2014 Oscar award announcement! snow and ice not only won the Best animated cartoon award, but also because of inspiring theme song Let it Go to take the Oscar for the best original song. Lopez, who is in charge of Let it go lyrics, said in his acceptance speech: "It is a pleasure to win an Oscar, but it is more gratifying to write a song that moves the world." 」

Do you also like let it go? As early as the award, the network on the national version of Let it goes has been quite fiery red, we come to listen to the Walt Disney Studio edited by the World edition Let It Go, listen to 25 countries in different nations how to sing Let it go! Which country's version do you like best?

After listening, there is an impulse to learn all the language inside! (If you want to learn a language, don't hesitate!) Take a look at our language Learning column.

In addition to the lovely Texas couple, sang another theme song in Frozen, "Love was an Open Door"! Eh wait, this also sings too like the original sings, originally is to the mouth, had to say this to the mouth really is too clever!

Compared to mom and dad's sweet crazy behavior, sitting in the back seat of the little daughter is quite calm from the sidelines, and occasionally silently the time, it is very lovely! (Has melted)

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