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perfume is the sexiest dress for a woman . Behind each fragrance, it represents a different charm. But perfume Bai kind, how to pick the most suitable for their taste? Womany want to teach you a simple and elegant five small steps to help you pick the winter fragrance that belongs to you! (also come to see: good practical!) 12 kinds of Natural perfume use method )

Aroma, like a piece of clothing you love, put it on, it shows your thoughts, personality.

Recently Chanel Classic No.5 perfume again back to everyone's eyes. This time the spokesperson is not Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman), Audrey du (Audrey Tautou), nor last year's issue of Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt), but the death of 50 forever sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe). 2013 Chanel Special exposure to the collection of Marilyn Monroe Recordings, the use of modern technology reduction technology, let us return to the dream of the classic quote of the moment:

I only wear Chanel No.5 as pajamas.

Although you may not have the habit of wearing perfume to sleep, Monroe's remark reflects the fact that aroma is magical. It can drift along with the air, when your skirt 襬 shakes, aroma also with ups and downs, it can be stored in memory, when you have been lost in the sea of time, you have walked with you, loved him, came to smell the smell of your own, will also think of the deep buried sweet memories .

Womany has always believed that every woman is unique, so we have to tell you how to "find" your own exclusive charming aroma! Simple 5 steps to teach you how to choose the fragrance, perfume concentration How to see, and teach you to try sweet little skim step. This winter, we together to choose their own autumn and winter fragrance!

First, put the summer perfume aside

Time series from summer to winter, in addition to clothes to the seasonal, perfume will also be seasonal! Many brands in late spring and early summer, will be particularly the "summer perfume", or a Perfume "summer Limited edition", the bottle body is usually light blue, green color, looks very refreshing. Most of this perfume is "light perfume (Eau de toilette)", which is low in concentration and adds cool ingredients such as lemon, citrus and green apples. Summer perfume is very suitable for hot use, but when the timing of winter, I am afraid lemon, citrus cool taste, will feel a little chilly.

Second, the selection of incense principle: summer light winter thick

What smells come to mind when you think of summer coming? Fresh grass, salty sea, or cold soda, and what will come to mind when winter comes? Hot Latte Coffee, or Bong red bean soup , choose Perfume, as you feel about the season, smell is seasonal.

01. Season Principle: Summer light winter thick

When the heat of the festival, the smell can be maintained for a long time, on the contrary, when the temperature drops, the smell will be more quickly dispersed, because our skin is water, and moisture is sufficient to retain the fragrance. Therefore, when the summer, because the aroma is easy to maintain, we choose lighter perfume, in winter, we should choose "Strong" point, so that the fragrance will be lasting Oh!

02. Winter Exclusive: Warm fragrant tune

Perfume can be divided into two categories: Lengchang adjustment, warm incense. Lengchang is the main axis of summer perfume, full of lemon, citrus and other fresh taste. And winter exclusive warm tone, it is full of rich feeling, such as: Rose, vanilla, amber, sandalwood wood ... Wait a minute.

Intimate tips: If you do not know what kind of incense belongs to warm fragrance, the simplest way is "to bottle body color" to distinguish: the selection of red, yellow Department of Perfume bottle body, will be suitable for autumn and winter perfume.

Third, must understand the perfume concentration classification

According to the concentration, perfume can be divided into four categories from light to dense:

  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne) concentration of 2-5%, can maintain about 1 hours.
  • Light Perfume (Eau de toilette) concentration of 5-10% can be maintained for 2-3 hours.
  • Perfume (Eau de parfum) concentration of 10-15% can be maintained for 3-4 hours.
  • Flavor (Parfume) concentration of 15-20%, can be maintained for 5-7 hours.

Do you remember the principle of the summer light winter thick? Therefore, when we choose perfume in autumn and winter, we should try to select Perfume (Eau de parfum) concentration level above the perfume oh.

Iv. Just Wear It! Try fragrant little skim step

  1. please "naked" to try wearing perfume : When you decide to go to the department store to choose perfume today, please remember not to "put on" any flavor Oh! For example, just wash the bath finished, body is bathed milk fragrant taste, or, body rub fragrance lotion, light perfume ... Wait, this will cause olfactory interference when you go to taste the incense.
  2. try wearing perfume, not just smell : Choose Perfume, and choose a pair of jeans, absolutely want to try on! Don't just smell the bottle, or smell it on a test-scented paper. Because the smell of perfume on paper, and on the skin a little different, so suggest girls: the target perfume sprayed on the body, waiting for the fragrance and their own pheromones to produce before the taste, taste, after the change in flavor. So you can really be sure that this is "your perfume" Oh.
  3. bring a cup OF coffee! : Choose Perfume, the most afraid of smell fatigue, when the smell of two bottles of perfume, it is very likely to be able to "watch" the third bottle with a keen sense of smell. Coffee , not only can refresh, but also can make the olfactory recovery sensitive. So, when you go to a department store to try perfume, you can let a good sister get you a cup of coffee, or bring your own coffee beans, when the smell of fatigue, smell, you can immediately regain the sensitive sense of smell!
  4. 30 minutes later, if you are still fascinated by it : after trying to "wear" perfume, with the pulse of the Beat, the fragrance continues to circulate slowly. If after 30 minutes, even after walking home, you still fascinated with its taste, then, no mistake! It's your perfume.

Five, different sweet tune, suitable for different you

Like wine with delicacies, need to pay attention to how to match, different fragrance of perfume, also need to match different temperament girl. So how do you find your own sweet tune?

You can think about: what kind of smell, the most representative of you? Is it a fine bouquet of roses? A sweet vanilla smell? A basket full of green apples?

Of course, knowing some basic flavor traits can help you find the flavor that best suits you faster. Take a look at the following four main attributes of the incense, respectively suitable for girls:

1. Romantic Floral tone

Suitable for the heart full of warmth and romantic temperament of you, feminine characteristics are obvious, like the pursuit of passion, aesthetic, romantic emotional life. Its fragrant material has: Rose, violet, carnation, lavender, orange flower. (same field Gayon: touching Moment-the most romantic wedding photography )

2. Ocean Fresh Tune

Suitable for straightforward, pure, natural you, simple personality, do not like to beat around the bush, and very easy to close with people, like the nature of the atmosphere. Its fragrant materials are: lemon, citrus, green apple, grapefruit, peach, fresh grass. (same field Gayon: Natural Make-up-four recruit learn to face makeup)

3. Mysterious Oriental Tune

Suitable for the mysterious, with a little melancholy breath of you, know how to enjoy loneliness, taste lonely, do not like people crowded places, but also do not want to be the secular trivial dip. Its fragrant materials are: vanilla, amber, musk, cinnamon. (same field Gayon: Enjoy a person, do you have me time today?) )

4. Heavy-bodied wood tone

Suitable for Shen stability, have their own pace, do not like the drift of you. Work style pay attention to low-key, although the personality is neutral, but without losing feminine charm. Its fragrant materials are: oak moss, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood. (Same field Gayon: The way of the casual dress-girls can also wear naughty boy wind )

After learning this simple 5 steps, do you know more about perfume? Heartbeat, why not move quickly! Let's go and find the perfect perfume of our own this fall and winter.

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