Think of that year, hand-holding hands, aimlessly smile walking on campus days, that kind of pure love mood, is not let you miss? We do not fall in love with a person, confidently say "I just want to be with you"! When we grow up a little, enter the workplace, or in love and wallow in a few injuries, we can not help but think of the campus that simple love.

But the campus of love is pure, the recent hot "Qing da Love Story", May let us reflect: in fact, is not where the love is simpler, just met the person alone is not simple. (Extended reading: love, no rules )

Womany Event Guide : "Qing da Love Story" more and more fierce, simple female v.s mother Bao male uncompromising, in the end the truth where? All from a physical and mental creation of Tsinghua University female students 10/13 days on the PTT on the Po-wen began ...

The woman said : She with blood and tears complained to the school boyfriend is not responsible, had in her physiological period, asked to love, also said lower body not to have upper body and so on, and then framing her pregnancy, her own medicine abortion body more and more weak, psychological state is also worse, later there slight melancholy inclination . The man not only stingy meal to money, do not responsible, but also a large amount of debt owed to her head, her heart, but have suicidal thoughts, but to change the response of the boyfriend ignored. (Note i)

The man said : The man came forward on 15th, pointing out that the woman's story is one-sided and more concealed. I have never been described by the woman the plot , and never said lower body not to have the upper body and so on, the cost of communication and more by their own burden, the part of sex, is also consensual, also have to do the whole process of safety measures... (Note II)

Third party said: This sensational article, it is true that some places do not conform to the perverse, questioning the heroine Hanhen retaliation, using the account number of the public trial of the former boyfriend. another person who claims to be a "woman classmate" is bursting with material, The woman once had a good boyfriend, and she asked to break up immediately after she knew the incumbent . .

I believe many people see this, from the emergence of a lot of feelings of emotion, once in love with people, why today's enemies also accuse each other ... We believe that things are often one on both sides, this love development so far, in any case already modulation, now more important is how we from this experience, learn to protect their love. (Extended reading: Love is not the ghost of the eye)

"Womany said."

We want to say to the woman: "Whether he is good to you, love you, you should love yourself a little more." When you are frustrated, you will find that you are not alone, you have been loved by yourself , and you will be able to leave more bravely when you meet the other person, because you know you deserve better . If you hate revenge, it will not make you happier. 」

Even if the most important person in your world refuses you, you still exist, you should live well for yourself.

We want to say to the man: "If you really have a good idea, then please look at the 2000 of the brave story of rape , you will see the girl's Eyes tears and heartbreak, because the true love, should not be forced to, nor" have to get better than not. " If you feel innocent and feel like you've never done this, then you can try to understand why girls are openly suing you in such a way that maybe the last thing you want to do is to communicate well . 」

"Learn to Love"

Read the "Qing da Love Story" like Rashomon Door complex plot development, both sides uncompromising, as if there is a huge understanding of the fault. If both sides can have a little more understanding and discussion, then the relationship may not go to the situation of tears of blood crying today. Here's a little advice for boys and girls to Love in a relationship (extended reading: The timeless Way of Love )

Learn emotional control

The 20 secrets that lovers should know: the heart of constant Love , the sixth secret mentioned is: "Mind your own emotions."

It's not your girlfriend's job to make you happy, it's not her intent to make you angry. Don't let your life out of her, don't yell at her, blame her for not being able to make you happy. What you should do is to practice and make yourself happy, because it's your own business. Couples should support each other rather than throw negative emotions at each other. Both sides ' healthy psychological mood can also make the relationship between the two people healthier.

Join hands and grow to a farther place

The 20 secrets that couples should know: relationships are mutual , and they say: "Grow Together"

If you feel that the current relationship is a bit of a bottleneck, it's better to learn something together! Find a common goal, interest, or dream, like learning a new language together, exercising three times a week, and agreeing to save a little for this month ... Wait, set up a matter that you all want to accomplish and work together to accomplish it. A healthy relationship is to grow together rather than stagnate.

Every couple has their own code of happiness.

Four a couple of happy communication code , also put forward the four major points of contact:

First, the lover's family

Second, frankly inform the attitude of communication

Third, the exchange of generous and open

Communication does not mean loss of self-worth and existence

Believe in a premonition of love and a sign of bad news

It 's not love, it's supposed to be black and blue .

In fact, the departure and love is very similar, need a just good time point, can go away or talk into a love. So, when you believe in a premonition of love, you also believe in bad signs. Love a person, he must have something good, otherwise you will not be together, but this does not mean that people will always be good, can understand this matter, in the appropriate time to turn around, is good for love.

Don't let a horror lover control your life.

identify the horror lover , also wrote six ways to identify the horror lover

One, the urgent stare person: does not give you the personal freedom and the space

Second, habitual reprimand the lover's speech: think only oneself is correct

Third, the habit of contempt for the attitude of the lover: think the other side is worthless

Iv. Excessive intervention: Do not allow the other person to have a private life

Ignoring the lover's thoughts or needs: ignoring the other's request

Verbal violence: Habits in the two people disagree, the imposition of verbal violence to make each other yield

If you love each other, keep yourself

The most beautiful love, is to let you find love in yourself mentioned,

Love is like the river in your heart, the river is not flowing for you, it is only flowing, you can water to irrigate your farmland, but this is only accidental, love is only in your existence, the fragrance rises in the quartet. The most beautiful love is to let you be you, to lead you to discover love from yourself, and to realize that you can be so full of love.

This is the love to the deepest also hate to the deepest love revenge, or a halfway between the pure love story, probably only the parties understand the most. Hope that the future do not have a similar real eight-point file replay the same time, we also want to better protect their love. If you have any ideas, also welcome to Blush Red Discussion room and we discuss, because these small troubles may be the crux of your relationship. (Like a girl raises her hand and asks,"isn't there any restraint in a man's desires?") "and How to get back on your feet after the breakup .

Note One: The woman full text (Wenchang)
Note II: The man responds to the full text

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