added benefit to this, because the series is a worship of five, equal to my week, there are five days of exercise to an hour! So when curtilage female, also can let oneself of posture maintain symmetry! Plus, after exercise mood will become better, the body is not easy to feel tired, in fact, it is to see if you are willing to persevere, the benefits of exercise is really too much.

As for yoga, this age is not the pursuit of technology, just want to let their hearts have a chance to be a little bit. Usually busy as a housewife, take care of the children, but also to participate in the size of Rotary Club affairs, really have no time to take care of themselves; do yoga, is my me time! Like me, although the mood is also easy to run with the plot, but when the play is finished, I will soon pull away, tell myself that it is a drama, not reality. At this time a few simple yoga action, there will be a heart-to-heart with their own feelings after the feeling of some impurities in the heart, but also with the sweat will be evaporated. ( extended reading: Yoga, let you find inner peace ) I think the most important thing is to let yourself at any time, enjoy simple, is happy!

these know how to work with do you get along well with the woman, is not good charming? No matter how old you are, Womany wants to tell every woman that you have the right to live a better life, and that what we have to do is take the initiative to strive for the true happiness of "not seeking out". When you develop a good habit of Me time, you can easily extract more love from the heart. And happiness, but also in this love is constantly recycled, let you with pure heart and perfect vision, leisurely view of the world around. Now, enjoy me time, be a real woman even if you are obsessed with it!

If you also want to share your Me time, welcome to send the data to content@womany.net, or to Womany fan group " woman, you can be different. "Private message we, we will personally contact with you, will you own good, and more people to share!"

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