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If indifference is a high wall in modern society, would you be willing to be the first one to cross the wall? Moved recommended! This is a documentary from Norway documenting the real interaction of a child who was huddled in the cold winter with a passing person. Maybe the world is better than we think, and we can make the world a better person by ourselves. (same field Gayon: a red rose, awaken the Frozen Heart warm )

If you feel that the world has not warmed you for a long time, it seems that there are some chilling social news, there are always those who are not willing to solve the political problems ... So I recommend that you take a look at this film from Norway "Would you like to warm up to the huddled children?" "" Would you give your jacket to Johannes? ”

Oslo, Norway, the snowy days, a 11-Year-old boy Johannes, with only a thin long sleeve, shivering waiting for the bus ... What would you do if a little boy were sitting next to you? Or are you going to notice him?

The documentary, taken by the Children's SOS Association Norway, captures the warmth of a child who gives such a cold winter's time, taking off their gloves, They shed their coats, and some even end up wearing a thin short-sleeved sleeve to spend the winter with their children. The power of the screen sometimes more than words, let the following photos convey the most real touched it!

If indifference is a high wall in modern society, would you like to be a man who crosses walls?

Will there be times when we feel that the world is indifferent, but it is also because we have not looked up? We have not found that in fact, there are so many people in our lives who need to be concerned, and we can be the people who warm them.

In addition to the desire to arouse public attention to the environment, but also to the Syrian children voice. Looking forward to the film,"How much you care about the shivering children around you, you should also care for the children in Syria," cold, a few warm winter clothes for the Syrian exiled children. The little boy in the film volunteered to take part in the project, and it would be worth it if, for a few hours of cold filming, the long-term warmth of a Syrian child could be exchanged. (Listening to the child's voice: striving for a career: nine girls ' dreams of schooling )

In the world, perhaps there are many cruel, but the same, there are many we can not ignore the warmth, especially between people can not untie the fetters. In addition to care about the people around, and finally thank the Norwegian people, on such a cold day, let us feel the heat of the warmth of human feelings.

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