Dear, you will occasionally think so, "life ah life, how suddenly look back came to this step?" As if yesterday you just entered the campus, you just talked about the first love, now looking back, the original those years so like flying also seems to slip away, we have not learned what?

Now you, may be trying to break through the difficulties of life, you are very hard to your dream forward, occasionally sometimes feel less, you try not to pay attention to the social constraints imposed on you, you should be married before the age of 28, if you want to marry your husband should have a stable income, you and children will not starve to death ... dear, life really does not have so many "must do" or "do not have to do so what ..." we want to tell you, no one can limit you, if you think the world is very noise, you can close your ears and listen to your voice. Or quietly recall, hey, through the 20-year-old, the day of the past days, in fact, we have really learned a lot.

Every journey of life is not a long way, every road has led us to see different life scenery. Don't worry, dear, no matter how you go, you will not miss, are only belong to their own life . Pick up a pen and mark it! The following 15 life events, you have learned it?

01 do not be willing to do other people's secret

It's never a good thing when a person thinks you can't see it. So when your he says, "Let's go to the playground." ", or reluctant to introduce you to his friends, let you know his world, he is not so serious, you do not need to go with him again." Hey! Dear, he is not good enough, not you good enough, you absolute better treatment.

02. Make good friends who are really comfortable with each other

Good friends do not need more, a few sincere is enough.

If your friend or boyfriend, always want to make every effort to transform you, or intentionally or unintentionally in the words let you feel hurt, feel like you really "not how", believe me this time, change a group of friends faster! You know, true friends will also embarrass you, occasionally jokingly sour you, but they will let you do yourself, and they get along very comfortable, you do not need to wear a mask to pretend you are who who, because you know they will love your original appearance. (You will understand, more real friendship than the movie plot )

03. Enjoy the compliments of others

In the face of sudden praise, it is inevitable that people will be a little shy, but have you found that when you hear the praise, you will subconsciously deny that praise? Perhaps is modest, perhaps is not enough affirmation oneself, we all should learn the graceful enjoyment other people's praise, also does not forget sincere praise others.

04. Learn to control your body

When crossing a certain age line, you start to discover how to eat before how to eat not fat, now incredibly even breathing will be fat? The so-called control of stature, not that you want to force yourself into the advertising of those repair film "perfect Body", instead of learning to understand your own body, to care about its emotional ups and downs, not to deliberately diet, but through regular exercise, let the body know that you are concerned about it and care about it, in the process of growing up, We learn to live in peace with our bodies and learn how to maintain a healthy body in a way that we like. (Secret: three ways to prevent a good appetite )

05. Learn from point A to point B of thousands of ways to go

Things can not be solved, but did not think of ways to solve

All the way to the present, you are not also found that life is actually constantly "find problems", "accept the existence of the problem", "optimistic face", "find the right solution" cycle. There are many ways to go from point A to Point B, and in the cumulative experience of every long detour, we can learn the most efficient solution.

06. Mom and Dad will be too old to wipe your butt forever.

When you grow up, step by step in front of the head, you will find that parents actually more and more slowly, they can not walk with you, only the distant look at you.

As a child parents take your hand forward, grow up, some things you have to learn to face themselves. As a child, Mom and Dad is your umbrella, grow up, change you with the most gentle hug them, do their most reliable pillars, perhaps a phone call, perhaps the idea of a decision to dinner together, perhaps the most difficult and simplest of the "I Love You". (Extended reading: when parents old, accompany them to go the last mile Road )

07. Devote your energies to the things that make you feel proud.

Life should be wasted on good things.

Everyone is only 24 hours a day, but each person's 24 hours are in a different way. Devote your time and energy to things that give you a sense of accomplishment, and you don't feel like a day wasted.

08. The real change is people, good memories are always in

Remember the "East Evil Poison," which says, "The only thing you can do when you can't have it is not to forget it." "Whether it is the relationship between the sexes or the size of life things, he left, now he has changed, does not mean he did not love you, you have in the most brilliant years meet, even if the final wave farewell, that a period of time always stay in mind, who can not steal away." People's changes are ultimately unpredictable, but good memories are always there.

09. Learn to relax and be able to work efficiently

Although the Taiwan overtime seems to have been added to the normal, everyone feels that their shoulders are burdened with many responsibilities and pressures. But learning to relax can actually make the job more efficient. There is a word is work hard, play hard, serious work seriously, learn to get the balance between work and life , learn to control on and off switch. (Extended reading: 3 hours in the morning to complete a day of work, super efficiency work accelerated method )

10. No one stole your hanger, you really bought too much.

Practical Secret: When your mind is full of shopping desire, it is better to clean up your wardrobe and calm down!

My dear, learning to control their desires is also a growth, want to buy clothes when the first to tidy up their own wardrobe to start it! You will find the shirt you are looking for, you have the same style, or you already have four dark blue coats, really need to because the "button style is different" or "that is the sky blue, this is the sea blue" buy another one? Cleaning up the wardrobe is absolutely to make their own burning shopping to be instantly quenched the good way!

11. Marriage is not guaranteed to become mature

Dear, you really do not have to set a good age for you to marry, such a life is hard, nor you should have, you can decide for yourself at the point of time and the right person to walk into the auditorium. And maybe getting married isn't in your plan, so what, life is yours, you can choose the way you want to be. (Extended reading: father's marriage motto to his son: marriage is not just for you. )

12. After the choice, accept the choice and the good and bad

In the course of growing up, we all learn to be responsible for ourselves

We all know that no one option is completely good, or completely bad, only for yourself or not for yourself. It is not for you that suits others. We learn to bear the consequences of each choice, because each choice is closely related to ourselves .

13. Learn Effective Financial management

Whether it is to cut income and expenditure, daily bookkeeping, investment funds or all the credit cards, dear, you should have their own set of financial methods, in order to avoid the fate of Moonlight clan. Master How much money you have on your hands, understand your own habits of money, but also represent your grasp of the direction of your life. (Secret: How to save money in the first year of work: How to spend wisely ,before the age of 30, determine the 90% of future income)

14. Do not mean to bring others warm

Life is not a happy smile, but a smile will be happy

Perhaps you do not know, your casual smile, can infect this seemingly indifferent world, your warmth, can make the world more beautiful than imagined. If you feel that sometimes the distance between people is good alienation, then start from their own to bring others warm! (Originally, the heart of Life, is a habit )

15. No one is perfect, you should be the best version of your own

The pursuit of perfection, in itself is a paradox thing. Whether it's a nit-picking on your looks, or always use strict standards to deny what you do, dear, abandon your mind for the "perfect" the perfect imagination, we should pursue is to make ourselves better, keep their progress, every day than yesterday's own better, not the best, only better. (also look at: do not fix the picture of the advertisement, give the woman the true appearance )

Dear you, to our something, perhaps confused , but through is to learn, embrace failure, enjoy setbacks, every day is more down-to-earth than yesterday.