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This is a touching story of the Guardian elephant. British girls traveled far away to Zambia, a distant country, to protect the elephant population. There are more women and girls in the world who are striving for faith . Listen to their stories, but also think of themselves, you this lifetime, willing to insist on what to do? (Recommended reading: Oscar actress Lupita Nyong ' O true confession: Don't let the appearance determine your value )

Elephant poaching in Africa has been a serious phenomenon, the market demand does not stop, poaching on the elephant group will only increase the threat. And there is an English girl Rachael Murton, decided no longer just sit sentimental oneself nothing can do, but to stop such cruel phenomenon to make concrete action!

The Girl from Essex, Rachael Murton, majored in biology at college, and then resolutely came to Zambia Zambia to take care of her cub after graduating.

Rachael said: "In the Zambian region, the case of illegal hunting of images is quite common, as elephants are hunted for rare ivory, and the young elephants lose their dependence." And the average young elephant before two or three years old, all must rely on the elephant breast feeding, thus, the elephant colony's survival has faced the very serious threat.

It is inconceivable that the confusion and helplessness of a mother's young elephant be lost. They cannot even grow under the protection of elephants, because their weakened physical state also means that they are more likely to attract the pride of the herd and are likely to pose an unsustainable threat to the entire herd. Therefore, without the assistance of mankind, the young elephant of the lost mother usually lives soon. 」

In this way, Rachael Murton into the elephant rescue work, 24 hours on the call of the Guardian elephant population, but also responsible for the care of serious wounded young elephant.

The young elephant and the Rachael, the mourning of the lost mother, were comforted in the orphanage.

Rachael created the Lusaka Orphanage (Lilayi Elephant Nursery) in Lusaka, Zambia's capital, and is the only place in South Africa to care for young elephants.  and in the 2012 years before the establishment of the orphanage, Rachael casually camped in the wilderness, living away from the modern society, life is simple, in order to rescue the young elephant, Rachael enjoys.

Rachael A special mention she found a two-year-old young elephant Suni, she was cut by the axe, the elephant mother was hunted. Suni's leg was lame and could not move freely. In that moment, Rachael was shocked to discover how cruel human beings are and how helpless animals are. We hurt too much for custodians, and behind a beautiful ivory, how many bloody processes. (Same field Gayon: The dog does not speak, we make it sound "12 nights" producer Nine knife )

The establishment of the orphanage has provided a temporary home for many lost mothers, caring for their lives and caring for their health. For Yu Youxiang, the Rachael that accompanies them every day is like their second mother.

The young elephant gently Rachael cheek with a nasal-like brush.

Rachael Use acupuncture to cure Suni.

After careful care, if the calf is restored to health, it will be put back into the wild and returned to its home. In the early days of the wild, there is always the risk that the young elephant will still be guarded to ensure that it is safe and that, after a while, the young elephant will return to a healthy reunion.

Restore the healthy young elephant, happily return to nature's encircling.

People and animals live in harmony, the most beautiful picture.

Rejoice in their lives, there are Rachael guarding.

Look at the Rachael Murton to take care of the elephants far away from the photography chronicle of Zambia, Zambia, perhaps we can think more seriously about the relationship between humans and animals. Whether we can treat animals with a more respectful attitude and respect every life, because animals never live for human beings, they have their own cycle of life. When we boast of the demands of the world and the animals and even the environment around us, we take away more unseen lives behind.

Rachael look into the eyes of the young elephant, there is no more sincere feelings and efforts to the light of faith. We would like to say that no one wish is insignificant, no life should be arbitrary. Think about it, how long have you not asked what your dream is? How long have you never worked for your beliefs? In fact, before someone knocks you down, the most common thing we lose is ourselves.

Life is only once, really should be for the purpose of their own belief to live, let Rachael's story to give you the strength, we together fearless to run towards the faith. (Recommended reading: The most difficult, is the well-being of stability )

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