Knitting Press: Dear, how much do you know about the physiological period of reporting every month? When it comes to physiology, perhaps you are most worried about how to overcome the physiological period of acne muscle , how to take care of the physiological period of the body, so that beauty doubled , how to maintain emotional stability in the physiological period; and, how to solve the annoying pain of the helpless pain. Small problems to be resolved from the general direction, this time, Womany want to take you to break through the physiological period of the various myths, in fact, the physiological period is really a good friend of women Oh!

To make a good day, dear, you have little red box :

Myth 1: The physiological period to swim to the seaside will be caught by the Sharks

Answer: It's really not a joke to be stared at by a shark, but in fact, if you are unlucky to swim or dive in the seaside to find Little red come, do not panic, because sharks do not really smell your blood on the attack directly, everything is the movie plot exaggerated! In fact, the amount of blood and tissue in a woman's menstrual period is only about 50 to 150 ml, which is not enough to lure a shark near. What you need to worry about is whether the seawater will cause vaginal infections. Health, know their physiological period come quickly, before the water or first change to clean tampons, in case of a rainy. When menstruation comes, as long as your body condition is stable, the swimming also can carry on as usual Oh! ( extended reading: Are you "free" today?)

Myth 2: A hot bath will increase menstrual flow

Answer: The only thing that will affect your menstrual flow is your own body, and external forces, such as hot water or cold water, do not cause the increase or decrease in menstrual flow. When menstruation comes, in addition to hot water shampoo and body, you can also prepare warm wet towels or hot packs, apply to the waist or lower abdomen pain site for 10-20 minutes, promote the body's blood circulation. This will not only help you relieve the discomfort of menstrual cramps, but also allow you to sleep better in those days. (Remember to wear a warm spot for those days!) ( extended reading: Five food materials that are not known to effectively improve menstrual cramps )

Myth 3: Sex doesn't get pregnant when menstruation comes.

Answer: Although in theory, menstrual cycle before and after ovulation, so boys even in the female ejaculation, will not allow sperm with the possibility of the combination of eggs, but in fact this is not absolutely absolute. As long as there is an internal fertilization, the male sperm can remain in the female body for 4-8 days, and maintain the function of fertilization. Some women with a menstrual cycle of less than 21 days are most likely to conceive during their menstrual period, while women with longer menstrual cycles are likely to "win" a day or two after menstruation. So the safest way to do that is not to let men ejaculate in the body, and pay attention to the health status of the partner's genitals, to avoid the bacteria brought into the cervix. Want to be foolproof, you can follow the doctor's instructions to take the pill, will not be prepared in the heart of the case, get an unexpected "crystallization." ( extended reading: 12 Myths about pregnancy and contraception!) )

Myth 4: Irregular periods have a bad effect on fertility

Answer: If your menstrual period is very disorderly, rarely report on time, please do not use folk prescription, first to find a professional physician consultation is the right choice. Usually to recall the normal period, it will take six months to a year of time, so don't because the menstrual become irregular start flustered, everything is not as bad as you think! Some women may not even become regular during their menstrual periods, including their own physical, psychological stress, illness, or excessive exercise. As long as the menstrual cycle is not the same as in the past, remember to ask a professional doctor to see for you, the body is their own, you have the responsibility to take care of themselves well Oh! ( extended reading: Stress is the main cause of infertility )

Myth 5: Cotton strips to wait for a bit older to use

Answer: Dear, when you have a good friend of menstruation, you have passed and qualify for the use of cotton strips. Now the cotton stripe texture and design more and more diverse, as long as the prior reading good use method, or please around the other use of cotton bar female elders or friends to share the use of experience, in fact, the cotton bar is not as scary as you imagine. Whether it's cotton or tampons, hygiene is the biggest priority; it's best to change it every 3-4 hours. ( extended reading: The girl's secret question big decryption: Why use pads )

Myth 6: The menstrual cycle is calculated in 28 days.

Answer:28 Days is just an average, and every woman's cycle varies from person to person. In general, the menstrual cycle is mostly about 28-30 days, but there is also a great possibility to advance or postpone 7 days, as long as the front and back spacing within 20-40 days, is a normal and safe range. In addition, menstrual duration of days is 3-8 days for the guidelines, so if the menstrual days are not generally recognized 4-5 days, you do not need to be too tense.

Myth 7: Menstruation can be shortened or delayed with _____

answer: Don't waste your time thinking about what to fill in; "good friend" is a matter of celebration, because it has been with you since puberty until your menopause, and more than 40 years is not a very short one. In other words, the function of menstruation is to make women more aware of their body and feel the changes and wonders of the body. Deliberately to take medicine or extreme way to destroy this natural law, compensation, not only for a lifetime of health, there are more want to change also not return to regret. ( extended reading: Five months by small reminders, so that you say goodbye menstrual discomfort )

Myth 8: Menstrual bleeding is different from the blood flow of a general injury.

answer: menstrual bleeding and a wound blood flow is not different, but in addition to blood, there are many fiber layer, so that the blood looks more thick than the general. As a result, menstrual blood is not like the general bleeding will be a one-time gush, but the division of the discharge outside the body. Others, including women themselves, mistakenly believe that menstrual blood is not very clean, but this is medically unfounded. In fact, menstrual blood is only the cells of the endometrium, is the body clean, not unclean waste. In addition, healthy menstrual color is from light red, gradually become full of red, to the later turn into dark purple, so normal, healthy menstrual blood is no special taste Oh!

Myth 9: Don't eat ice when menstruation comes

Answer: Some girls like to eat ice, but when the physiological period is fast and can only look at the sigh, more greedy, may be unable to control, and come to a few bowls of 剉 ice or ice cream. In fact, cold things are not completely cannot eat, all this is due to physical differences. If you're prone to cold limbs or a severe gastrointestinal reflex, eating ice does make your uterus shrink even more, aggravating the discomfort of menstrual pain. But if you do not have such symptoms, in the physiological period to eat the right amount of ice or drink cold water, in fact, nothing serious! ( extended reading: How many ice creams are there?) National ice cream Big advance! )

Myth 10: Hair dye can get cancer when menstruation comes

Answer: The carcinogenic nature of hair dye, until now, has not been unanimously concluded. But what's certain is that we have more than hundreds of thousands of pores on our scalp, and the chemicals that dye our hair are absorbed very quickly. But because of the physical relationship, the ability to fight free radicals varies from person to person. Whenever menstruation is reported and the endometrium begins to peel off, it is the most vulnerable time of the cell; If you have a family history of uterine cancer, cervical cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, or kidney cancer, you will be particularly advised to dye your hair less. Women in general, should try to avoid in the physiological period of hair dye, lest endometrial cells in the metabolism and the growth, the formation of subtle chemical changes, improve the likelihood of endometrial cancer. ( extended reading: 5 ng behaviors that hurt hair )

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