November has just begun, what new things have happened in the world? Let Womany take you to browse, easy to keep up with the world pulse! In response to the public good, many well-known British actress in front of the camera generous Sohe , all for the needy children raised fundraising; carrots are a new secret weapon to boost sperm activity! And you know, all the models on the cover of the magazine are all built? and Arab women, for their own driving rights, but also at the extreme conservative with the government bar, as well as the history of the most dynamic Fei-an advocates film, to ensure that you are not surprised! More wonderful net picks, follow us to look down together! (Extended reading: womany do commonweal, send you "Happy Express" movie ticket )

Actress Yan Pai Pai Station response to public welfare

Sohe a day, you can do the public good! BBC charity Children in Need, launched the "Prime Yan Activities" "bearfaced Campaign", inviting everyone to show their own face on November 8, and photos uploaded to the official website, together for the needy children raise money for fund-raising. To publicize the event, they also called on Michelle. Docrey (Michelle Dockery), musical actress Sheridan. Smith (Sheridan Smith), British television presenter Vanessa. Fields (Vanessa Feltz) and other 13 famous British actress together, of course, each is a vegetarian Yan mirror, with the activity of the dog footprints to prove! The BBC said in its official website that women are welcome to take cosmetics to the post office to redeem their footprints, because they can raise money for the children! In the next Friday, would you like to use Sohe as a public good? ( extended reading: do not repair the image of the advertisement, give the woman a true appearance )

※ News Source:BBC

New research: Carrot is not only eyes, but also can boost sperm activity!

researchers at Harvard University recently asked 200 young men to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to their diets to test how this could affect sperm health. The study found that yellow and orange foods increased the activity of sperm compared to other foods. Among them, the most powerful sperm of the chemical, is from the carrot of carotenoids (carotenoid). After absorption, it will promote the production of antioxidant β-carotene, and converted into vitamin A, and vitamin A can greatly improve the motility of sperm, and sperm production and health has a key impact. The researchers also noted that in Western countries men have a gradual decline in sperm quality and production, so adding carrots to their daily diet and reducing saturated fat (saturated fat) can effectively protect sperm health. ( Extended reading: Sperm Platoon station, let candidates choose to see )

※ News Source:dayilymail UK

Girls, Wake Up! The perfect supermodel on the poster is fake!

recently in the Face Book Super Fever, by the website filmed 36 seconds of film, let people see the image of the supernatural method of the repair function. In the film, a model of the body and the face is very simple, after the make-up artist and stylist of the skillful, and super professional repair drawing technology, in a short period of time, it became the perfect goddess in front of you. The film also let you know, in fact, the model is not as we imagined , even the model in Cosmopolitan Dan Magazine, can not escape the fate of the face repaired. so women, do not be easy to play, take the illusion of media creation scare yourself! ( extended reading: who has made women thinner?) )

After reading this fast version of the film, please remember that everyone is unique, to accept their true appearance, your beauty can not be replaced by people!

※ News Source:dayilymail UK

Arab women join hands to defend the drive to the streets

because Saudi women are forbidden to drive the "no Express", (a) a growing number of Arab women are dissatisfied; Recently, a handful of women, undaunted by power, have courageously taken a 45-minute bus ride in the country's capital to protest against this religious rule, which has evolved from extreme conservative practices. In addition to posting inspirational messages on Facebook and Twitter, the sponsors used a variety of motivational discourses on the Women2drive Web page, such as "The Women of Saudi Arabia, start your engines!" , "Pick up the tires, foot on the accelerator" and other messages, hoping to encourage Arab women to participate in the Revolution . At present, Saudi Arabian women are required to have male guardians, whether in travel or at work, and this revolt is bound to lead to a general reform. But they know that only by acting to protect women's rights and interests can we win the battle gently. ( extended reading: female workplace inequality?) How to protect your rights and interests! )

※ News Source:Washington Post

New research: Being surrounded by friends makes you more attractive

A new study by the University of San Diego in California found that a group of people who stand together will look more attractive than a single person. This phenomenon is also known as the "Cheerleader Effect" (cheerleader Effect), meaning that when a group of (uniformed) people get together, it gives people the illusion that "the number is great, the beauty". The researchers say that when a group of cheerleading girls are lined up, the average person thinks every girl is as beautiful at first glance, but if you look carefully apart, you'll find that it's not. The researchers also found that people who were surrounded by friends were twice times more confident than they were when they were alone. Next time, you also come to observe, see alone photo and the photo of yourself, which exudes the charm is also high! ( extended reading: "psychological test" what are your potential charms and qualities?) )

※ News Source:Huffington Post

You can't miss it! The most exciting film in the history of Fei ' an advocates

Virgin Airlines has launched a five-minute flight safety advocacy video, like a cabaret, which has been online for just four days, attracting 2 million of visitors. "How long have you not seriously watched the flight safety advocacy film?" The Virgin Airlines chief said in an interview. "A change in the past, the boring film, singing and dancing to show the safety of the aircraft, not only to make this film popular, but also make the brand image of Viking airlines to upgrade; The marketing gimmick is a rare win!" The film, which will be broadcast in mid-November, is officially on every Viking airliner, and is sure to keep all the passengers from looking at it from scratch! (Extended reading: stewardess recommended!) The necessary beauty small things to fly

※ News Source:Telegraph

A woman's fan takes you to see the world's big things

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