Disney's cartoon accompany us to grow together, remember when we were young Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid? As a child, we probably all had a fantasy one day, to and the beloved prince to live happily ever after, the happily ever after sounds more happy. (Extended reading: The fairy tale is beside you!) Colorful Disney characters large collection )

But when you grow up, look back and think about it, you will find a lot of Disney cartoons besides spreading the concept of " happiness and Happiness", which is also mixed with a lot of wrong sex consciousness. Have you ever wondered why a princess is often passively lying there waiting for a man to come and save himself and wake up with a kiss? Why does the princess often need to change body, put on the beautiful clothes, dress up bright only then can be noticed by the prince? Why is there so much love at first sight in Disney fairy tales? Why do princesses have to be so "princess"?

This kind of fairy tale, actually let us believe in love more, or the essence of love more confused? The promotion of "Happy Happy" Disney fairy tale, is actually love of the anti-textbook? let's look at Disney cartoons and find these wrong ideologies! (extended reading: does gender discrimination exist?) Google search engine to tell you )

If you want someone who loves you, you have to change yourself.

Disney Fairy tales tell you: Want to catch the heart of a sweetheart? You have to change body first, put on the Chinese clothes, draw makeup, he can like you. As if the original you, how are not good enough.

The act of ignoring is the king.

Although many men do say, "The more women we ignore, the more they make us catch up." "But who rules women not to say love voluntarily ?" Would it not outweigh the loss of a loved one because it was so cool and pretended to ignore it?

Sleeping in the House of seven strange men is safe and harmless.

Disney fairy tale heroine seems to always a little innocent, good silly naïve. As if a woman should have been stupid and unprepared. Snow White is so in the home of seven Dwarfs to sleep, how to think all feel good danger ah. (Extended reading: Does love really reduce IQ?) )

Silence means consent.

Because I fell asleep, on behalf of my default you can kiss me? This is the same as the boys always say: "Girls say don't just want" as annoying Ah! When we say "no", it means we really don't like it, and when we keep silent, it doesn't mean we agree.

It's your job to handle the housework.

Disney Fairy tales tell you: Even if you are a princess is no exception, you have to do all the women's duty, take care of the man is your housework, nothing better not to throw a face outside! (Extended reading: vintage posters that put women under sole in those years .)

If you can't change him, you're not trying hard enough.

Well, now not only women need to change, if men do not follow together, that is we do not work hard? We all know that love needs a lot of communication, and occasionally will make changes for each other, but no matter how you think, the relationship is mutual , efforts will not be only one-sided efforts.

A man who tells a little lie about his background doesn't need to care.

Remember when Aladdin first told Princess Jasmine that she was actually a neighboring prince pretending to be normal? At first we may have disguised ourselves, hoping to show the best in front of a lover, but I think we all agree that deception is not the norm of love, and that the real good relationship should be based on honesty.

The man who kidnapped you is super sexy.

Every time we look at the beauty and the beast, I think it is a fairy tale version of Stockholm syndrome (also known as a hostage episode). Belle fell in love with the Beast kidnapped himself and his father, almost as the victim to the perpetrator of the emotional, and even in turn to help the perpetrator of the Stockholm complex no different, and finally a kiss to live a happy life, how to think all feel deviation.

The touch of a stranger's limbs is part of a romantic history.

Disney fairy tales will often have unknown male and female lead inexplicably become well ripe, or the princess sang a song, the Prince suddenly ran into the fun of the plot, to be honest, this kind of extraterrestrial contact, in real life will only let women feel good disgust it!

Always remember: External beauty is the most important thing.

Disney Fairy tales do nothing to tell you that appearance is important, you need not only to change, but also to keep in mind that there is no outside paint. So the princess in the room all the time in the mirror from the photo, or through the river will steal a glance at their own appearance whether the end of the whole, drift not beautiful. We feel that liking ourselves is certainly a good thing, but appearances are definitely not the only benchmark for judging a person. (Extended reading: Please, give us back our appearance)

"The same game" daughter Ah, don't be a princess, I heard you want to be an engineer?

There is this lovely father in the Lean in the fan group left this picture, hoping to encourage all girls to jump off the "princess" frame, the pursuit of their ideals.

"Dear daughter, I am sorry I have to lie to you." Probably only 1% of the chance, you grow up will become a princess, and with its princess, I would rather you become an engineer, because know you can not only princess. 」

"Dear daughter, I apologize that I ' m going to have to lie to you." I ' M afraid there is a 99.99% chance your won ' t grow up to be a princess. I ' m afraid I would rather you become a engineer. "

Yes, we also believe in love, also worthy of being loved, we enjoy single also infatuated with Love, but we refused to do the princess under the Disney fairy tale, just want to define their own "happiness and happiness."

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