In the month of December, with a tinkling atmosphere and a need to be embraced, did you receive the small red box of December and our full love for you? Little Red Box service has come to the third month, and we give the positive feedback is to let us feel flattered, but the most enjoyable is to get a warm echo of the "Miss Coco handwritten card", really 10 people received 10 are said to be sweet. (Thank you again and again!)

Because the woman fans hope to bring everyone the most no distance of care and love, so hand-written card is our sincerity of no careless! Thank you like October and November small red box you, in order to continue to give you more and more surprises; small red box of December, light first eye, absolutely will let you exclaim again Move! Next, let's take a look at our wonderful December small red box Open box article! (like this little red box or want to give the small red box better advice to you, are welcome to write experience to tell us, so that we can get better!) )

"December Little Red box out of the box"

This time just opened the packaging, everyone should be surprised by the small red box (screaming is also possible) good freshman! Since the promise of small red box design will have a new surprise, but also with the December Christmas theme, we decided to let the dear you a whole month intoxicated in the warm atmosphere of Christmas! And this time as the "Christmas limited edition of small red box" cover designers, you are not mistaken, is the heart of the Superman gas inserted painter "bread tree"!

The bread tree, with her extremely warm tones and lines, outlines the lovely animals on the sled, and the first glimpse of the illustrator, our heart has already been bought easily by it. More than that, there was a Christmas tree covered with snow, and a little red girl with a gift in the lower right corner, and the box had not yet been opened, and the body and mind had already been healed in half. This time the bread tree is also dedicated to the small red box exclusive three postcards, each with the most sincere blessing, whether to send the missing person, or for themselves, will be the best Christmas gift. (To review the last month's Little red box Open box )

December Small red Box content Point Name:

  1. "Beijing Sung-woo" Alishan Jinxuan tea bag x1 for women to build, insist on Taiwan hand picking
  2. "Fu Jie" physiology Jie Shu towel x1 Tea Clean formula, a whole day fresh
  3. "Yan Shabu shabu hot pot" blood snow beef Exchange Rolls X1
  4. "Green Pomelo exquisite cuisine" is boiled warm longan jujube tea Exchange Volume x1
  5. OXYGEN Live oxygen Sanitary cotton (daily x1, cushion x1) Womany team selfish love with brand recommendation
  6. Warm package x1 Winter 0 distance warmth, lasting warmth up to 12 hours
  7. Kang Tian Health valkhof native Pure Valkhof, high quality take care of your physiological period
  8. Guigter Thick Oatmeal X1 Cereal Most can adjust the mood of irritability, the physiological period of small melancholy all throw off
  9. A random copy of a good book
  10. Swiss Miss Hot cocoa brew bag x1 Let hot cocoa warm your palms and uterus, so that the physiological period no longer painful
  11. Orchid Bellina Moisturizing Tender white film x1 full of Butterflies orchid moisturizing essence, so that you have a bright complexion
  12. Surprise chocolate.
  13. Exclusive gift of "bread Tree" Christmas Series postcard x3
  14. Every month some Coco handwriting intimate small card, happiness must personally dedicate to you

December content, there are new friends also have old friends, but is definitely our strict selection after the results, only want to be cared for by you and share!

Physiology is the beginning of learning how to pamper yourself ...

"How long have you not read a book well?" 》

friends Surprise share : The box is too cute! Opened unexpectedly also received a book, more surprised, is even more magical than Santa Claus, how would know I was going to read this book? >///<

Life is always busy, but we would rather be fragmented, can take a breath of time to go online, update face books, read online articles, follow the Internet news and gossip, rather than the phone away, calm down to read a good book. This time the Little red box hopes to let each girl, find once beautiful and quiet reading time.

Dear, dote on oneself can not only superficial, inner oneself also need to ascend, optimize at all times. To be an elegant woman from the Inside out, start by forming a good habit of reading. If you haven't finished reading a book for a long time, this December is the beginning of you never too late. Of course, in addition to the books we have chosen for you, if you happen to have a book that you would like to see but have not read, why not spend a snack to draw up a reading plan for yourself? Let's be a woman from gestrinone treatment to the outside! ( Try it right away: "Selfish" Me time 16 little exercises )

This small series to get is the network love novel diva "Bandits I think Save" the super popular novel "Every Night Like a dream", how long have you not read love novels? These days to feel the love and hate in the dream!

(before reading, recommend you to use a small red box in a Kang Tian Health rose top Iron , for their own cup of mellow rose tea; Let the reading full of flowers, release a night of happiness!) )

"Nursed the physique from drinking to the thing begins!" 》

Now the problem of food safety is becoming more and more flustered, the physiological period of female students is also related to the next one months of health and physiological status; You should pay special attention to whatever you eat. ( you might want to know: The food safety crisis is breaking out again!) You can't not be unaware of the three food traps ) in order to give you peace of mind, this time in December, the small red box drink is Womany Shang products, including:"Beijing Sung-woo" Alishan Jinxuan tea Bag , "Quaker" Health cereal, "swiss miss"hot cocoa, is definitely to let you feel at ease at the entrance of the good taste, but also the most physiological period of healing accompanied!

friends moved to share : This tea bag is too fragrant, too good to drink it! Go to work when the pressure is big drink, super relief pressure!

Those days, Womany also hope you more good to their body, remember to eat a balanced nutrition; If you're not sure what you want, welcome to see what we've done for you >> menstrual cramps. Give you the menstruation diet Lazy man bag

The body gu good, only has the strength to pursue the beauty and the happiness!

The outward beauty, of course, must be a little more thoughtful. 》

Here said "Spend the mind", is not to you dressed up to dress up, trying to cover up the imperfect, after all, willing to love you the real shape of the people, it is worth to him to see our most beautiful appearance, is not it? At this time try not to let skin have too much burden, can not wear makeup to make skin breathing is the best, if you have to wear makeup, night maintenance must be more attentive! ( only secretly tell you: nine you must know the maintenance Product Component decryption )

We have attached a section, from the successful University of a number of experts research and development of large leaf butterfly orchid moisturizing mask; The essence of the liquid is really not exaggerated, almost all hands can be synchronized with the maintenance! And we personally tried this mask, but also by his moisturizing lock water to exclaim, even have sensitive skin of small series are not allergic discomfort, very recommended physiological period of want to take care of your experience to see!

Physiological period to often replace tampons, we understand that you need to use a very comfortable cotton; so this time in December small red box, on behalf of you, the woman hooked up to ensure the use of Oxygen live oxygen Health cotton , used by the people are a try to become a customer!

Warm bag and physiological period Jie Shu is needless to say, is every girl must be the physiological period of small things. Because the physiological period is the cell metabolism and the newborn key moment, this time must not let oneself catch a cold, oneself health also must pay special attention, will not cause the infection. Hope these little intimate, can bring you more convenience in those days.

"Miss Coco's 0 distance warm"

Is there a lot of people with small, like the Little red box the most expected part, is expecting Miss Coco will be on the card to write what warm little language to himself? In this era of digital power, handwritten writing has always been a person can not resist the warmth of the magic; read those words, suddenly let people feel "originally, I really not alone." ( baby You know: We've all been loved )

Even if we do not know each other, warmth is still able to reach the heart of the head; after all, what kind of fate is not from unfamiliar to get familiar with it? I hope everyone can take miss Coco to your one-on-one blessing good collection. Finally, small make up want to say again: Thank Coco, have you really good.

Then, cane candy and chocolate are womany want to spoil your selfish, because we know that girls from time to time still need to have some sweet, and such a sweet just good, not many; the so-called small indeed fortunately, is not this?

"Love yourself in time, do not miss the preferential terms of the pet!" 》

This is the good you deserve, remember the coupon only until 2014/01/31 ago Oh! For fear that you are too busy to miss, so for you to extend the happiness longer, hope that the exchange can make you feel loved!

Have got the December little red box in advance to embrace Christmas beautiful you, welcome to share with US small red Box experience ; We very much want to know your idea, only in this way, we can become better for you!

Heart but not action you, let the little red box with you through the tough five days, 〉〉 immediately experience

In those days, we learned how to cherish ourselves.

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