Mystery Salon | And she said to him, "the journey teaches us."

A trip is a beautiful place to take a picture?

A trip is to buy a lot of souvenirs to go home?

In fact, travel can be more than that!

He, eggplant skin, travel thinker, has traveled through India, Malaysia ... and countless places.

He said: "Travel is to increase the thickness of life"

She, Miss Ma Ji, backpacker Inn Southeast Asia Discussion District Edition tube, accustomed to a person go abroad, best at mixed-ride travel

She insists: "Travel, just another place to live."

Womany invited "Young vegetarian traveler" eggplant skin X "Backpacker Inn veteran traveller" Miss Ma Ji.

To tell you, practical self-help travel knowledge, as well as backpackers essential traveler attitude,

In addition to know how to visit all over the scenery, more in the travel, get doubled growth!

Give yourself a day and go on a trip with us!

"About the ladies ' salon."

Sharon, originated in France in 17th century, from a few intelligent women began to invite scholars from all walks of life to discuss various topics. They promoted the Enlightenment and made France the center of its culture. They not only changed the world, but also let women know that we can not only beautiful but also smart.

in Taipei in the 21st century, Womany wants to work with you and you and her to build your own salon culture. Let us practice life together, capture inspiration, take the initiative to get closer to the unknown but want to know more and more; we can not only learn together, know the new she and he, let Sharon not only is a joyful thought gathering, but also in the new form, let us become better .

Women are obsessed with Sharon, digging up the best possible life
Let's be charming and smart together

"Speaker Introduction"

  • Young Vegetarian Traveler-Eggplant Peel

Student entrepreneur, "present citizen" founder and current CEO. traveling thinkers in several countries, such as India and Malaysia, are expected to become an influential "youth scholar", grow with young people and drive positive changes in the world with the power of young people.

Gandhi's favorite sentence: "The best way to know yourself is to immerse yourself in the service of others." 」

  • Backpacker Inn-Miss Ma Ji

Backpackers Guesthouse Southeast Asia Discussion Area Edition tube. Think that travel is just another place to live, so become a digital hobo (digital Nomad) writing workers. footprints in more than 20 countries, accustomed to a person to go abroad, like a only to a city, good at mixed-style travel law.

Most often said: "There is no fun place, only people who can not play." 」

"Moderator Introduction"

Miss Two

Be honest about who you are and who I am with and who he is, and the co-founder of the woman who is obsessed with womany.

Like to travel, like movies, like to cry and laugh, like their own, like to love with life, like with the sense and sensibility at the same time to observe the emotion or heartache of the moment, like to let the world because she may have a little more beautiful and hope. Believe in love, need courage, need to believe, need to love themselves first.

Speaker Eggplant Skin, Ma Ji said the trip to see

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About the trip.

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