Do you think the flag of every country is really hard to tell? Do you always think that many of the flags look like cousins in a big family? Don't worry, remember the flag, to rely on food memory should be much simpler! Can I have the flag? This may sound like a three-Year-old's naïve questioning, but Sydney International Food Special Exhibition (Sydney International Food Festival) on the realization of this lovely wish Oh!

Sydney International Food Special Exhibition to develop a creative, designed 19 "can eat the flag." Used the country's famous ingredients to do collage, it looks really good delicious ah! If the flag is always not remember, then eat faster! Come and see the flag of which country you want to eat. (same field Gayon: take you around the world the national Flag modelling Pizza)

1. India

Ingredients: Curry chicken, rice, spices, indian fried bread slices, this one flag looks very delicious ....

2. Brazil

Ingredients: Bananas, lime, pineapple, sweet fruit, the formation of a cool Brazilian flag it!

3. China

Ingredients: Dragon fruit, carambola, always feel more in line with the Western world to the Chinese food strange imagination Ah!

4. The United States

Ingredients: Hot dogs, mustard, tomato sauce, fully agree that this flag embodies the spirit of American fast food!

5. Greece

Ingredient: olive leaf, goat cheese, very Greek.

6. Japan

Ingredient: Tuna Grip Sushi! A picture does not explain

7. Lebanon

Ingredients: tomatoes, pita cakes, parsley

8. Viet Nam

Ingredients: Litchi, Red Tico, Carambola, how they think of Asia as if full of fruit imagination ...

9. Australia

Ingredients: Australian bacon pie sauce, Orthodox cuisine in Australia

10. South Korea

Ingredients: Korean seaweed rice rolls kimbap, Korean style sauce, appearing in the Korean dramas inside the homely delicious!

11. France

Ingredients: blue cheese, French white cheeses, grapes, if the grapes replaced with red wine on the perfect!

12. The United Kingdom

Ingredients: Scone Scone, cream, jam, is the British classic afternoon tea flavor in our memory.

13. Turkey

Ingredients: Sweet, dead turkey dessert.

14. Spain

Ingredients: Spanish Huang, chorizo Spanish pepperoni, this flag feeling can be directly on the table!

15. Indonesia

Ingredients: Super spicy curry, Indonesian Changmi spicy spicy hot and spicy dead tropical

16. Thailand

Ingredients: Sweet chili sauce, coconut silk, blue crab

18. Switzerland

Ingredients: Swiss cheese, pickled pork, some raw and cold delicious

19. Italy

Ingredients: Brazil Basil leaves, pasta, tomatoes, is completely italy!

Which of the 19 flags do you most want to eat? Really admire the ingenuity of the production units, they can all the characteristics of the country fully demonstrated it! But if Taiwan can also make a Taiwanese flag to eat, what will be the ingredients we should use? Stinky tofu? Braised pork with rice? Pearl milk tea? Why don't you try doing it?

Every country, there are different lovely amorous feelings
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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko

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