To be honest, I really think that being single is pretty good, but on the eve of Valentine's Day, looking at a pair of nest in the street to warm each other couple, taking advantage of the festive atmosphere of love, in the street to each other peck the kiss; And heard the hot Love song in the street ... Suddenly feel like a gust of cold wind blowing, or quite empty lonely feel cold. (Listen to what the French woman said: " 12 years of single life. ")

single Beautiful era hit the main love Valentine's Day, frankly always a bit not the taste, we prepared eight happy Valentine's Day coup, dedicated to the countdown to Valentine's Day and a bit of a single panic you, together to a different single Valentine's Day! ( single Valentine's Day, be Your lover )

1. Create a girl's Twitter Valentine's Day

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be sure that a friend listens better than a lover.

On Valentine's Day, a single girl will inevitably feel like a spotlight hit her head. Sweetheart, lovers are on Valentine's Day, and you have a group of good sisters who are just like you now enjoying single ing! We also feel that Valentine's Day, not exclusive Valentine's Day, but to celebrate any world of love, good Sisters Love, in Valentine's Day is more warm.

Woman fan secretly said: And no lover of us, can play more crazy! (Hush) (to the Good sisters: Our friendship, more real than the film plot )

2. Call out to a good male friend, a couple to play

Two souls who are warm to each other, maybe there is another possibility ...

You and I always have a few good male friends, single they may not know the atmosphere of the night to hide where to go, as well as a couple of heterosexual friends play the night bar! Holding your peace of mind and frequency consistent with him, do not worry about a person walked into a couple of restaurants how embarrassing! Maybe you can even talk to a couple more than the next.

Woman Fan secretly said: Maybe in the night after pretending couples, you will also find in fact you have a friend up above the possibility Oh! (The limit of friendship: Li Daren and Cheng and green must be together?) )

3. Avatar in the bar of the most bright Eyes "jiao point"

There is no lover, in fact, it seems not so important ...

Single, in fact, there is no so-called Yong not brave, but very enjoy their own state of a person. No lover, do not want to be in such a special holiday alone, then put on Valentine's Day to wear your battle uniform, set foot on your favorite shoes, the most satisfied with your makeup hair, choose your interest in the bar, single-handedly go to lively!

Woman fan secretly said: If you want to know how to easily flirt in the bar, to see Six senior flirting law, to help you capture his heart

4. Nest at home, enjoy the good times with yourself

The outside world is so sinister, why not enjoy your time at home?

Valentine's Day on the road is always crowded, as if to prove who is the most love, but in the end is to buy 500 roses he, with his girlfriend on the Western-style restaurant of his, or write a handwritten card he more romantic le? Such a world is too tired, it is better to go home to enjoy their own good time! You can choose a good book, Rent a long time ago to watch DVDs, eat a Hello love of chocolate, do to let oneself relax yoga, dear, Valentine's Day everyone in love to love, we certainly have to love ourselves well!

Woman fan secretly said: When you love yourself, you will feel the full of love from your body. (The most beautiful love is to let you find love from yourself )

5. Shopping Bar! Valentine's Day full of shopping lists

Research shows that shopping can bring happiness to women

Hey, let's be generous and admit that every time we go shopping, we feel like we're alive again, because shopping can always bring happiness to people's brain endorphins! Flip the magazine and give yourself some free time, study the type of clothes you want to buy for yourself this season, and then go on the street or go online to hunt. Suddenly feel that this Valentine's Day is full of goals! (not only shopping, but also girls who will love aerobic exercise )

Woman fan secretly said: Take the opportunity to buy some of your next date want to wear clothes, the next date, we think you must be beautiful not like words.

6. Meet the new self and have a brand-new Valentine's Day

Sometimes it seems that it is not a Valentine's Day problem, but that the daily life is nothing new, and I have no new ideas ... It's better to regain love for yourself on Valentine's Day. Think about the last time you made a big change? Seems to have always been the same hairstyle, is not a bit boring it? Act now, call about your stylist, put on a few of the usual not too dare to try clothes, for their own to create a different shape, so that you also love the new self!

Woman fan secretly said: Sometimes, you do not like yourself now, how can others love you? To create the satisfaction of their own appearance, love their own, and then meet by such a love you attracted to. Don't be afraid of being single and find someone to stay with. Get used to being alone before you go into love .

7. To be more bluntly, Valentine's Day is just an ordinary day

First put aside for the Valentine's Day, in fact, Valentine's Day is only 24 hours, was installed a Valentine's name, businessmen make money, couples distressed, single people feel isolated, ambiguous people look forward to fear of injury, throw it away! Valentine's Day is just an ordinary day, you don't have to do something on this day, in your most comfortable way to finish the day, is that you love your Valentine's Day.

Woman fan secretly said: Valentine's Day but only this day, but love does not love themselves but is a lifetime thing:

08. Remember how great it is to be single, to be Your lover

Hey honey, we all want to tell you that being single is a great thing, learning to be your lover, loving yourself, falling in love with you and being loved by someone who will be happy. Moreover, the single I am Available behind the infinite possibilities. A person single loneliness, better than two people in the loneliness, at this stage, in that love you more than you love yourself before the appearance, remember when their best lover yo.

Woman fan secretly said: " you know, Valentine's Day womany and blush Red will use articles to accompany you, let us have a love of Valentine's Day, whether it is to his love, love for friends or love for themselves." Happy Valentine's Day , dear!

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko

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